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Friday, February 2, 2018

Rose Cottage Records artist: Peter Karp - Blue Flame - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Blue Flame, from Peter Karp and it's a cool blues rocker. Opening with Rolling On A Log, Karp on lead vocal and guitar is joined by Kim Wilson on harp, Daniel Pagdon on bass and Paul Unsworth on drums. Kicking it up a gear, Train O' Mine is a hard driving blues rocker with Dave Keyes on piano and Dennis Gruenling sailing on harp. Warming things up a bit with slide resonator Karp gets a little greasy on Valentine's Day. Very nice. Quiet ballad, The Turning Point develops nicely into a radio style track with an interesting melody and featuring a nice guitar solo by Mick Taylor. My favorite track on the release is The Arson's Match with a distinct Elmore James feel. Featuring Karp's best vocals on the release, hot harp from Wilson and Karp and fat fat slide, nice track. A laid back, rural feel is the ticket on From Where I Stand and another of my favorites on the release. A bright melody, clean vocals and mandolin by John Zarra make this another top radio track.  Boogie, The Nietzsche Lounge has a great groove and gets your foot stomping. Karp handling vocal and piano with a great guitar boogie line supporting it makes this another outstanding track. Wrapping the release is Young Girl, a stripped down blues track with raw energy and Karp's overblown vocals with resonator accompaniment. I like this sound. Cool closer. 

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rose Cottage Records artist: Peter Karp - Alabama Town - New Release review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Alabama Town, from Peter Karp and it's rich with texture. Opening with title track, Alabama Town, Peter Karp takes the lead on vocal and guitar, joined by Daniel Pagdon on bass, Mike Catapano on drums, and John Zarra on mandolin. A solid rocker and opener. With a driving swing, Till You Get Home, has great feel. Karp's vocals are crisp and Mike Latrell's piano work is smart. On That's How I Like It, a modern blueser the guitar tones are fat and rich joined by Dennis Gruenling on harp. Very cool. Shuffle track, Blues In Mind features real cool piano work and key backing vocals by Dae Bennett, Joanie Coleman, Kesha Love, Toni Summler and Elliot. On bluesy ballad, I'm Not Giving Up, Karp sings soulfully over arpeggiated guitar chords. Warm gospel like choral backing and stinging guitar soloing by Mick Taylor makes this one of my favorites on the release. The Prophet has a stripped down blues form featuring Karp on resonator, James Karp on guitar, Gruenling on harp and cool stagger drumming making this another of the standout tracks on the release. Leanne Westover sits in on Kiss The Bride performing a duet with Karp for a track with real country flavor, highlighted by Zarra's mandolin work. Very nice. Lost Highway has a real nice New Orleans rhythm with smooth vocal blending. Y'All Be Lookin' has a cool boogie beat and karp's vocal phrasing is spot on. Aggressive guitar tone on this track and a cool walking bass line makes this another of my favorites. Garth Hudson adds his distinctive accordion styling to cool, acoustic ballad, I Walk Alone. Wrapping the release is Beautiful Girl, an easy going acoustic blues featuring sweet harp lines by Gruenling and Karp accompanying himself on guitar. Very nice closer for a solid new release.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rose Cottage Records artist: Peter Karp - The Arson's Match - New Release review

I just received the newest release (March 1, 2016), The Arson's Match (live In NYC with Mick Taylor), from Peter Karp and it's hot! This was originally recorded live at a sold-out performance in NYC and broadcast on Sirius XM. All proceeds of sales of this CD go to Ovarian Cancer Research. Opening with the title track, Arson's Match, Karp takes the lead on vocal and and Elmore James style slide guitar, with Dennis Gruenling on harp and Mick Taylor with his blues style making this a smoking opener. With a lighter hand and an almost Van Morrison feel, Gee Chee Gee Chee Wawa, is a pop rocker with Jim Ehinger on keys, Daniel Pagdon on bass and Paul "Hernandez" Unsworth on drums. Y'All Be Lookin' is a cool track with a great driving bass line. Karp rips the slide on this one and the crowd is definitely revved. The Turning Point starts as an acoustic ballad building throughout with a solid melody and a funky southern rhythm. Rocker, The Nietsche Lounge, has a great driving boogie feel. This is one of my favorite tracks on the release with rumbling bottom, rolling guitars and an country swing twist. Latin rhythms take Your Prettyness to a different space featuring Dave Keyes on piano, and Jim Ehinger on keys. Hernandez sets the rhythm and Karp tells the story. With it's swinging break this is a smoking cool track with a really nice piano solo from Keyes, a smoking swing from Gruenling. Very nice! Rolling On A Long has a smooth jazziness to it. Gruenling really lays down a hot harp solo on this track and Karp's best vocal efforts are on this track as well. Bluesy ballad, I'm Not Giving Up, in 3/4 time has definite radio feel and organ work by Ehinger. Again, I particularly like Karp's vocals on this track and use of the neck pickup on this track gives the rhythm guitar a cool contrast to the expressive guitar soloing taking the track to the end. Very nice! Treat Me Nice is a cool boogie with a good blend of vocal, guitar and harp. Wrapping the release is Train O'Mine, featuring the harp wizardry of Gruenling and a straight rock beat. Karp and Taylor get a super rock guitar riff going with rudimentary drum and bass work setting a great base for Gruenling to take it home. Very nice!

