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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Club 88 Records artist: Mitch Woods - Friends Along The Way - New Release review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Friends Along The Way, from Mitch Woods and it features a who's who in the blues business. Opening with Ma Rainey's C.C. Rider, Van Morrison on vocal and Taj Mahal on vocal and guitar, join Mitch Woods on piano for a early blues style rendition of this classic. Very nice. Oliver Perry's Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket is a great boogie with Elvin Bishop on lead guitar and vocal, joined by Woods on piano and Larry Vann on drums. Woods really lays in his notorious piano boogie style and Bishop's guitar signature is prime. John Hammond steps up on Don Roby's Mother In Law Blues, adding not only super National steel riffs but solid lead vocals. Rolling piano riffs by Woods makes this one of my favorites on the release. Springing to life is Nasty Boogie with Joe Louis Walker on lead vocal and guitar and excellent piano by Woods. Very nice. Jimmy Liggins' Saturday Night Boogie Woogie Man is a ripping way to open side two with Woods really showing what he's got on piano and excellent riffs by Bishop. Superharp James Cotton joins on Chicago Express wailing away over Woods really hammering on the piano. Excellent! Another real nice entry with Morrison and Mahal is Leroy Carr's Midnight Hour Blues with real nice vocal lead by Morrison and trademark riffs by Mahal over the melodic piano work of Woods. Marcia Ball and Woods have a cool piano boogie playoff on In The Night, a New Orleans flavored track. Maria Muldaur adds some sassy vocals on Mojo Mambo accompanied by Woods on vocal and piano. Woods really does have a cool feel on the piano making him a favorite in todays market. Wrapping the release is Worried Life Blues, with Woods on piano, Walker on guitar and vocal. A real foot stomper, penned by Lightning Hopkins, is a strong closer for a really solid release. 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Stony Plain Records artist: The Duke Robillard Band - They Called It Rhythm & Blues - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, They Called It Rhythm & Blues, by The Duke Robillard Band,  and it's another stellar performance by the Duke and his crew. Opening with swing blues, Here I'm Is, Chris Cote on lead vocal really does a nice job with excellent fluid guitar lead by Robillard, and solid backing by Bruce Bears on keys, Marty Ballou on bass, Mark Teixeira on drums and Doug James on sax. Fools Are Getting Scarcer, James really does a great job stepping out on bari and tenor sax solos over a hot R&B feel. Excellent! Kim Wilson takes the lead on Tell Me Why with his trademark vocals and solid harmonica work. Robillard's guitar lead is impeccable and the band is solid. John Hammond is up front on Homeless Blues with his delta based vocal and playing style. I really like Hammond and am glad to see him on this release. With distinctive drum work by Teixeira and piano by Bears, this track is one of my favorites. Freddy King's Someday After Awhile, is a real showcase for both Cote and Robillard with exceptional vocal lead and plenty of room for Duke to stretch. Very nice. Kim Wilson does a rework on Guitar Slim's Things I Used To Do, The Things I Forgot To Do,  and Wilson works it nicely. Duke's guitar soloing really captures the styling of Slim and the piano work of Bears is spot on, with reinforcement by James and Mark Earley on sax. Very cool. Wrapping the release is hot instrumental jam, Swingin' For Four Bills, featuring really nice front work by Duke, Sue Foley and Mike Flanigin.  This is a super track and great closer for Robillard on this newest release. 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Black Hen Music artist: Jim Byrnes - St. Louis Times - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, St Louis Times, from Jim Byrnes and I really like it! Opening with Albert King track with that Latin twist, Don't You Lie To Me is a cool number with cool vocals and guitar work from Byrnes and John Hammond on harp. Somebody Lied has an easy flowing pace and Darryl Havers holds the body together with cool organ work but it's the hot work of Hammon on harp and some slick slide work from Steve Dawson that cooks this track. Chuck Berry's Nadine has a cool New Orleans style blues going and Dawson takes a sweet steel guitar solo on this track. Old Dog / New Tricks takes the New Orleans style even a step deeper with the addition of clarinet by Tom Colclough who while blended with the gutsy vocals of Byrnes makes this one of my favorite tracks on the release. Very cool! You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone has a R&B / spiritual flavor which really highlights Colleen Rennison as a second lead vocalist. Havers takes a lead organ solo and Jim Hicke (sax), Bill Huber (trombone) and Steve Herrman (trumpet) really spice things up. Stump Johnson's The Duck's Yas Yas Yas is a nice ragtime addition to this eclectic mix. You can smell Bourbon Street and the boys chime in. Huber, Hoke and Hoke (clarinet) add nicely to the pure vocals of Byrnes and Dawson plays some really nice resonator guitar riffs. The Journey Home is more of a spoken story accompanied by a sountrack and Jeremy Holmes (bass), Geoff Hicks (drums) and especially Dawson on slide add considerably to the overall effect. WC Handy's St. Louis Blues is really handled nicely here with a tango beat. Colclough lays down a nice clarinet intro and then Byrnes hands out some of the best vocals on the release backed by a very effective sousaphone bass line from Larry Paxton. Excellent! Cake Alley is a nice slow blues with a cool swagger. Brushes on snare by Hicks, Herman and his muted horn and lead clarinet work from Koke make this a real Dixieland blow out. Super nice! I Need A Change is another R&B based track with strong blues overtones (Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out). Dawson adds some really warm slide work on the track and the presence of the horn section is still quite prominent. Great track! Little Milton's That Will Never Do has just a twist of Dixie especially with the addition of piano by Havers and drums by Hicks. Closing the release is Lonnie Johnson's Another Night To Cry. This is an excellent interpretation with clean articulate guitar work from Byrnes. His vocals are expressive, Havers work on piano is smooth and trumpets solo from Steve Herman is spot on. Not to miss is the reall nice slide work on this track by Steve Dawson... slide guys... this is smooth. I really enjoyed this release and am looking forward to getting it into my car for a closer listen.  

