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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Delta Groove Music artists: Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore - House Party at Big Jon's - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, House Party at Big Jon's, from Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore and it's a huge side of Chicago blues. Opening with Goin' Back To Tennessee, Big Jon Atkinson is on lead vocal and guitar with Bob Corritore accenting his vocal. Nicely stylized, almost John Mayall/British Blues feel, these guys have a great opener joined by Danny Michael on guitar, Troy Sandow on bass and Brian Fahey on drums. On shuffle track, Here Comes My Baby, Big Jon and Corritore step up the instrumental a bit with a real nice line of instrumental soloing and Malachi Johnson on drums adds a fine snap to the track. Taking the tempo down a bit, It Wasn't Easy, gives Corritore a bit more breathing space and his warm chops fill nicely. Jon has a great singing style which resonates "old style blues" throughout the release and his guitar work on this track is understated but effective. Stepping up with She's My Crazy Little Baby, Jon really delivers on vocal. This is a real cool track and Corritore takes a real nice harp solo working nicely with Jon's lead. On At The Meeting, long time friend of Corritore, Dave Riley, takes the lead on vocal and guitar. With it's laid back feel and cradled by Corritore's harp work, this track has a bluesy, spiritual feel. Mojo Hand is a nicely paced shuffle with cool rim shot drive by Johnson. I really like Alabama Mike's vocal lead on this track and Big Jon's vocals paired with Corritore's harp work on this track make it one of my favorites on the release. Tomcat Courtney has lead vocal and guitar on Mojo In My Bread, and his vocals are rich and refreshing. With it's easy pace and Corritore harp interplay with Courtney, this track is really nice. Mad About It springs to life with a blast and Big Jon is back on lead vocal. The quality of these recordings is really cool with a minimum of processing giving them a real authentic feel. Slide work by Jon and bass work by Sandow really gives the track an edge. Empty Bedroom has a bit of a R&B feel and with Elmore James like swing, this track is another of my favorites. I'm Gonna Miss You Like The Devil has a real super feel with Corritore taking a straightforward harp lead and tight rhythm by Brian Fahey. Willie Buck takes the lead on You Want Me To Trust You, and I love his phrasing. Jon takes a real nice walk on the fretboard on this track and Corritore's harp work adds great punctuation. Riley is back on lead vocal on Mississippi Plow, a track with a healthy Muddy Waters feel. Corritore steps up with a harp solo followed by on by Jon. Very nice. Latin influence on El Centro sets it apart from the rest of the release with it being a clean instrumental. Jon guitar work is cool and Fahey's drums have a 60's beach party feel. Very nice. On shuffle track, I'm A King Bee, Willie Buck is back on lead vocal and he's perfect for the job. With just the right amount of swing, this is another of my favorites on the release. A tight bottom and Corritore's harp work compliment Jon's guitar lead perfectly. Alabama Mike is back on lead vocal for and emotional, Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door. His vocals are exceptional and paired with Jon's guitar work, make this another of my favorites on the release. Wrapping the release is My Feelings Won't Be Hurt with a stiff swat from Johnson and some of Jon's best vocals on the release. Corritore takes a real nice solo on this track and Jon's guitar work is tight and cool. This release isn't flashy but it is cool and real blues. Enjoy!

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