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Monday, January 23, 2012

New Release: Winchester Rebels - 3 Sheets to the Wind - Review

I have just received a copy of the new Winchester Rebels release called 3 Sheets To The Wind. It is made up of 10 originals tracks and is heavily seeded in rock style that has been very popular since the mid 90's predominated by driving rhythm, heavy rhythm guitars and choral vocals. Out of the gate with Private Angel, 3 Sheets To the Wind establishes their power footing and never steps back. On Loaded Gun, the band shows their conviction to keep the drive going throughout the recording but with a little change up in pace part way through that adds contrast and texture. Dining With The Devil is rooted in the blues and a little slower in tempo. Silence could be a rock anthem of the future with it's solid base and structure. They finish up with Desolate, an interesting harmonic track that will keep you looking for more. Although this recording is not really closely related to the blues, it is a fine recording never the less and if you like music that is oriented toward that genre, you will probably find this very interesting!

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