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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Rose Cottage Records artist: Peter Karp - Magnificent Heart - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Magnificent Heart, from Peter Karp and has nicely blends rock, blues and folk throughout the release. Opening with Sitting On The Edge Of The World, Karp on lead vocal and guitar and Kim Wilson on harmonica find a solid balance in contemporary blues with John Ginty on B3, Niles Terrat on bass and Michael Catapano on drums. She Breaks Her Own Heart has a cool, swampy, R&B feel with a cool sax solo by David Kasper and horn work by Jacob Wynne on trumpet. The Grave has a cool, low slung feel with Karp pulling out his slide and Wilson adding some real nice harmonica and Ginty adding real depth on B3. The Cold City Horns really funk up Let It On Out, with a solid bass line by Terrat and nicely woven guitar and horn jamming. Very cool. Going Home is a roots blues style track with ace harmonica work by Jason Ricci, slick resonator slide work by Karp and military style snare drum work by Capano.  Wrapping the release is smooth ballad, Face The Wind, featuring Karp on vocal with Jim Eingher on piano and Ginty on B3. Solid closer for a cool release. 

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Rose Cottage Records artist: Peter Karp - Blue Flame - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Blue Flame, from Peter Karp and it's a cool blues rocker. Opening with Rolling On A Log, Karp on lead vocal and guitar is joined by Kim Wilson on harp, Daniel Pagdon on bass and Paul Unsworth on drums. Kicking it up a gear, Train O' Mine is a hard driving blues rocker with Dave Keyes on piano and Dennis Gruenling sailing on harp. Warming things up a bit with slide resonator Karp gets a little greasy on Valentine's Day. Very nice. Quiet ballad, The Turning Point develops nicely into a radio style track with an interesting melody and featuring a nice guitar solo by Mick Taylor. My favorite track on the release is The Arson's Match with a distinct Elmore James feel. Featuring Karp's best vocals on the release, hot harp from Wilson and Karp and fat fat slide, nice track. A laid back, rural feel is the ticket on From Where I Stand and another of my favorites on the release. A bright melody, clean vocals and mandolin by John Zarra make this another top radio track.  Boogie, The Nietzsche Lounge has a great groove and gets your foot stomping. Karp handling vocal and piano with a great guitar boogie line supporting it makes this another outstanding track. Wrapping the release is Young Girl, a stripped down blues track with raw energy and Karp's overblown vocals with resonator accompaniment. I like this sound. Cool closer. 

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rose Cottage Records artist: Peter Karp - Alabama Town - New Release review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Alabama Town, from Peter Karp and it's rich with texture. Opening with title track, Alabama Town, Peter Karp takes the lead on vocal and guitar, joined by Daniel Pagdon on bass, Mike Catapano on drums, and John Zarra on mandolin. A solid rocker and opener. With a driving swing, Till You Get Home, has great feel. Karp's vocals are crisp and Mike Latrell's piano work is smart. On That's How I Like It, a modern blueser the guitar tones are fat and rich joined by Dennis Gruenling on harp. Very cool. Shuffle track, Blues In Mind features real cool piano work and key backing vocals by Dae Bennett, Joanie Coleman, Kesha Love, Toni Summler and Elliot. On bluesy ballad, I'm Not Giving Up, Karp sings soulfully over arpeggiated guitar chords. Warm gospel like choral backing and stinging guitar soloing by Mick Taylor makes this one of my favorites on the release. The Prophet has a stripped down blues form featuring Karp on resonator, James Karp on guitar, Gruenling on harp and cool stagger drumming making this another of the standout tracks on the release. Leanne Westover sits in on Kiss The Bride performing a duet with Karp for a track with real country flavor, highlighted by Zarra's mandolin work. Very nice. Lost Highway has a real nice New Orleans rhythm with smooth vocal blending. Y'All Be Lookin' has a cool boogie beat and karp's vocal phrasing is spot on. Aggressive guitar tone on this track and a cool walking bass line makes this another of my favorites. Garth Hudson adds his distinctive accordion styling to cool, acoustic ballad, I Walk Alone. Wrapping the release is Beautiful Girl, an easy going acoustic blues featuring sweet harp lines by Gruenling and Karp accompanying himself on guitar. Very nice closer for a solid new release.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rose Cottage Records artist: Peter Karp - The Arson's Match - New Release review