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise #22 - Stilladog Rides Again

This was my fifth Blues Cruise and this marks the third review of the LRBC I’ve done for Bman’s Blues Report.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve become a well-seasoned cruiser by now, or if it’s because I had some close friends join me on this cruise, or if the music was any better, or if the islands were more friendly, but this was the best Blues Cruise yet for me!

If you haven’t heard me say it before, I’ll start off with these words of wisdom.  A Blues Cruise vacation is exactly what you make it. You don’t even have to be a fan of blues music to have the time of your life, but it helps!  You can listen to as much music as you want starting as early as 10:30AM and going non-stop somewhere on the ship until 6:00AM.  One night I wandered into the Crows Nest at 5:00AM and listened to JP Soars jam until 5:30AM when they finally called it a night… except for one thing, it was already 6:30AM because we had crossed from the Eastern time zone to the Atlantic time zone at 2 o’clock.

So what I’m saying is you can’t possibly see it all. I know I missed some epic jams but I also saw some great stuff and came away with a new appreciation for several artists (as I always do).  

As all cruises do, it started out with a Sail Away Party on the pool deck. This one was hosted by Curtis Salgado.  Curtis has fought off some very serious health problems including cancer over the past 7 or 8 years yet his voice never sounded better.   I think through the course of the week he brought out his harp and jammed with just about everyone too.

Super Chikan
Next up was one of my –any many other’s–  favorites, Super Chikan.  My friends who were virgin cruisers enjoyed Super Chikan immensely.  From his custom “chiktar” made from a ceiling fan motor to his famous rooster crow, to ending every song with his catch phrase “Somebody shoot that thing!”  He put smiles on all the faces. I knew what to expect and I must say Super Chikan was in excellent form.  His sets are always great fun.  

The first morning, I attended the Returnee Party.  I walked to the venue with Scrap Iron, former manager for Little Milton and co-MC of the Returnee Party (along with Big Llou from BB King’s Bluesville on Sirius Radio).  I asked Scrap who we were going to see figuring if he’s introducing the act he knows who it is. All Scrap said was “They told me it was going to be something special. But they wouldn’t say who it is.”

When Scrap Iron finally did the introduction he told the audience just what he had told me privately.  And he brought on the All-Girls  All-Star Blues Band!  They really set the bar high right off the bat!  This band consisted of triple guitars, Debbie Davies, Ana Popovic, and Samantha Fish!  On keys was Eden Brent.  On bass was Danielle Schnebelen from Trampled Under Foot.  And on vocals in addition to the singing talents of those already mentioned there was Sista Monica Parker, Tasha Taylor, and the great Denise LaSalle.  On drums was the consummate professional, Tony Braunagel  (lucky dude!).  The highlights of this set for me were a) anything sung by Denise LaSalle, and b) the cover of ZZ Top’s “Tush” sung by Eden Brent.  Free drinks aside, this was a party you didn’t want to miss!   
All Girls All-Star Blues Band

While the Returnee Party was taking place, the Virgins had a party of their own on the pool deck with the Selwyn Birchwood Band. Normally I don’t mention this party because I haven’t been a virgin cruiser since the inception of Bman’s Blues Report. But my virgin friends who attended were very impressed with IBC Award Winner Selwyn Birchwood, who himself was a virgin cruiser.

