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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blind Pig Records Artists: Peter Karp and Sue Foley - Beyond The Crossroads - New Release Review

I just got a copy of the new recording, Beyond The Crossroads, by Peter Karp and Sue Foley. This is a happy go lucky blues cd with 12 self penned tracks that will likely see very broad interest. We're Gonna Make It is a blues themed song with Foley and Karp trading vocals over a strong melodic theme. Foley's vocals are particularly strong presented over the Swingadelic horn backed band. I also found particular enjoyment of Analyze'n Blues. Foley takes the lead on vocals again and there is a particularly cool saturated tube amp sound in the background that always gets me amped up. Karp takes a great resonator solo on this number that brings to mind old Little Feat and Lowell George. At The Same Time gets a little grittier and has a great trombone solo as a special treat. More Than I Bargained For is definitely the song that will hit the airwaves. It is strongly written and has a cool guitar hook. Resistance has a different flair with Foley using a talking type singing style contrasted against a full on soul singer background. Plank Spank is an all out chicken pickin slide blazin instrumental demonstrating both artists talents on guitar. You've Got A Problem is a great boogie to wrap up the set. Karp takes the lead on vocals each player gets a chance to give it a ride. Very cool

If you like your blues on the pop side this is a great choice!

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