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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Release - Monster Mike Welch & Mike Ledbetter "Right Place, Right Time"

Monster Mike Welch & Mike Ledbetter
"Right Place, Right Time"

With Special Guest: Laura Chavez

With over 25 years under his belt, Boston-based blues guitarist Monster Mike Welch is handily considered a seasoned veteran of the international blues scene at just a mere 37 years old. Adorned with the nickname “Monster Mike” by actor/comedian Dan Aykroyd at the tender age of 13, Welch has since carved out a successful living as a highly accomplished and in-demand guitarist. To date, Welch has released six albums under his own name and in 2001, he joined the ranks of one of New England’s most beloved blues institutions, Sugar Ray and the Bluetones. In addition, Welch has performed and recorded with Duke Robillard, Nick Moss, Johnny Winter, Darrell Nulisch and more recently, the Knickerbocker All-Stars, which has featured among others, Jimmie Vaughan and the aforementioned Robillard. No stranger to the Delta Groove family, Welch also appears on recordings by the Mannish BoysSugaray Rayford and the Igor Prado Band, as well as playing a central role in the critically acclaimed album, Fifty Shades of Blue, by Anthony Geraci and the Boston Blues All Stars. Welch has received two consecutive Blues Music Award nominations by the Blues Foundation for Instrumentalist-Guitar beginning in 2016.

Chicago's own Mike Ledbetter has had nothing short of a rich and multi-dimensional musical journey thus far. Before making a home in West Side Chicago and Memphis style blues, Ledbetter set his feet in various genres ranging from soul, gospel, pop, jazz, and even spent the better part of a decade performing on Chicago opera stages. Spending eight years under the tutelage of his mentor, Nick Moss, Ledbetter recorded and toured the world with Moss as his lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. In this short time, he has made more than a lasting impression and developed a legion of fans. He's also worked with and earned the respect of many of his heroes and influences (Anson Funderburgh, Barrelhouse Chuck, Billy Flynn, Curtis Salgado, Jimmy Johnson, Lazy Lester, Ronnie Earl) as a member of the new school of blues/soul musician whose style is cemented in its Golden Era.

On Sunday, June 12, 2016, Welch and Ledbetter took part in a special tribute to the legendary Otis Rush at the 33rd Annual Chicago Blues Festival. The chemistry between these two was so instantaneous and such a natural fit, that it became readily apparent that an album together must soon follow. Right Place, Right Time is the result of this inspired collaboration, born out of a mutual love and respect for the classic blues era of the ‘50s and ‘60s and artists such as Otis Rush, Magic Sam, Elmore James and B.B. King. Accompanying Welch and Ledbetter is an all-star cast featuring pianist/organist Anthony Geraci, bassist Ronnie James Weber and drummer Marty Richards, along with special guests Laura Chavez on guitar and saxophonists Doug James and Sax Gordon. For Monster Mike Welch and Mike Ledbetter this album is not just about being in the right place at the right time, but knowing what to do with it when you find yourselves there.
“Welch is becoming an all-around guitar master…” – Living Blues Magazine

“An ass-kicking, axe-picking bluesman with a wide range of mood and colour.” – Mojo (UK)

“…Michael Ledbetter is an inventive and charismatic singer. One vocal note uttered by him and he has got the audience in the palm of his hands.” – Chicago Blues Guide

“(Michael Ledbetter’s) operatic training has given his voice a tone and timber that is unmatched.” – Blues Blast Magazine

05/10/17: Memphis, TN – The Warehouse “Big Llou’s 5th Annual Blues Hall of Fame Tribute Show”
05/11/17: Memphis, TN – Blues Music Awards
05/12/17: Memphis, TN – Hard Rock CafĂ© “Pay It Forward Fundraiser for HART”
05/12/17: Memphis, TN – B.B. King’s Memphis “Bobby Blue Bland Tribute Show”
05/13/17: Clarksdale, MS – Ground Zero “5th Annual Pinetop Boogie and Crawfish Boil”
05/20/17: Dana Point, CA – 20th Annual Doheny Blues Festival
08/12/17: Gloucester, MA – Gloucester Blues Festival
08/27/17: Edmonton, Canada – Edmonton Blues Festival (with Anthony Geraci’s Boston Blues All-Stars)
09/07/17: Las Vegas, NV – Big Blues Bender
09/08/17: Las Vegas, NV – Big Blues Bender
09/09/17: Las Vegas, NV – Big Blues Bender
09/10/17: Las Vegas, NV – Big Blues Bender