Soon after, this whole cruise just melted into one big party for me.  I will only write about the things that really made an impression on me (there are many) and will not attempt to go in chronological order.  Quite frankly, I believe my brain cells that kept track of time were lost somewhere in the Caribbean, most likely during Lil’ Eds set at Margaritaville on Grand Turk.  But some of these sets were so memorable I’ll never forget them.

One of the most impressive performers on this cruise was Ana Popovic and her new big band,  Mo’ Better Love.   After growing up in Serbia, she now calls Memphis home and there is a definite Memphis sound to this band.  I’ve seen Ana probably 4 or 5 times over the years beginning back in 2006.  Back then, she struggled with English, both speaking and singing. In those days I remember saying “this girl can really play but I wish she’d just keep her mouth shut.”  We’ll let me tell you with each passing year and chance to see her she’s gotten better both on guitar and in English.  Honestly, the metamorphosis that has occurred for her has been amazing to watch.  She is now a master on guitar and speaks very clearly and sings beautifully in English.   When I got a chance to talk to her I told her I know how hard she has worked on both and how much it is appreciated by her fans.  I saw her play at least twice on this cruise in addition to the aforementioned Returnee Party and the band was a joy to see each time. 
Ana Popovic

The Zydeco band for this cruise –every cruise has one– was Corey Ledet and His Zydeco Band. This band featured Lil Buck Sinegal on guitar although he only got limited chances to solo.  They were very popular with cruisers.  They did zydeco versions of songs by as diverse artists as Bob Marley, Guns & Roses, and Cheap Trick, in addition to some fine material of their own.

Lil Ed  (photo courtesy of Michael Udell)
I wore my fez for the Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials sets of which I saw 3.  Ed was without a doubt one of the most popular artists. The “Ed Heads” were out in full force for all of them, particularly for his land event at Margaritaville on Grand Turk where you could spot a fez here and there on people in the pool while the Blues Imperials jammed on.  <pic of Lil Ed>

In addition to playing numerous sets Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials were the house band for two showings of the Joe Plummer play, “Nothing But The Blues.”  Just WOW!  This play is set at Theresa’s Lounge in Chicago in the early 1980s.  It’s the story of a small blues club in a basement in Chicago that culminates in what we now know as the Theresa Needham Award given annually at the Chicago Blues Festival for outstanding service to the blues community .  To find out more about the history of the real life Theresa’s Lounge, click here:'s/Theresa's.htm

Southern Hospitality (Victor Wainwright, JP Soars, Damon Fowler) were another band who absolutely wowed many cruisers.  I guess many of them were unaware of this band but I not only was familiar with SoHo (as they prefer to be called now to eliminate any confusion between them and Royal Southern Brotherhood) but also each of the guys as solo artists.  In addition to their own smokin’ sets,  Wainwright was hugely popular as Piano Bar host where the jams last until the sun comes up.  He was often accompanied by JP Soars who was also a regular in the Crow’s Nest for late night jams. 

Kenny Wayne Shepherd was a “headliner” of sorts mainly due to his popularity.  His sets continue to be professionally done but with little but manufactured passion for what he’s doing.  However, in a pool deck jam hosted by Trampled Under Foot,  Kenny and TUF guitarist, Nick Schnebelen  engaged in a legendary  jam.  It was the first time I saw Kenny Wayne really seem to have fun playing guitar since I first saw him in 2002 at the Chesapeake Blues Fest.  This jam was the talk of the cruise.

Marquise Knox and Selwyn Birchwood each played a land gig on the island of Anguilla.  They sounded good.  But I cannot really say how good because the venue was totally inadequate for viewing beyond a few dozen people and the sound system was not the greatest either.  This trip billed as The Ultimate Beach Party and sometimes known as The Chilla in Anguilla came up far short of expectations although a day on the beach drinking beer and listening to blues is always fun.