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cleopatra Records release: A Double Dose Of Blues - Various Artists - New Release review

I just received a cool 2 cd release, A Double Dose Of Blues from Cleopatra Records and it boasts a who's who of blues and guitar giants. Opening the first disc (From Clarksdale To Heaven - Remembering John lee Hooker) is blues giant John Lee Hookers daughter and blues star, Zakiya Hooker on I Want To Hug You, supported is a stately manner by Johnnie Johnson on piano, Bobby Murray on guitar, Tony Cook on synth guitar, David Daniel on bass, Marlon Gren on drums and Victor Puebla on percussion. This shuffle track is really nicely balanced between the power of Hooker's vocals and Johnnie Johnson's key work. Jack Bruce and Gary Moore team up on I'm In The Mood backed by Gary Husband. Gary Moore really lays out a nice solo on this track with Bruce thumping away behind him. Very nice! Vince Converse leads I'm Bad Like Jesse James on guitar and vocal, backed by Leo Lyons and Ric Lee from Ten Years After. Converse really rips some hot riffs under the track , the band basically keeping the skeletal framework as set up by Hooker. The spectacular, Jeff Beck leads Will The Circle Be Unbroken with singers, Siggi Josiah and Earl Green/Kingdom Choir. Beck's signature guitar work is unmistakable and outstanding. Gary Brooker (keys/vocals) and Andy Fairweather-Low (guitars) team up on Baby Lee with a Latin beat by Henry Spinetti. Very cool! T.S. McPhee (guitar and vocal) and Dick Heckstall-Smith (sax) do a super broke down Ground Hog Blues. Mick Taylor on lead vocal and slide teams up with Max Middleton (Jeff Beck Group) for a swinging version of This Is Hip. Always loved Taylor's slide playing! Super. The Peter Green Splinter Group does an authentic style Crawlin' King Snake. With Green on acoustic guitar, and harp, Nigel Watson on open tuned acoustic, Roger Cotton on rhythm guitar and pete Stroud on bass this is deep! Mr Clem Clemson (Humble Pie) teams up with Tony McPhee and Heckstall Smith for a great boogie, I'm Leaving making Hooker proud. Brooker on vocal and piano and Fairweather-Low are back on Little Wheel and each plays solo's that are nicely suited for modern interpretations of Hooker boogie. Gregg's Egg does a modern/pop funky version of The Business featuring Suzanne Sterling on lead guitar and Futoshi Morroka on lead guitar. Jeff Beck is back on Hobo Blues and again with his signature tone. Earl Green on lead vocal actually captures Hooker pretty well. Excellent! Jack Bruce and Gary Moore are back on Serves You Right To Suffer. Bruce with Gary Husband on drums keeps the bottom anchored and Moore sings up a soulful lead vocal accented by crisp guitar riffs. Booker T on organ and Randy California (Spirit)join up with the Hook hinself on lead guitar and vocal to Red House. Cool!