MITCH KASHMAR “West Coast Toast”

Featuring: Junior Watson, Fred Kaplan, Bill Stuve & Marty Dodson
“What you have with West Coast Toast is a keeper of a recording that you’re going to want to place next to all your favorites. It’ll grow consistently on you with each listen and you’ll easily feel it belongs among the best go-to discs in your collection. Hands down, Mitch Kashmar has created a remarkable album that is sure to stand the test of time.”  – Cascade Blues Association
“This one hits right from the git go…” – Mark Thompson / Blues Music Magazine
“…Californian Kashmar bursts out…drawing intensity out of original material about women and drink as skillfully as anyone emoting through Marine Bands today.”  – Downbeat
“This toast goes out to Mitch Kashmar and company for making an album that sits comfortably next to the finest recordings ever made on the west coast or anywhere else for that matter. West Coast Toast receives my highest recommendation and is an obvious contender for BLUES JUNCTION album of the year.”  – David Mac / BLUES JUNCTION Productions


Featuring: Fred Kaplan, Bill Stuve and Washington Rucker

"Long doesn't sample the old country blues; he inhabits it." - All Music Guide

"John Long is a NATIONAL TREASURE." 
- Al Blake / Hollywood Blue Flames

“If you wanted to make an argument for reincarnation, John is it.” – Zach Zunis

“House Party at Big Jon's”

With Guests: Willie Buck, Alabama Mike,Dave Riley, Tomcat Courtney & more!

“Nobody gets it done better than
Bob Corritore.”
– No Depression

"Big Jon is truly the future of the blues.”
– Kim Wilson

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Delta Groove Music artists: Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore - House Party at Big Jon's - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, House Party at Big Jon's, from Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore and it's a huge side of Chicago blues. Opening with Goin' Back To Tennessee, Big Jon Atkinson is on lead vocal and guitar with Bob Corritore accenting his vocal. Nicely stylized, almost John Mayall/British Blues feel, these guys have a great opener joined by Danny Michael on guitar, Troy Sandow on bass and Brian Fahey on drums. On shuffle track, Here Comes My Baby, Big Jon and Corritore step up the instrumental a bit with a real nice line of instrumental soloing and Malachi Johnson on drums adds a fine snap to the track. Taking the tempo down a bit, It Wasn't Easy, gives Corritore a bit more breathing space and his warm chops fill nicely. Jon has a great singing style which resonates "old style blues" throughout the release and his guitar work on this track is understated but effective. Stepping up with She's My Crazy Little Baby, Jon really delivers on vocal. This is a real cool track and Corritore takes a real nice harp solo working nicely with Jon's lead. On At The Meeting, long time friend of Corritore, Dave Riley, takes the lead on vocal and guitar. With it's laid back feel and cradled by Corritore's harp work, this track has a bluesy, spiritual feel. Mojo Hand is a nicely paced shuffle with cool rim shot drive by Johnson. I really like Alabama Mike's vocal lead on this track and Big Jon's vocals paired with Corritore's harp work on this track make it one of my favorites on the release. Tomcat Courtney has lead vocal and guitar on Mojo In My Bread, and his vocals are rich and refreshing. With it's easy pace and Corritore harp interplay with Courtney, this track is really nice. Mad About It springs to life with a blast and Big Jon is back on lead vocal. The quality of these recordings is really cool with a minimum of processing giving them a real authentic feel. Slide work by Jon and bass work by Sandow really gives the track an edge. Empty Bedroom has a bit of a R&B feel and with Elmore James like swing, this track is another of my favorites. I'm Gonna Miss You Like The Devil has a real super feel with Corritore taking a straightforward harp lead and tight rhythm by Brian Fahey. Willie Buck takes the lead on You Want Me To Trust You, and I love his phrasing. Jon takes a real nice walk on the fretboard on this track and Corritore's harp work adds great punctuation. Riley is back on lead vocal on Mississippi Plow, a track with a healthy Muddy Waters feel. Corritore steps up with a harp solo followed by on by Jon. Very nice. Latin influence on El Centro sets it apart from the rest of the release with it being a clean instrumental. Jon guitar work is cool and Fahey's drums have a 60's beach party feel. Very nice. On shuffle track, I'm A King Bee, Willie Buck is back on lead vocal and he's perfect for the job. With just the right amount of swing, this is another of my favorites on the release. A tight bottom and Corritore's harp work compliment Jon's guitar lead perfectly. Alabama Mike is back on lead vocal for and emotional, Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door. His vocals are exceptional and paired with Jon's guitar work, make this another of my favorites on the release. Wrapping the release is My Feelings Won't Be Hurt with a stiff swat from Johnson and some of Jon's best vocals on the release. Corritore takes a real nice solo on this track and Jon's guitar work is tight and cool. This release isn't flashy but it is cool and real blues. Enjoy!