Tab Benoit was great.  His sets were wonderful. And he practically commandeered the Crows Nest jams to the point that we started calling it Tab’s Nest!  He could be found up there jamming almost every night and was frequently spotted playing drums while other people –often JP Soars or Selwyn Birchwood – took over guitar duty.   He also hosted a Bingo game to raise money for the Voice of the Wetlands which was hilarious.  I particularly liked his story of playing golf with Willie Nelson!

I did not get to see but a tiny bit of Sugar Ray & The Bluetones but I did hear their guitarist Monster Mike Welch a few times and he is another artist who has matured into a really top notch musician.

Tommy Castro, who is on every cruise, had a CD release party for his new album The Devil You Know which was very entertaining and his jams with Debbie Davies and Chris Cain were the highlights.

Chris Cain was again the supreme guitarist on the ship.  He was often seen playing with Debbie Davies. And they were part of the Legendary R&B Revue along with The Painkillers.  I guess those West Coast blues folks stick together.  His set in the Queens Lounge (called Theresa’s Lounge for this cruise) was great. 
  And few besides Theodis Ealey were willing to cut heads with him when it was his turn to host the jam.  

One of the most entertaining sets I’ve ever seen anywhere was turned in by what was billed as the Down Home Blues Extravaganza.  It featured the Mel Waiters band with Theodis Ealey on guitar, Latimore on keys, and blues hall of famer, Denise LaSalle.  The highlight of this set was the 15 minute version of Snap, Crackle, and Pop by Denise.  She had me practically rolling on the deck laughing as she described how to “make that coochie snap, crackle and pop” in song while poking fun at Theodis, Bobby Rush, and Clarence Carter.   Theodis Ealey was a guitarist I gained much new respect for on this cruise.  It was almost like I discovered him for the first time.

Finally, I went to a guitar summit of sorts hosted by Debbie Davies where Ana Popovic, Marquise Knox, Monster Mike Welch, Chris Cain, John Hammond, and Nick Schnebelen all talked about how they got started and how their styles developed.  It was very telling to hear how many of them started listening to their parents records at a young age. John Hammond whose father’s work in recording was legendary was to be expected.  But Ana Popovic said that all her father had in the house in the former  Yugoslavia was blues, soul and r&b records from America.  And Chris Cain saying his dad drove a truck yet they had the best stereo system around and how all his dad’s blues and soul records ended up in his room.  Or how Cain’s dad took him to see Ray Charles, Charles Brown, and BB King concerts as a youngster.   Very enlightening. 
Guitar Summit

As usual, I’ve left some people out.  Never got to see Otis Clay although I did get to speak briefly with him.  Same for Sista Monica who remembered a set she did with Elvin Bishop which I attended back in 2003. Or the Neal Brothers (Frederick & Darnell) who I found in the Piano Bar late one night/early one morning.   Or Eric Bibb who I saw do 2 songs on the way to someplace else.  Or The James Hunter Six who my friend who goes by the name Texasbluzer said was phenomenal.  As I said, you just can’t see it all.

Bottom line here folks is that if you are a blues fan and can afford to get away for a week in the Caribbean sun, the Legendary Blues Cruise is definitely the way to go.  And if you’re not a blues fan, one week on this ship and you will be!  

Thanks Dog!!  Bman
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One Kind Favour - John Hammond

