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Thursday, October 27, 2022

DixieFrog Records artist: Todd Sharpville - Medication Time - New Release Review


I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Medication Time, from Todd Sharpville, and it's a solid rocker. Opening with Walk Out In The Rain, Todd Sharpville on vocal and guitar sets a tense stage with his intense vocal and Clapton like guitar riffs. Joined by Bruce Bears on Hammond, Brad Hallen on bass and Mark Texeira on drums, this is an attention grabber of an opener. Driving track, Get Outta My Way features Doug James on Bari sax, Mark Early on tenor sax, Carl Querfurth on trombone and Doc Chanonhouse on trumpet and put to great use with a full horn delivery and a strong sax solo by Early. House Rules is a great track that's likely to get you up on your feet. With it's tight rhythm and slick guitar soloing by Sharpville, this track is super. Larry McCray joins on guitar and vocal on Brothers From Another Mother and the guy's voices actually pair up quite nicely (McCray on the left). McCray and Sharpville jam out pretty nicely for the last minute or so and James deep bari punctuation really sets it off. Bluesy ballad and title track, Medication Time really has a great feel and Sharpville's vocals carry the melody nicely, complimented by Bears on piano and Hammond. The close of this track is emotion filled with exceptional guitar riffs that are bound to perk up your senses. Raising the Texas style on blues rocker, God Loves a Loser, Sharpville shows great flair and style in blues rock style. Red Headed Woman has a lot of country influence with hot finger picking electric guitar picking and just the right amount of spunk. Wrapping the release  is soulful ballad, I Don't Need To Know Your Name again blending vocals with Larry McCray and a very nice sax solo by Early. This is a really strong release with a wide blend of great tunes.

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Big O Records artist: Joseph and the Velozians - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Joseph and the Velozians and it's way cool. Opening with Pretty is as Pretty Does, bassist and songwriter Joseph Veloz lays down a really funky bass line, complimented by Jim Alfredson on keys, and Donny Brown on drums and percussion. Larry McCray has lead vocal and guitar and does an outstanding job, with trumpet punctuation by John Rickert. Nice opener. Contemporary makeover of Morganfield's Got My Mojo Working features Thornetta Davis on lead vocal and Carlton Washington on guitar as well as some smoking organ work by Alfredson. Then throwing a changeup moving into a Chicago blues/gospel closing.  Great hot redo. The Velozian Shuffle is one of my favorites on the release with solid guitar lead by Washington, a real nice piano solo by Phillip J Hale, strong organ work by Alfredson, Dave Marcaccio on drums, and of course Veloz on bass. Excellent! Just Jammin' Again is a cool, funky, jazz style jam with a great groove. James Anderson and Dave Marcaccio setting the pace. Phillip Hale's piano work is tight and Carl Washington lets it all hang out on guitar over the ultra funky lines of Veloz. wrapping the release is Up In My Ear featuring Veloz on bass and vocal and bluesy guitar riffs by Drew Abbott on guitar. Strong closer. 

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The McKee Brothers - A Time Like This - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release. A Time Like This, from The McKee Brothers, and it's bright and bouncy. Opening with How Can I Miss You Baby?, a cool swing blues with a taste of Lyle Lovett. With Denis McKee on lead vocal and guitar, Bobby West on keys, Bobby Watson on bass, Steve Stephens on drums, Lee Thornburg on trumpet, Doug Webb on sax and featuring Tim Douthit on harmonica, it's a cool opener. Soulful shuffle, It Is What It Is, has that easy swing feel that was so much a part of the Memphis sound. McKee, backed by Maxayn Lewis on vocal and with great work on keys by West really carries it nicely. With gospel overtones, Realize has a cool funky feel. The groove is really nice and strong lead work by McKee and backing vocals by Lewis, along with a little Latin spice and Thornburg and Webb's horn punctuation really makes this track one that stands out. With it's driving Fats Domino feel, Bluer Than You has that classic New Orleans piano rhythm and R&B vocal style. Joey Delgado adds some real tasty guitar work under easy shuffle, Putt Putt Hustler, complimented by Douthit's harmonica and the focused horn work by Thornburg and Webb really makes it shine. Rocker, Dawg, has a driving rhythm with Lewis' vocals more prominent and with some real nice slide work from Stan Budzynski and tight drums work by Stephens. Wrapping the release is radio track, Surreal Love, with it's vocal driven lead and smooth melody. Solid closer for a flavorful release. 