 Disc 2 (Knights of The Blues Table) opens with Send For Me with Jack Bruce on lead vocal, bass and harp with Clemson on guitar and Heckstall Smith on sax. This is a rocker and a great opener. Georgie Fame lays down a cool jazz If You Live. Very nice! Duffy Power on acoustic guitar and coval, backed by Heckstall - Smith on sax and Alex Keen on bass lays down the most basic of modern acoustic blues. Very nice. Chris Jagger takes lead vocal and guitar on Racketeer's Blues, backed by Charlie Hart on bass, Ed Beane on guitar, Malcolm Mortimore on drums and Mick Jagger on harp. Interesting! Peter Brown steps up on lead vocal on Rocks In My Bed. Heckstall-Smith (of Coliseum) sets down some real nice sax lines on this and throughout the release. Miller Anderson, known for vocals on many bands including Savoy Brown, Keef Hartley and Chicken Shack does and excellent job on Don't Let Me be Misunderstood. Maggie Bell (Stone The Crows) teams up with Big Jim Sullivan for Blind Man. Sullivan shows his excellent guitar strength throughout this track and Bells vocals are solid as ever! On Robert Johnson's Travelling Riverside Blues Peter Green and Nigel Watson harmonize and play traditional acoustic guitar riffs. Very nice! Tony McPhee is on acoustic guitar and vocal on Drop Down Mama. This is a real nice modern interpretation of Sleepy John's original. I've always loved this track, I've Got News For You. This arrangement is slow and really bluesy featuring Clemson on vocal and guitar. Didn't know Clem could sing but he sure can. With Mark Feltham on harp and Ronnie Leahy on piano this track is really hot. Sonny Boy Williamson's Nine Below Zero features Dennis Greaves on vocal and guitar and Billy on harp. Nice blues rocker. The Pretty Things lay down Judgement Day with Phil May on Vocal, Dick Taylor on guitar, John Povey on harp, Skip Alan on drums and Wally Allen on Bass. Very Yardbirds like! Paul Jones and Otis Grand do Play On Little Girl/TBone Shuffle. Jones on lead vocal and harp, Grand on guitar, Mike Hobart on sax, Steve Wren on piano, Chico Lopez on bass and Junior Delmas on drums make this a super modern blues rocker! Mick Clarke (vocal and guitar) and Lou Martin (piano) do a very simple but effective cover of James Cotton's One More Mile To Go, one of my favorite tracks on the release... clean and tight! Mick Taylor and Max Middleton team up on Willie Dixon's You Shook Me. Both Middleton and Taylor shine on this number with sweet extended solos. Tom Killner delivers Midnight Call, a solid rocker featuring his own lead vocal and guitar backed by Nigel Killner and Jake Ashton. Wrapping the release is Eli Cook's Sweet Thang featuring Tinsley Ellis. A lumbering bluesy number, this is a real nice track to conclude a super batch of blues and blues rock.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Cleopatra Blues Imprint To Release “A Double Dose Of The Blues” A Star-Studded Collection Of Blues Legends From Both The US & The UK

Cleopatra Blues Imprint To Release “A Double Dose Of The Blues” A Star-Studded Collection Of Blues Legends From Both The US & The UK

Los Angeles - Cleopatra Blues Imprint is releasing a deluxe 2-for-1 package featuring a star-studded tribute to the music of John Lee Hooker (From Clarksdale To Heaven - Remembering John Lee Hooker) and a superb gathering of UK bluesmen (Knights Of The Blues Table)!

“A Double Dose Of The Blues” features Jeff Beck, John Lee Hooker, Gary Moore, Mick Taylor, Jack Bruce, Gary Brooker, Peter Green, Clem Clempson, Johnnie Johnson, Georgie Fame, and lots more plus a special appearance on harmonica by Mick Jagger!

Track List:
1. Zakiya Hooker, Johnnie Johnson & Bobby Murray - I Want To Hug You
2. Jack Bruce & Gary Moore - I’m In The Mood
3. LLC (Leo Lyons, Ric Lee & Vince Converse) - I’m Bad Like Jesse James
4. Jeff Beck - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
5. Gary Brooker & Andy Fairweather-Low - Baby Lee
6. T.S. McPhee & Dick Heckstall-Smith - Ground Hog Blues
7. Mick Taylor & Max Middleton - This Is Hip
8. Peter Green Splinter Group - Crawlin’ King Snake
9. Clem Clempson, Dick Heckstall-Smith & T.S. McPhee - I’m Leaving
10. Gary Brooker & Andy Fairweather-Low - Little Wheel
11. Gregg’s Eggs - The Business
12. Jeff Beck - Hobo Blues
13. Gary Moore & Jack Bruce - It Serves You Right To Suffer
14. John Lee Hooker, Booker T. Jones & Randy California - Red House