John Paul Hammond (born November 13, 1942, New York City, United States) is an American blues singer and guitarist. The son of record producer John H. Hammond, he is sometimes referred to as "John Hammond, Jr." He is a son of the famed record producer and talent scout John Henry Hammond, Jr. and his first wife, Jemison McBride, an actress. He is a descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt, founder of the prominent Vanderbilt family. He has a brother, Jason, and by his father's second marriage to Esme O'Brien Sarnoff, he has a stepsister, (Esme) Rosita Sarnoff. Hammond's middle name, Paul, is in honor of a friend of his father, the actor Paul Robeson. However, the younger Hammond was raised by his mother and only saw his father a few times a year while growing up. He began playing guitar in high school, partially inspired by the album Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall. He attended Antioch College for one year, but dropped out to pursue a music career. By the mid-1960s he was touring nationally and living in Greenwich Village. He befriended and recorded with many electric blues musicians in New York, including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, The Hawks (later known as The Band), Dr. John and Duane Allman. Hammond usually plays acoustically, choosing National Reso-Phonic Guitars and sings in a barrelhouse style. Since 1962, when he made his debut on Vanguard Records, Hammond has made thirty four albums. In the 1990s he began recording on the Point Blank Records label. Hammond has earned one Grammy Award and been nominated for four others. He also provided the soundtrack for the 1970 film, Little Big Man, starring Dustin Hoffman. Although critically acclaimed, Hammond has received only moderate commercial success. Nonetheless, he enjoys a strong fan base and has earned respect from the likes of John Lee Hooker, Roosevelt Sykes, Duane Allman, Robbie Robertson and Charlie Musselwhite, all of whom have contributed their musical talents to Hammond's records. In addition, he is the only person who ever had both Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix in his band at the same time, if only for five days in the 1960s when Hammond played The Gaslight Cafe in New York City. To his regret, they never recorded together. It has been suggested by at least one author that Hammond deserves some credit for helping boost The Band to wider recognition. He recorded with several of the members of The Band in 1965, and recommended them to Bob Dylan, with whom they undertook a famed and tumultuous world tour. In the early part of the 1990s, Hammond hosted the 1991 UK television documentary The Search for Robert Johnson, detailing the life of the legendary Delta bluesman, Robert Johnson. Hammond at Hugh's Room in Toronto John performing in the 1980s Hammond has had a longstanding friendship with the songwriter Tom Waits, and has performed Waits' songs on occasion. In 2001, he released Wicked Grin, an album entirely of Tom Waits compositions with one exception, the traditional spiritual, "I know I've Been Changed." Waits himself provided guitar work and backing vocals as well as producing the project. In 2002 he released Ready for Love, produced by David Hidalgo of Los Lobos fame. It included a cover version of the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards penned, "The Spider and the Fly". His most recent album, entitled Push Comes to Shove produced by Garrett (G. Love) Dutton, was released in February 2007. In 2011 Hammond was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame of the Blues Foundation If you support live Blues acts, up and coming Blues talents and want to learn more about Blues news and Fathers of the Blues, ”LIKE” ---Bman’s Blues Report--- Facebook Page! I’m looking for great talent and trying to grow the audience for your favorites band!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Electric Hot Tuna - Jorma's 70th Birthday Celebration - New DVD Release Review

The hot band on tour right now is Hot Tuna! Yep, Jorma and Jack are back on the road and to kick off their road trip Fur Peace Ranch has release live footage extracted from 2 nights of concerts at the Beacon Theater in NYC on December 3&4, 2010. I don't know how many of you have seen Jorma and Hot Tuna live but I have had the pleasure many times over a number of years. The recording begins with I See The Light featuring Jorma on his J190 and Jack joined by Barry Mitterhoff on an 8 string Danelectro guitar with lipstick pickups and Skoota Warner on drums. The band is joined on stage by John Hammond for a cool version of I Can Tell with Hammond on 335 and Jorma pushing his trademark solos through a goldtop. Then the tension starts to build with Warren Haynes on 335, Bill Kirchen on Tele, Larry Campbell on fiddle and Mitterhoff changes over to an electric mandolin. Kirchen has been separated from his old tele (probably retired) but the new one can talk just fine. If you've never seen Tuna with Mitterhoff, man can play the mandolin and doesn't restrict his playing to traditional mandolin formatting but uses it often as a mini guitar creating an interesting sound. In this case he's playing a 4 string which could be a tenor electric guitar. Very cool. Haynes rips off a pretty nice solo on the 335 and these guys seem to have been playing together forever. Jorma steps in with the Goldtop and his distinctive sound and with Campbell playing great violin riffs you could close your eyes and swear you were hearing Tuna in the 70's.
For Water Song the crew is joined by Byron House on upright electric bass played both plucked and bowed. Mitterhoff switched over to an acoustic f -style and Jorma pulls out a beautiful maple capped hollow body electric with a particularly light acoustical sound. On Bowlegged Woman/Knock Kneed Man Casady opens the song with a a nice solid bass riff. This track has a particularly nice funky swamp funk enforced by Oteil Burbridge on Fodera 6 string bass. Mittenhoff again playing an unconventional electro mando like instrument with 5 strings rippin some pretty cool solos. Burbridge gets the spotlight playing some interesting jazz chord and lead jazz bass lines. You can see Jorma just groovin to what's being layed down. Bob Wier joins mid song and dons a 335. The band continues the groove for quite some time building the tension but without anyone stepping on top of anyone else. Jorma pulls the reins back in with a crisp solo and a refrain of the chorus. Wier takes lead vocals on a cool version of Walking Blues. Both Wier and Jorma take turns on lead guitar and Mittenhoff as well on the 4 stringer. Steve Earle joins the band for Hometown Blues which the band plays in a rag style. Earle plays a black electrified acoustic Martin. Jorma keeps the band in the rag style groove with 99 Year Blues. I particularly like Jorma's vocals on this track. He's always strong but this track is right on. Mittenhoff is back on the F style and rips a few solos. Casady gets a chance to step up for some melodic bass lines which is always a pleasure. The band takes it to the funk a little and Burbridge and Casady trade lead lines. The show is concluded with Jimmy Reed's Baby What You Want Me To Do. The entire force is onstage for a giant jam. This is a great conclusion for a great bunch of musicians. The attendee's certainly got their money's worth over this two night concert.