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The McKee Brothers - Moon Over Montgomery - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Moon Over Montgomery, by The McKee Brothers and it's flavorful. Opening with Pig Feet, a jazzy track with cool backing vocals, Jeff Robinson on lead vocals, backed by Denis McKee on guitar, Hammond and vocal, Bobby West on keys, Ralph McKee on lap steel, Bobby Watson on bass and particularly Jerome Edmonson on classic drums. Andy Wilson adds a really nice chromatic harp, Bob Schultz on bari sax and Andy Georges  on acoustic guitar are complimented by Maxayn Lewis, Melissa McKee, Dennis Lockett on vocals. Funky, I Feel Like Dynamite, has a cool James Brown feel with tastes of the Temptations, Tower of Power and Dave Mason. Very cool. One of my favorite tracks on the release, You Know How I Lie, has some of the best vocals, both lead and lush backing on the release, smart lead guitar runs by Laith Al-Saadi, trumpet and trombone by Lee Thornburg and tenor and bari sax by Doug Webb. Very nice. With an orchestral quality, Kicks, has a boogie beat and Denis McKee lays down some real nice guitar riffs, punctuated by Thornburg and Webb. Gotta check out Webb's tenor solo on this one...very nice. bayou Man has a real nice groove, nicely blended vocals and slick slide work by Stan Budzynski. Smooth but funky jazzer, Go 2 Work! has a great bass lines by Bobby Watson and in addition to the rich vocal leads by Robinson, Reggie Gonzales, Maxayn Lewis and Melissa McKee features really nice beautiful soprano sax lines by Webb. R&B track, Runaway Love has a classic hit lines with a great melody, nicely matched vocals and instrumentation. Latin flavored, Late at Night has warm vocal work and exceptional rhythm with punchy trumpet by Thornburg and great lead vocal and guitar by Larry McCray. Funky blues number, Blues of the Month Club, features Denis on lead vocal and guitar. Tight horn work by Thornburg and Webb and precision drum strokes by Edmondson nicely frame funky blues guitar riffs by Denis. Wrapping the release is Kenny Loggins' Celebrate Me Home featuring Melissa McKee on lead vocal. A culmination of the bands efforts on the release with Webb's solo, a solid closer. 

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hideaway Music artists: Tucci - Olivia - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Olivia, from Tucci and it's quite interesting. Opening with High Roller, a Latin flavored blues rocker, Larry McCray is upfront on lead vocal and guitar. Steve Tucci on guitar and Donnie Richards on B3 really style up this track with drums by Michael Tucci, bass by Harry DeBusk and sax by Shawn Murphy. On I Don't Need It, another track with strong Latin rhythms, McCray is again upfront and Tucci's rich guitar chords really warm the track. Murphy steps up with a real nice sax solo on Gimme Some Of Your Love and Steve lays down some cool guitar riffs of his own, joined by Dan Ryan on B3. Steve takes the mic on Overtaxed Blues with a little help from McCray on guitar. A cool blues with a snappy rhythm and a rock return. Hey Florida has not only the Allman Brothers rhythm but also guitar styling in the likes of Southbound or One Way Out. Shawn Murphy is up front on lead and sax for one of the bluesiest tracks on the release in Train Blues. Tucci and McCray lay down some smoking blues riffs and Murphy lays out some fat sax work of his own. Nice. Al Owens joins on lead vocals and Dan Tolar on lead guitar for Play By The Rules. This is a really cool track and possibly one of my favorites on the release. Very soulful. McCray steps up to the mic one more time on You Hurt Me, a super blues number showing strong BB King influences. Wrapping the release is Third Eye, a solid jam in the vein of the Allman Brothers featuring Murphy on lead vocal, Bob Dielman on guitar, Steve Tucci on guitar and Donnie Richards on B3. This is a cool track and a nice closer for a solid set. 