1. Jack Bruce & Clem Clempson - Send For Me
2. Georgie Fame - If You Live (Your Time Will Come)
3. Duffy Power - Go Down, Sunshine
4. Chris Jagger feat. Mick Jagger - Racketeer’s Blues
5. Pete Brown, Phil Ryan & Dick Heckstall-Smith - Rocks In My Bed
6. Miller Anderson - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
7. Maggie Bell & Big Jim Sullivan - Blind Man
8. Peter Green & Nigel Watson - Traveling Riverside Blues
9. T.S. McPhee - Drop Down Mama
10. Jack Bruce & Clem Clempson - I've Got News For You
11. Nine Below Zero - Nine Below Zero
12. The Pretty Things - Judgment Day
13. Paul Jones & Otis Grand - Play On Little Girl / T-Bone Shuffle
14. Mick Clarke & Lou Martin - One More Mile To Go
15. Max Middleton & Mick Taylor - You Shook Me
16. Tom Killner - Midnight Call
17. Eli Cook - Sweet Thang feat. Tinsley Ellis

Buy the digital version here:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

An Eye for an Eye - JOHN MAYALL'S BLUESBREAKERS featuring Mick Taylor & John McVie

A six-piece lineup—consisting of Mayall, Mick Taylor as lead guitarist, John McVie still on bass, Hughie Flint or Hartley on drums, and Rip Kant and Chris Mercer on saxophones—recorded the album Crusade on 11 and 12 July 1967. These Bluesbreakers spent most of the year touring abroad, and Mayall taped the shows on a portable recorder. At the end of the tour, he had over sixty hours of tapes, which he edited into an album in two volumes: Diary of a Band, Vols. 1 & 2, released in February 1968. Meanwhile, a few lineup changes had occurred: McVie had departed and was replaced by Paul Williams, who himself soon quit to join Alan Price and was replaced by Keith Tillman; Dick Heckstall-Smith had taken the sax spot. Following a U.S. tour, there were more lineup changes, starting with the troublesome bass position. First Mayall replaced bassist Tillman with 15-year-old Andy Fraser. Within six weeks, though, Fraser left to join Free and was replaced by Tony Reeves, previously a member of the New Jazz Orchestra. Hartley was required to leave, and he was replaced by New Jazz Orchestra drummer Jon Hiseman (who had also played with the Graham Bond Organisation). Henry Lowther, who played violin and cornet, joined in February 1968. Two months later the Bluesbreakers recorded Bare Wires, co-produced by Mayall and Mike Vernon, which came up to #6. Hiseman, Reeves, and Heckstall-Smith then moved on to form Colosseum. The Mayall lineup retained Mick Taylor and added drummer Colin Allen (formerly of Zoot Money's Big Roll Band / Dantalian's Chariot, and Georgie Fame) and a young bassist named Stephen Thompson. In August 1968 the new quartet recorded Blues from Laurel Canyon. On 13 June 1969, after nearly two years with Mayall, Taylor left and officially joined the Rolling Stones.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor to Play Six-Night Run at New York City's Iridium in May

Former Rolling Stones guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Mick Taylor will make a rare New York City appearance for a week of shows at Iridium from May 9 to 14.

The final night, May 14, will mark the launch of "Guitar World & The Iridium Present," a new monthly series highlighting the world's best guitarists performing with The Les Paul Trio.

Tickets are on sale today, with an exclusive pre-sale available to fans of Iridium on Facebook.

Taylor, ranked No. 37 on Rolling Stone's list of the Top 100 Guitarists of All Time, was in The Rolling Stones from 1969 to 1974 and appears on the classic Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main St. albums.

He came to the band as a 20-year-old, following several years with John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers. After his time with the Stones, he went on to perform with everyone from Bob Dylan to Percy Sledge, even rejoining The Bluesbreakers for a tour in the early '80s.

At the Iridium, Taylor will perform with an all-star band featuring Max Middleon (keyboards), Wilbur Bascomb (bass), Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (drums) and Jon Paris (guitar/vocals). For the May 14 Guitar World & The Iridium Present show, Taylor will be joined by Middleton and The Les Paul Trio.

Since Les Paul's death in 2009, his Trio -- guitarist Lou Pallo, bassist Nicki Parrott and pianist John Colianni -- has carried on his legacy, performing every Monday night with special guests that have included guitar heroes from a variety of genres, including Jeff Beck, Steve Miller, Ted Nugent and Robert Randolph.