Again Hot Tuna is on the road. Check the concert schedule below to see if they are coming to your town:
06/21/12 State Theatre
Ithaca, NY
Electric Hot Tuna
also Steve Kimock

06/22/12 Count Basie Theatre
Red Bank, NJ
Electric Hot Tuna
also Steve Kimock

06/23/12 The Wellmont Theatre
Montclair, NJ
Electric Hot Tuna With a brief appearance by Bob Steeler. Also Steve Kimock Tickets

06/25/12 The National
Richmond, VA
Electric Hot Tuna
also Steve Kimock

06/26/12 Grand Opera House
Wilmington, DE
Electric Hot Tuna
With Bob Steeler on drums. Also Steve Kimock

06/28/12 Sherman Theater
Stroudsburg, PA
Electric Hot Tuna also Steve Kimock Tickets

06/29/12 Theatre at Westbury
Westbury, NY
Electric Hot Tuna
also Steve Kimock

06/30/12 Venetian Theater, Caramoor Festival
Katonah, NY
Acoustic Hot Tuna
also David Bromberg

07/01/12 The Bull Run Concert Series
Shirley, MA
Acoustic Hot Tuna
two shows: 3pm & 7pm

07/05/12 Westbrook Performing Arts Center
Westbrook, ME
Acoustic Hot Tuna also Darol Anger Tickets

07/06/12 The Flying Monkey
Plymouth, NH
Acoustic Hot Tuna

07/07/12 The Theater at Newburyport High School
Newburyport, MA
Acoustic Hot Tuna Tickets

07/09/12 The Arts Center
Carrboro, NC
Acoustic Hot Tuna Tickets

07/10/12 Bijou Theatre
Knoxville, TN
Acoustic Hot Tuna

07/11/12 Diana Wortham Theatre at Pack Place
Asheville, NC
Acoustic Hot Tuna

07/13/12 Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA
Acoustic Hot Tuna Tickets

07/14/12 Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
Tampa, FL
Acoustic Hot Tuna

07/17/12 One World Theatre
Austin, TX
Acoustic Hot Tuna

07/18/12 Kessler Theater
Dallas, TX
Acoustic Hot Tuna Tickets

07/20/12 Oriental Theatre
Denver, CO
Acoustic Hot Tuna Tickets

07/21/12 Third Street Performing Arts Center
Carbondale, CO
Acoustic Hot Tuna Tickets

07/22/12 Sheridan Opera House
Telluride, CO
Acoustic Hot Tuna

07/25/12 Mesa Arts Center
Mesa, AZ
Acoustic Hot Tuna

07/26/12 Orpheum Theatre
Flagstaff, AZ
Acoustic Hot Tuna Tickets

07/27/12 Anthology
San Diego, CA
Acoustic Hot Tuna Tickets

07/28/12 Rio Theatre
Santa Cruz, CA
Acoustic Hot Tuna Tickets

07/30/12 Sweetwater Music Hall
Mill Valley, CA
Acoustic Hot Tuna SOLD OUT

07/31/12 Sweetwater Music Hall
Mill Valley, CA
Acoustic Hot Tuna SOLD OUT

08/02/12 Tower Theatre
Bend, OR
Acoustic Hot Tuna

08/03/12 Aladdin Theater
Portland, OR
Acoustic Hot Tuna

08/04/12 Mount Baker Rhythm & Blues Festival
Deming Log Show Fairgrounds, Bellingham, WA
Electric Hot Tuna

08/11/12 Fur Peace Station
Pomeroy, OH
Acoustic Hot Tuna
SOLD OUT. Jack & Jorma. Also The Persuasions.