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The McKee Brothers - Enjoy It While You Can - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Enjoy It While You Can, from The McKee Brothers and I love it. Opening with One Of Us Gots Ta Go, a jazzy blues track in the style of WW Washington, this track is hot! Featuring Bob Schultz on lead vocal and Kirk Fletcher on lead guitar this track swings. Denis McKee on guitar, Bobby West on piano, Jim Alfredson on Hammond, Duncan McMilan on Wurlitzer, Ralph McKee on bass and Jerome Edmonson on drums is a solid unit but throw Lee Thornburg on trumpet, Doug Webb on sax and Sophia on backing vocal and you have pure power! Funky, Change, has a slinky feel and a cool bass line by Bobby Watson. Schultz's vocals are super and Fletcher trading off with the horn section and really nice accent vocals by Melissa McKee make this a really sweet track. A real screamer, A Little Bit Of Soul features Larry McCray on lead vocals and guitar. I really like Larry's vocals and his guitar work is crisp. The horn section is tight and a driving bass line from Bobby Watson really works. This music is woven like fine silk with Dennis, Melissa McKee and Maxann Lewis bringing the backing vocals. Excellent! Title track, Enjoy It While You Can, finds Schultz back up fron on lead vocals and and features smoking guitar solos from McCray and Stan Budzynski. Tight drum work by Edmonson and the back pump by the horn section is essential. Bluesy ballad, A Long Way Back Home, has a nice gospel like organ base by Alfredson and Dave mcKee shows his own flare on lead guitar riffs. Very nice. Melissa McKee and Sophia Hanifi really blend nicely on backing vocals and Webb hits a nice stride of his own on sax. Very nice. Another jazz funk number with hot bass riffs, Connections, will have you moving in your seat. Watson sets the pace and Schultz rides the groove. Fletcher on lead guitar, Jonathan Ovalle on percussion and the hot horn section backed by Melissa McKee and Reggie Gonzales on vocals...excellent! If I haven't made it clear yet...I really like this release. Right There, features Schultz on lead vocal and Fletcher on lead guitar. Webb lays out a nice sax riff becoming a part of the constant refrain and the horn section is really rocking. Melissa, Sophia and Reggie and really hot and Webb's soloing is absolutely smoking! Fletcher is always on his game and this track is breathing heavy with super bari work under the bottom with Watson's bass. Excellent! Dr. John's Qualified is an absolute favorite with very little change in arrangement but with really nice slide work from Budzynski as well as cool wah wah effects. Edmonson's drum funk is tight and thumping bass work from Watson is really solid. Thornburg on trumpet and trombone and Webb on tenor and bari gives the track extra pop ... yes... Schultz's lead vocals are super and of course any Dr John track would be dead in the water without super piano work by Dennis McKee. Desperate Situation is a cool R&B track which should easily get a lot of radio play with it's hook. This release is so well put together that I can tell you right now it is one of the best releases I've heard this year. McKee's guitar work hits all of the accents and the backing vocals are rich. The horn work on this track is spot on and parts like the subtle soprano sax solo by Webb are so unexpected and cool. Getting the James Brown on with a rolling funk, Dennis McKee takes the lead on vocal with refreshing ease and Larry McCray sits back and steps on the gas riffing high over a rolling bass line by Ralph McKee and Glenn Giordano. Very nice. Earl King's, It All Went Down The Drain, has a looser feel with deep bari sax notes pushing the train. Stan on slide, Rick Berthod on fills, Dave Kaftan on second solo, Dennis McKee on tremolo guitar... this track has a lot going on. Wrapping the release is Patti Griffin's ballad, Up To The Mountain, featuring Melissa McKee on lead vocal. McCray has the lead guitar playing a really nice melodic but screaming solo and Barsimanto the drums. With choral like horn work by Thornburg and Webb, this track is a solid cruiser.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Larry Mc Cray en Neuquén por 2da. vez; IMPERDIBLE !!!!!!!!!

Larry McCray


The Jackpots

Sábado 14 de Abril – 22 hs

Sala Academia Desafíos – Brentana 46 – Neuquén.

Entradas en: Librería El Amante – Av Argentina 245.

Luego de dos años de ausencia, vuelve a nuestra ciudad el músico más virtuoso del blues moderno: Larry McCray. Quien fuera el guitarrista de Albert Collins y James Cotton, llega a nuestra ciudad a presentar material propio y recorrer el cancionero moderno del blues.