I just received the newest release (March 1, 2016), The Arson's Match (live In NYC with Mick Taylor), from Peter Karp and it's hot! This was originally recorded live at a sold-out performance in NYC and broadcast on Sirius XM. All proceeds of sales of this CD go to Ovarian Cancer Research. Opening with the title track, Arson's Match, Karp takes the lead on vocal and and Elmore James style slide guitar, with Dennis Gruenling on harp and Mick Taylor with his blues style making this a smoking opener. With a lighter hand and an almost Van Morrison feel, Gee Chee Gee Chee Wawa, is a pop rocker with Jim Ehinger on keys, Daniel Pagdon on bass and Paul "Hernandez" Unsworth on drums. Y'All Be Lookin' is a cool track with a great driving bass line. Karp rips the slide on this one and the crowd is definitely revved. The Turning Point starts as an acoustic ballad building throughout with a solid melody and a funky southern rhythm. Rocker, The Nietsche Lounge, has a great driving boogie feel. This is one of my favorite tracks on the release with rumbling bottom, rolling guitars and an country swing twist. Latin rhythms take Your Prettyness to a different space featuring Dave Keyes on piano, and Jim Ehinger on keys. Hernandez sets the rhythm and Karp tells the story. With it's swinging break this is a smoking cool track with a really nice piano solo from Keyes, a smoking swing from Gruenling. Very nice! Rolling On A Long has a smooth jazziness to it. Gruenling really lays down a hot harp solo on this track and Karp's best vocal efforts are on this track as well. Bluesy ballad, I'm Not Giving Up, in 3/4 time has definite radio feel and organ work by Ehinger. Again, I particularly like Karp's vocals on this track and use of the neck pickup on this track gives the rhythm guitar a cool contrast to the expressive guitar soloing taking the track to the end. Very nice! Treat Me Nice is a cool boogie with a good blend of vocal, guitar and harp. Wrapping the release is Train O'Mine, featuring the harp wizardry of Gruenling and a straight rock beat. Karp and Taylor get a super rock guitar riff going with rudimentary drum and bass work setting a great base for Gruenling to take it home. Very nice!

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chance of Rain - Peter Karp & Sue Foley

Gifted singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist and American troubadour, Peter Karp, is a master songsmith with an art for spinning true-to-life emotions, humor, and candor. With an upbringing that was equal parts southern Alabama and the swamps of New Jersey, Karp¹s music is fueled bythe Yankee-Rebel juxtaposition. He first caught national attention with help from Rolling Stone guitarist Mick Taylor who recorded and toured with Karp on his first label release "The Turning Point." Karp further established himself on the national scene as a critically acclaimed songwriter, and accomplished guitarist and pianist with the release of his Blind Pig debut entitled "Shadows and Cracks." On the road across the U.S. and Canada, Karp repeatedly transfixes his live audiences. Critics compare his songwriting to John Hiatt and John Prine, with impressive guitar and slide licks infused by his love of Freddie King and Elmore James. Peter Karp personifies the amorphous Americana sound,seamlessly blending blues and roots music with a high sense of entertainment. Sue Foley is considered to be one of the finest blues and roots artists working today. Born to a working class family, Sue spent her early childhood moving from Canadian town to town with her mother. At sixteen, she embarked on her professional career. By twenty-one, she was living in Austin TX and recording for the legendary blues label, Antone¹s Records. Her first release, "Young Girl Blues," quickly established her unique talents as a blues guitarist and songwriter. Throughout the 90¹s she took to the road with her paisley Telecaster and honed her craft, working and sharing the stage with such artists as BB King, Buddy Guy, Lucinda Williams and Tom Petty. After moving back to Canada, Sue won the prestigious Juno Award for her critically acclaimed CD "Love Coming Down" as well as seventeen Maple Blues Awards.  