IridiumLive, the club's new label launching April 3, will capture the magic of these and other performances at Iridium with its HD 32-track studio. The first release, A Jazz Tribute to Les, features the Trio performing with Nels Cline of Wilco, Stanley Jordan, Bucky Pizzarelli and Jane Monheit.

In Les' honor, Iridium seeks to balance established stars like Taylor with cutting-edge guitarists like Wayne Krantz, who will perform with the Trio April 9 and celebrate his record release at the club April 12 to 15. A portion of the door from each Les Paul Monday show goes to benefit The Les Paul Foundation, which pays tribute to Paul's memory by supporting music education, engineering and innovation.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mama lion - Mick Taylor

Michael Kevin "Mick" Taylor (born 17 January 1949 in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire) is an English musician, best known as a former member of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (1966–69) and The Rolling Stones (1969–74). Since resigning from the Rolling Stones in December 1974 Taylor began working with numerous other artists and has released solo albums. Taylor was listed in Rolling Stone magazine's 2012 list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time, ranked at 37th place
In 1965 at age 16, Taylor went to see a John Mayall's Bluesbreakers performance at "The Hop" Community Centre, Welwyn Garden City. A former drummer with the Juniors, Danny Bacon, remembers: "On the night in question, I had gone to The Hop with some guys from our band, former schoolmates and Ex-Juniors Mick Taylor and Alan Shacklock. It was after John Mayall had finished his first set without a guitarist that it became clear that for some reason Eric Clapton was not going to show up. A group of local musicians, which included myself, Robert 'Jab' Als, Herbie Sparks, and others, along with three local guitarists—Alan Shacklock, Mick Casey (formerly of the Trekkas) and Mick Taylor—were in attendance."[citation needed] Taylor himself has said after seeing that Clapton hadn't appeared, but that his guitar had already been set up on the stage, had approached John Mayall during the interval, asking if he could play with them, mentioning that he'd heard their albums and knew some of the songs. After a moment of deliberation, Mayall agreed. Taylor amended, "I wasn't thinking that this was a great opportunity.. I just really wanted to get up on stage and play the guitar."

Taylor played the second set with Mayall's band, and afterwards, they exchanged phone numbers, which proved to be pivotal in his career a few years later. Taylor had won Mayall's respect, and when he was 17, Mayall was looking for another guitarist to fill the vacancy left after Peter Green's resignation. Mayall contacted Taylor, and invited him to take Green's place. Taylor made his debut with the Bluesbreakers at the Manor House, an old blues club in North London. For those in the music scene the night was an event... "Let's go and see this 17-year-old kid try and replace Eric". Before he turned 18, Taylor toured and recorded the album Crusade with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. From 1966 to 1969, Taylor developed a guitar style that is blues-based with Latin and jazz influences. Later on in his career, he further developed his skills as a slide guitarist.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Stormy Monday - John Mayall with Albert King

This is a great recording with Albert King and John Mayall's band including Mick Taylor....enjoy!!

John Mayall, OBE (born 29 November 1933) is a pioneering English blues singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. His musical career spans over fifty years, but the most notable episode in it occurred during the late 1960s. He was the founder of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and, as a gifted talent-scout, has been influential in the careers of many instrumentalists, including Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Peter Green, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Mick Taylor, Don "Sugarcane" Harris, Harvey Mandel, Larry Taylor, Aynsley Dunbar, Hughie Flint, Jon Hiseman, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Andy Fraser, Johnny Almond, Walter Trout, Coco Montoya, and Buddy Whittington.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stormy Monday - Albert King

A nice opportunity to see 3 giants on stage together and not just play over each other like a cluster bomb in the concert videos so common. John Mayall, Mick Taylor later of the Stones of course and actually with Albert playing his signature Flying V but not the Gibson but his custom made v made by Dan Erlewine...yeah the Stew Mac guy.
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Friday, May 13, 2011

All Down The Line- Rolling Stones

One of my favorite Stones songs.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Apolitical Blues - Little Feat

This is a really cool treat. Little Feat with the outrageous Lowell George (fat guy in bibs ... now gone) on slide and Mick Taylor. Now Little Feat has a great band, but with Lowell George they were unbelievable... and Mick Taylor too!
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