“En una época en donde las leyendas del género se despiden de los escenarios, es conmovedor encontrar artistas como McCray, quien además de aportar una excelente voz y una exquisita técnica en la guitarra, aporta tal vez lo más importante del blues: el sentimiento”.

The New York Times - 2011


Biografía Corta Larry McCray:

Larry McCray, el segundo hijo menor entre 9 hermanos, se crió en una pequeña granja en Magnolia, Arkansas. Su padre tocaba blues con armónica y guitarra, su hermana mayor Clara era una excelente guitarrista y alumna de Freddie King. La familia coleccionaba discos de John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Reed y Muddy Waters, entre otros. McCray cita como sus principales influencias a los tres Reyes del blues (KINGS)- B.B., Albert and Freddie - como así también Albert Collins, Elmore James y Magic Sam. Larry McCray es un músico con mucho talento, una joven promesa que lleva a blues hacia las fronteras del nuevo siglo.

El estilo guitarristico, salvaje, de Larry McCray como así su cálida y sentida voz han llamado la atención alrededor del mundo.

A comienzos de los 70s, McCray y su familia se mudaron a Saginaw, Michigan, donde comenzó a trabajar en la General Motors mientras culminaba sus estudios secundarios. Su hermana Clara le enseñó los rudimentos de la guitarra para tocar los clásicos de blues de Muddy Waters y Freddie King. También solía escuchar los discos de artistas de SOUL de moda, en especial Gladys Knight and the Pips, Ike and Tina Turner, James Brown, Little Milton, Stevie Wonder y Ray Charles.

Durante la década siguiente trabajó en la linea de ensamblaje de GM durante el día mientras compartía escenarios con músicos y bandas de blues, R&B, country, swing y jazz, de noche.

Su arduo trabajo rindió sus frutos cuando se convirtió en el primer artista en firmar contrato con Pointblank Records perteneciente al sello Virgin Records. En 1990, el sello hace su debut con “Ambition” el cual fue bien recibido por la prensa especializada en Europa y América.

El éxito de “Ambition” le dió la oportunidad a Mc. Cray de dejar su trabajo en la GM y concentrarse sólo en la música.

En 1993 sale su segundo album, “Delta Hurricane,” fue grabado en Memphis . El cover de un tema de Warren Haynes ( Gov't Mule/Allman Brothers ) , “Soul Shine,” centró los oidos del mundo en el talento guitarrístico de Larry. En 1998, “Born To Play The Blues” hace que la música de Larry triunfe a pasos agigantados ante todas las audiencias. El estilo de guitarra arriesgado, potente y, por momentos, pirotécnico de Larry hace una combinación perfecta con su voz profunda y aterciopelada.

Ritmos Funks simples, directos, Riffs rockeros y explosivos se mezclan con los sentidos Blues e hipnóticos Shuffles.

En el año 2000 Larry funda su propio sello discográfico, Magnolia Records. La relización de “Believe It” se transforma en el puntapié inicial, y, coloca a McCray en los charts incentivándolo a continuar grabando su propio material sin la presión que implica firmar con un sello multinacional.

También en el 2000 McCray ve como su carrera y su esfuerzo son premiados cuando Orville Gibson lo honra como el guitarrista masculino del año. Jeff Beck y Eric Clapton, entre siete u ocho de los mejores guitarristas del mundo también estaban nominados.

Con Magnolia Records, un nuevo hogar y un bebé que criar, McCray centra su atención en su vida familiar. McCray se mantiene ocupado con sus giras intentando hacerse tiempo para escribir nuevos temas.

Magnolia Records realiza el primer disco en vivo de Larry, “Live On 75” en el 2005. En el 2007 vuelve a escena con “Larry McCray.”


The Jackpots:

Damián Duflós – Armónica y Voz

Rafo Grin – Guitarra y Coros

Músicos Invitados:

Mariano Iglesias - Batería

Charly ArosBajo

Biografía - The Jackpots

La banda, está integrada por Damián Duflós en Voz, Guitarra y Armónica, Rafo Grin en Guitarra. La formación se completa con el aporte de los sesionistas Mariano Iglesias en Batería y Charly Aros en Bajo. Actualmente el repertorio se compone de temas propios en inglés, con la esencia y el sonido de bandas de la zona de California, dentro del estilo de Jump Blues.