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vote for the Blues Blast Music Awards!
Blues fans can vote for their favorites
Tomorrow, Saturday, August 31st, is your last chance to vote for the 2013 Blues Blast Music Awards.  Voting is open to anyone who is a Blues Blast magazine subscriber. Subscriptions are FREE and an automatic part of the voting process on the website. To see the list of nominees and to hear songs by the artists nominated, please click HERE.   To cast your ballot, please click here: VOTE.
Blind Pig artists are well represented on the ballot:
- Blues Band of the Year
- Traditional Blues Album  (Black Toppin')The Cash Box Kings have been extolled by no less an authority than Charlie Musselwhite for their uncanny ability to faithfully capture the essence of post-war 1950's Chicago and Memphis blues while adding their own bravado, energy, and freshness to the mix.  In a review of their latest release,  Black Toppin', Living Blues magazine said, "Straight from the golden era of the blues comes the new album from Chicago's Cash Box Kings, featuring an impressive line-up of A-list blues players. A great record by one of the best blues bands in the land, Black Toppin' is a dancing and listening pleasure." 

- Sean Costello Rising Star
- Song of the Year ("Dreamin' or Dyin'")
The buzz and the critical acclaim for this young singer has been steadily growing since the release of her debut album Leave the Light On, which won the 2012 Blues Blast Music Award for "New Artist Debut Release."
  Reviewing her latest release, All In, Living Blues said, "Sena Ehrhardt's voice cannot get any more powerful, range-defying, and throwback cool. Truly one of the most dynamic young voices any genre has seen in a long time."  "Dreamin' or Dyin,'" a track from the new release, is nominated for "Song of the Year."  For a limited time, a free download of the track is available HERETo see a video of Sena and her dad (and her band's guitarist) performing an acoustic version of the song, please lick HERE


- Blues Band of the Year
- New Artist Debut Release  (Easy Livin')
- Sean Costello Rising Star (Victor Wainwright)Led by a trio of young virtuosos, (Damon Fowler on lap steel, JP Soars on guitar, and Victor Wainwright on keyboards), Southern Hospitality has crafted a highly compelling mix of Southern soul, rootsy rock, and swampy blues with echoes of Muscle Shoals and Macon.  Their debut release, Easy Livin,' was produced by Tab Benoit, who said, "Damon, Victor, and JP are the future of roots music."  At the Blues Music Awards in May, Victor Wainwright was named the winner of the prestigious "Pinetop Perkins Piano Player Award."
- Song of the Year ("Analyze'n Blues")The "Song of the Year" nominee, "Analyze'n Blues," is a track from Beyond the Crossroads, the latest collaboration between these two noted singer-songwriter guitarists.  For a limited time, you can get a free download of the song (and other new Blind Pig tracks) by clicking HERELiving Blues said of the album, "As all of the songs demonstrate, great songwriting is even better with great inventive and buoyant collection of quality songs with great blues feeling."  To watch a new video of Peter and Sue performing "Analyze 'n Blues," please click HERE.
- Female Blues ArtistRecognized for her dazzling keyboards, soulful saxophone, smoky vocals and cut-above songwriting, Deanna Bogart is also perennially popular for engaging her audience with her firecracker stage performances.  The multi-award-winning  musician combines the best of boogie-woogie, contemporary blues, country and jazz into a splendid blend she calls "blusion."  Critics loved Deanna's latest release, Pianoland, which spotlights her considerable keyboard skills. Blurt said,"Once in a rare while an album comes along that just captures you with its beauty, creativity and magic. Pianoland is a masterpiece of blues healing. At times listening to this album is like listening to Coltrane or Monk for the first time."
- Male Blues ArtistSince bursting onto the scene in 2007, John Németh has wowed critics and audiences alike with his riveting vocals and harmonica prowess.  Winner of the 2010 "Most Outstanding Blues Singer" Living Blues Award, Németh has established a reputation as a singer and entertainer of the highest order, racking up five Blues Music Award nominations this year.  His latest Blind Pig release, Name The Day!, is another timeless slice of American music.  Drawing on the classic blues, soul, and R&B influences that inform his stunning vocal style, John's spine-tingling vocals echo the toughness of James Brown and the tenderness of Solomon Burke.  
Blues Blast Music Award winners will be announced at ceremonies held at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago on October 31, 2013.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Karp/Foley release #1 on national radio chart!