09/01/12 Dark Star Jubilee
Legend Valley, Thornville, OH
Jorma Kaukonen 3pm

09/13/12 Stage One
Fairfield, CT
Jorma Kaukonen

09/14/12 The Colonial Theatre
Phoenixville, PA
Jorma Kaukonen also Loudon Wainwright III

09/15/12 The Stephen Talkhouse
Amagansett, NY
Jorma Kaukonen

10/04/12 The Birchmere
Alexandria, VA
Jorma Kaukonen

10/05/12 Rams Head On Stage
Annapolis, MD
Jorma Kaukonen also Peter Mulvey

10/06/12 Kirk Avenue Music Hall
Roanoke, VA
Jorma Kaukonen

10/07/12 Natasha's Bistro & Bar
Lexington, KY
Jorma Kaukonen CORRECT DATE

10/11/12 Infinity Hall
Norfolk, CT
Jorma Kaukonen CORRECT DATE

10/12/12 Earlville Opera House
Earlville, NY
Jorma Kaukonen

10/13/12 Narrows Center for the Arts
Fall River, MA
Jorma Kaukonen

10/14/12 YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts
Bay Shore, NY
Jorma Kaukonen

10/18/12 Brewery Arts Center
Carson City, NV
Jorma Kaukonen

10/19/12 Napa Valley Opera House
Napa, CA
Jorma Kaukonen

10/20/12 Swedish American Hall at Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco, CA
Jorma Kaukonen Two shows: 7pm & 10pm

10/21/12 The Big Room at The Sierra Nevada
Chico, CA
Jorma Kaukonen

11/01/12* Dakota Jazz Club Restaurant
Minneapolis, MN
Jorma Kaukonen

11/02/12* The Redstone Room
Davenport, IA
Jorma Kaukonen

11/03/12 Stoughton Opera House
Stoughton, WI
Jorma Kaukonen

11/10/12 Fur Peace Station
Pomeroy, OH
Electric Hot Tuna
with Bill Kirchen. SOLD OUT!

11/15/12* Bell's Eccentric Cafe Back Room
Kalamazoo, MI
Jorma Kaukonen also Steve Kimock

11/16/12* City Winery
Chicago, IL
Jorma Kaukonen also Steve Kimock

11/17/12* City Winery
Chicago, IL
Jorma Kaukonen also Steve Kimock

11/18/12* 20th Century Theatre
Cincinnati, OH
Jorma Kaukonen also Steve Kimock

12/13/12 Zappa
Jerusalem, Israel
Jorma Kaukonen

12/15/12 Zappa
Tel Aviv, Israel
Jorma Kaukonen

The special features on the DVD include a photo gallery, the presentation of a Les Paul shaped birthday cake to Jorma and a brief discussion with Jorma and jack about Tuna's most recent release.

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This appears to be a bootlegged video of the concert...not actual footage from the DVD but of the actual performance:

Please check the link to get a licensed copy of this concert with much better video and audio quality.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Search For Robert Johnson Part 5 (of 5)

The Search for Robert Johnson is a 1991 UK television documentary film about the legendary Delta blues musician Robert Johnson, hosted by John Hammond, and produced and directed by Chris Hunt. In it, Hammond travels through the American Deep South to pursue topics such as Johnson's birth date, place and parents, his early musical development, performances and travels, romances, his mythic "pact with the devil," his untimely murder in his late twenties, the discovery of possible offspring, and the uncertainty over where Johnson is buried. Throughout, Johnson's music is both foreground and background, from recordings of Johnson and as performed on camera by Hammond, David Honeyboy Edwards, and Johnny Shines.
Blues musician and "keeper of the flame" John Hammond described his journey into the American South as "the quest of a lifetime". His father, record producer and jazz impresario John H. Hammond, had planned and advertised for Robert Johnson to perform at Carnegie Hall, but Johnson died prior to the concert.

The film is loosely organized around field work by Johnson researcher Robert "Mack" McCormick. Throughout the film, Hammond travels to locations where Johnson lived, performed, recorded, and purportedly where he died, and interviews two of Johnson's girlfriends and blues musicians who knew him, as well as two noted blues researchers. Locations include the "Delta, the floodplain of northwestern Mississippi, on into Arkansas and Texas, and into southern Mississippi, where he was born and died."

The film has been noted for its presentation of new evidence, at the time, about Johnson's life.
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