El género Jump Blues comenzó a desarrollarse en los años 40, influenciado por la música big band, utilizando el saxofón u otros instrumentos de viento, además de la guitarra, en las secciones rítmicas para crear un sonido jazzero y desacompasado con voces claramente marcadas. Las melodías jump blues de Louis Jordan y Big Joe Turner, de Kansas City, influenciaron el desarrollo de posteriores géneros como el rock and roll y el rhythm and blues.

Pero ha pasado relativamente poco tiempo desde aquel primer show internacional producido por “The Jackpots” que contó con la presencia de Eddie C. Campbell. A partir de allí esta banda no paró de rodar; le siguió la grabación de su primer disco y tres shows exitosos: James Wheeler, Larry Mc. Cray y Cristina Dall, dentro de los más de 80 conciertos que han brindado durante el 2010.

Entrado el 2011, y luego de unos primeros meses cargados de shows propios presentando su disco, la banda decidió que era el momento de volver a abrir el Ciclo Internacional de Blues, con una leyenda de la talla de Eddie Shaw. La segunda fecha llego de la mano Vernon Harrington, para luego arrancar el segundo semestre del año con el gran Lurrie Bell, y cerrar el ciclo con un referente máximo como John Primer.

Sin duda fueron doce meses de intensa actividad en donde se logró superar la cantidad de shows del año anterior por un buen margen, terminando con una gira por Buenos Aires, tocando en reconocidos lugares de impronta blusera.

En este 2012, la banda comenzó realizando una extensa gira por la zona de la cordillera obteniendo excelentes comentarios en cada una de las localidades que visitaron, tanto de la prensa como del público. Dentro de los proyectos de este año, además de continuar con el ciclo Internacional de Blues, el grupo comenzará a enfocarse en la grabación de su nuevo material discográfico, para el cual ya cuentan con algunas flamantes composiciones estrenadas en los últimos meses.

Biografía Integrantes:

Biografía Damián Martín Duflós:

Damián Martín Duflós nació el 17/02/1975 en Esquel, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina. Desde chico fue tocado por la música que escuchaba su padre, Marcelo Duflós; rock del 50, rockabilly y música country.

Fue recién a los 17 años que descubre su pasión por la armónica a través de un disco de J. Geils Band, llamado "The Morning After", con Magic Dick en armónica. Su pasión por la armónica se traslada luego al Blues, camino que lleva recorriendo ya por 16 años.

En el año 1994 parte hacia la ciudad de Córdoba a estudiar Ingeniería electrónica y es allí donde empieza a relacionarse con otros músicos de Blues hasta formar “La Vagabunda y sus Perros Sucios”, banda en la cual estuvo 7 años llegando a grabar un disco llamado “Esta Noche – Custom Blues” .

Armoniquista, cantautor y guitarrista autodidacta. Ha tocado y compartido escenarios con artistas como Pappo, Miguel Botafogo, La Mississippi, Los Ratones Paranoicos, Bruce Ewan, Deacon Jones, Eddie C. Campbell, James Wheeler, Larry Mc. Cray, y Cristina Dall, entre otros.

Su música está fuertemente influenciada por Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Big Walter Horton, George Smith, William Clarke, Rod Piazza, Kim Wilson, T-Bone Walker, Pee Wee Crayton, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Duke Robillard, etc.

Actualmente reside en Neuquén con su esposa y 3 pequeñas hijas, donde divide su tiempo entre el trabajo, la docencia y su música, liderando una de las bandas de Blues más importantes de la Patagonia: The Jackpots.

Biografía – Rafo Grin

Rafo Grin (guitarrista y cantante) Nació en Buenos Aires el 22 de mayo de 1976. Comenzó a tocar la guitarra a los 16 años de edad, sus primeros maestros fueron Alfredo "Negro" López de Neuquén Capital y Andrés Fuhr de Gra. Roca. Fueron ellos quienes despertaron su pasión por el blues, el jazz y el rock. En cuanto a la voz, tiene una formación autodidacta. En Neuquén forma e integra grupos como Séptimo regimiento, Dieciséis Toneladas y La Especial de Medianoche. A los 21 años viaja a tocar y a perfeccionarse a Buenos Aires, ingresa en la escuela del sindicato de músico y se recibe obteniendo el titulo de “Músico Intérprete en Música Popular, con Especialización en Guitarra”.