Beyond The Crossroads, the brand new release from Peter Karp and Sue Foley, jumped into the top spot on the Roots Music Report's blues chart, which is compiled from radio airplay reports.
The album of twelve brilliantly crafted original compositions is the latest collaboration between the two acclaimed singer-songwriter guitarists. It's a followup to their ground breaking 2010 song cycle, He Said She Said, which was #1 on the Roots Music chart for six weeks.

To hear samples from the new album or to view a video of the pair performing one of the songs, "More Than I Bargained For," please click HERE.
Radio: Peter Robinson 773-772-0043
Publicity: Debra Regur 415-550-6484
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Pinetop Perkins & Karp/Foley titles from Blind Pig!
Noted roots music label Blind Pig Records will release new titles on April 17th by beloved blues piano icon Pinetop Perkins and the dynamic performing and songwriting duo of Peter Karp and Sue Foley.

If there is a heaven - and God knows there ought to be for those blues musicians of The Delta who endured grievous deprivation and suffered countless indignities yet brought joy to so many - Pinetop Perkins is certainly there. It is unquestionably a little slice of heaven for us to hear Pinetop once again on this previously unreleased after-hours set of masterful music.

The beloved dean of blues piano players and three time Grammy winner passed away last year, just four months shy of his 98th birthday. Heaven captures a beautifully intimate 1986 studio performance by Pinetop when he was "only" seventy three, and still at the peak of his powers. He performs solo on all but four tracks.

The self-taught master pianist is in magnificent form, delivering thundering chords and glissandos, rolled chords, trilled notes, complex metrical substitutions, sly musical quotes - and of course his trademark lightly swinging boogie woogie. His strong, rough-edged voice conveys an authority that is complemented by a subtle playfulness and vulnerability. On this album, his vocals are supplemented by recently-recorded contributions from Willie Smith on "Sitting On Top of the World" (believed to be Smith's last recording, as he passed away in September 2011) and Otis Clay, who captures the sweet agony of "Since I Fell For You."

Blind Pig is also issuing Pinetop's album on a limited edition 180 gram audiophile LP, the first title the label's simultaneously released on CD and LP since 1990. And in Pine's memory, we also urge support of the Pinetop Perkins Foundation (


Beyond the Crossroads marks the newest chapter in the collaboration between these two noted singer-songwriter guitarists. A high voltage, plank spankin', piano boogyin', slide guitar stompin', blues-rocking CD that showcases twelve brilliantly crafted and unique original compositions. It's a loud celebration of triumph over tragedy, optimism over despair and faith over hopelessness

It delivers on the promise of Karp and Foley's groundbreaking, critically acclaimed 2010 song-cycle, He Said She Said. That album hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Blues Chart and was #1 for 6 weeks on the national blues and roots music radio charts. Says Foley, "Beyond the Crossroads is a natural extension of what we started with He Said She Said in that we're writing songs with themes in mind. Positivity, renewal, absolution." Karp added, "These times are trying - in the heart and in the streets. Time to fire up the amps and blow heat."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blind Pig Records Artists: Peter Karp and Sue Foley - Beyond The Crossroads - New Release Review

I just got a copy of the new recording, Beyond The Crossroads, by Peter Karp and Sue Foley. This is a happy go lucky blues cd with 12 self penned tracks that will likely see very broad interest. We're Gonna Make It is a blues themed song with Foley and Karp trading vocals over a strong melodic theme. Foley's vocals are particularly strong presented over the Swingadelic horn backed band. I also found particular enjoyment of Analyze'n Blues. Foley takes the lead on vocals again and there is a particularly cool saturated tube amp sound in the background that always gets me amped up. Karp takes a great resonator solo on this number that brings to mind old Little Feat and Lowell George. At The Same Time gets a little grittier and has a great trombone solo as a special treat. More Than I Bargained For is definitely the song that will hit the airwaves. It is strongly written and has a cool guitar hook. Resistance has a different flair with Foley using a talking type singing style contrasted against a full on soul singer background. Plank Spank is an all out chicken pickin slide blazin instrumental demonstrating both artists talents on guitar. You've Got A Problem is a great boogie to wrap up the set. Karp takes the lead on vocals each player gets a chance to give it a ride. Very cool