Forma e integra diversos proyectos musicales junto a músicos de capital federal. La Tricota Blues, Trombones (Reggae & Ska), Dúo Grin – Carvalho (tangos, standars y bossa). A su regreso a Neuquén en el año 2002, integra la banda "El Gordo Blues" y forma su banda de blues tradicional "Cotton Blues" junto a músicos de la zona. En el 2005 son convocados para telonear a "La Mississipi" en el cine teatro español frente a 750 personas, y a "Miguel Botafogo" al aire libre frente a unas 2000 personas. En el 2004 es convocado para integrar el grupo de tango y música ciudadana "Por la Vuelta"

Ese mismo año es convocado para integrar junto a reconocidos músicos de la región “Magic Cuartet” banda de jazz estable de CASINO MAGIC.

En el 2006 integra el grupo de JUMP BLUES "The Jackpots" junto al armoniquista y cantante Damián Duflos, banda con la que actualmente esta realizando presentaciones en salas, bares, confiterías y casinos de la ciudad de Neuquén y ciudades vecinas como Río Negro, y Chubut.

Junto a sus compañeros de grupo fueron los productores, teloneros y en algunos shows músicos sesionistas de artistas nacionales e internacionales de blues como EDDIE C. CAMPBELL, JHON PRIMER, JAMES WHELLER, LARRY Mc CRAY Y CRISTINA DALL.

Se dedicada a la docencia en forma particular desde el año 2002 y desde el 2006 es director y profesor de guitarra y bajo del taller de música popular dictado en la ciudad de Rincón De Los Sauces auspiciado por la Municipalidad de R.D.L.S y la empresa GAS MEDANITO S.A

En el 2008 debuta con su nuevo proyecto de swing & blues "RAFO GRIN TRIO" banda en la cual recrea clásicos del swing de la décadas del 30 al 70 mezclado con composiciones del guitarrista. Actualmente junto a dos excelentes músicos locales, PABLO VENEGAS en batería y FRANCISCO LOPEZ MINUCCI en contrabajo.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Soulshine - Larry McCray

Larry McCray is one of a handful of talented young blues performers leading the genre across boundaries and into the new century. McCray’s savage blues-rock guitar and warm, soulful vocals have drawn attention worldwide.

McCray’s hard work paid off when he became the first artist signed by Virgin Records’ blues division – Pointblank Records. In 1990, they released his debut, “Ambition,” which was well received by the U.S. and European press.

1993 saw the release of McCray’s second album, Delta Hurricane, which was recorded in Memphis with the notoriously funky Uptown Horns. The guitarist’s gut wrenching rendition of Warren Haynes’ power ballad, “Soul Shine,” opened many ears to McCray’s talent and diversity.

In 1998, Born To Play The Blues moved the story of McCray’s broadly appealing music forward another giant step. Bold, brawny, often dazzling guitar lines are matched with confident, soul-drenched vocals. Understated funk rhythms and crunchy rock riffs meet searing slow blues and booty-bumping shuffles.

The year 2000 found the guitarist co-establishing his own independent record company together with Koch, forming Magnolia Records. The release Believe It kicked it off, putting McCray on chart to continue to release albums on his own dime and time, without the business or rules of a pressing-type of label.

McCray also sights a career highlight as being honored as the Orville Gibson 2000 Male Blues Guitarist of the Year. “Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, like seven or eight other people were nominated, as well” stated McCray.

With Magnolia Records his new home and a young son to raise, McCray was able to pull back into his personal life for a while. McCray keeps busy on the road trying to find the time to write music.

Magnolia Records released the McCray’s first live album, Live On 75, on December 6, 2005. In November of 2006, Larry’s latest studio record, simply self titled – Larry Mccray, was released and is gaining popularity in the U.S. from coast to coast and is also making a splash in Europe.Write on our Facebook Wall or post your Photos of great blues events! ”LIKE”