If you like your blues on the pop side this is a great choice!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Sue Foley and Peter Karp Tour Info


Please call for advance reservations (403)269-5581 (1429 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 0T4, CA) Get Directions
Flare and Derrick Community Turner Valley, AB CA -
(, Turner Valley, AB, CA) Get Directions
Simmons Center Duncan, OK US -
(800 Chisholm Trail Parkway, Duncan, OK, 73533, US) Get Directions
Neat Coffee Shop Embrun, ON CA $27.50
(, Embrun, ON, K0A, CA) Get Directions
Northern College Auditorium Kirkland Lake, ON CA -
(, Kirkland Lake, ON, P2N 3L8, CA) Get Directions
stephan leacock theatre keswick, ON CA -
(, keswick, ON, CA) Get Directions
Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre Meaford, ON CA -
(12 Nelson St E, Meaford, ON, N4L 1N6, CA) Get Directions
Empire Theatre Belleville, ON CA $34
Tickets on sale Oct. 3 (, Belleville, ON, CA) Get Directions
River Run Centre Guelph, ON CA $34
Tickets on sale Oct. 3 (, Guelph, ON, CA) Get Directions
Showplace Performance Centre Peterborough, ON CA $34
Tickets on sale Oct. 3 (290 George St N, Peterborough, ON, K9J 6Y8, CA) Get Directions
The Grand Theatre Kingston, ON CA $34
Tickets on sale Oct. 3 (218 Princess Street, Kingston, ON, K7L 1B2, CA) Get Directions
Capitol Theatre Port Hope, ON CA $34
Tickets on sale Oct. 3 (20 Queen St, Port Hope, ON, L1A 2Y8, CA) Get Directions
Centrepointe Theatre Nepean, ON CA $34
Tickets on sale Oct. 3 (101 Centrepointe Dr, Nepean, ON, K2G 0B5, CA) Get Directions
Cafe-Theatre Les Beaux Instants Sorel, QC CA $28
(, Sorel, QC, J3P, CA) Get Directions
(Rue Richelieu, Bel?il, QC, J3G, CA) Get Directions
Eglise Sacre-Coeur Sainte-Therese, QC CA $25
(, Sainte-Therese, QC, LW6 930, CA) Get Directions
St. Clair Concerts Ashland, OR US -
Acoustic show! (Unitarian Church, Ashland, OR, 97520-2149, US) Get Directions
McNeese State University Lake Charles, LA US -
Public concert after a week-long residency of workshops. (, Lake Charles, LA, 70607, US) Get Directions
Blues Now Festival Basel, CH -
at Stadt Casino, Hans Huber Saal, Steinenberg 14 (, Basel, CH) Get Directions

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Treat Me Right - Peter Karp and Sue Foley

Sue Foley (born March 29, 1968, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian blues singer and guitarist.Foley has been writing and playing professionally since 1984. She has recorded ten albums, for both Antone's Records and Shanachie Records. She has spent over fourteen years on the road as a bandleader, lead vocalist, guitarist and manager of her own band. In addition to her own touring, she has also shared the stage with blues musicians, such as Back Alley John, B. B. King, Buddy Guy and John Lee Hooker. Her initial career began in Ottawa, Canada, at the age of sixteen where, in addition to solo work, she sang with the Back Alley John Revue.

Foley sent a demo tape of herself to Clifford Antone's label (Antone's Records) in 1990. Impressed, the record label arranged an audition for the guitarist. She moved to Austin, Texas and soon signed a recording contract with Antone's.

Foley appeared on the bill at the 1992 San Francisco Blues Festival.

In 2000 Foley won a Juno Award for Best Blues Album for Love Comin' Down.

Her 2007 album, Time Bomb (2007), features two other female blues players, Deborah Coleman and Roxanne Potvin. The opening title track, "Time Bomb", an instrumental where all three women take turns laying down leads, on the next nine songs the women trade off taking lead vocals and guitar duties of every third song until they come together again on the final track "In The Basement".
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