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Delta Groove Music artist: Anthony Geraci and the Boston Blues All-Stars - Fifty Shades of Blue - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Fifty Shades of Blue, from Anthony Geraci and the Boston Blues All-Stars and it's great! Opening with deep R&B track, Everything I Do Is Wrong, Darrell Nullisch takes the lead on vocals and it''s terrific. Geraci is strong support on piano and Monster Mike Welch knocks it out of the park on guitar. Excellent! On title track, Fifty Shades of Blue, Sugar Ray Nocia shares the mic with Michelle Evil Gal Willson. This is a cool swing track and Geraci blasts off with a rolling piano solo. Monster Mike is on top of his game and really lays into it on this track giving it a hard kick backed by Michael Mudcat Ward on bass and Nevil Gouvin on drums. Sad But True has a cool Ray Charles feel led by Sugar Ray on vocal and harp. Monster Mike slips on the slide on this one revving it up and Sugar Ray breaks loose on harp. On slow blues number, Heard That Tutwiler Whistle Blow, Sugar Ray does a real nice job vocally digging in the Chicago grit with super punctuation by Geraci on piano. His masterful harp work really lays nicely on this track and Monster Mike lays in a few cool riffs of his own. Very nice! If You Want To Get To Heaven finds Willson back on lead vocal with a little Latin beat. Monster Mike adds some really nice guitar phrases over Geraci's solid piano work. Solid ballad, Don't Keep Me Waiting conjures up feelings of a smoky nightclub. Geraci really shines on piano on this track highlighted only by Norcia's vocals. Chicago style track, The Blues Never Sleeps, has a strong bottom with Nullisch on lead vocal. Monster Mike and Geraci plays hot riffs lightly over the track and Nullisch adds a cool harp solo. Geraci lays out a real nice piano solo complimented by Monster Mike to cap the track. Sounding a bit like The Band, Too Late For Coffee in 3/4 time features Norcia on vocal and a brief piano solo from Geraci. Washington takes the lead on Diamond and Pearls, a hip swinger with hot piano work throughout by Geraci. Monster Mike hits the groove running, laying down a solid blues solo of his own. Very nice! Sensitive ballad, Cry A Million Tears, features excellent vocals Nullisch with call and response with Welch, backed nicely by Geraci. This is an excellent track, likely my favorite on the release. Instrumental, In The Quicksand, Again, has a 60's rock beat with twin lead of Geraci and Welch. Hip drumming by Marty Richards keeps it tight and Monster Mike and Geraci both nail it on this one. Super! Norcia brings you to your knees with a sweet Ray Charles like track, Your Turn To Cry, dressed nicely by Geraci on piano. Sugar Rays vocals are the trick on this track but his smoky harp work and really clean piano work by Geraci is tops. Excellent! Wrapping the release is amazing instrumental, Blues For David Maxwell. This is a slow blues track which features really excellent soloing from both Geraci and Monster Mike and a little bass solo from Ward and even Native American Flute by Norcia. Excellent Closer!!

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Delta Groove Music artist: Andy Santana & the West Coast Playboys - Watch Your Step - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Watch Your Step, from Andy Santana & the West Coast Playboys and it's a mover! Opening with Fran and West 50's R&B track, Knock Knock,Santana delivers with a full New Orleans swing. Bob Welsh handles piano in fine form, joined by Anthony Paule on guitar, Kid Andersen bass, Robi Bean takes on the drums and Frankie Ramos hits a hot sax solo. Very nice! Bobby Parker's Watch Your Step has a cool Latin rhythm and Santana carries lead vocal and some really tasty lead guitar. Kid Andersen kits the sax on this track adding some key lines and Nate Ginsberg handles the keys. Dave Bartholomew's swing boogie, Playgirl is a really nice track to feature the fine harp work of Santana. He also takes a great lead guitar solo on this track backed by Kid Andersen as well as Mike McCurdy on bass and Robi Bean on drums. Hot track! ZZ Hills R&B track, One Way Love Affair had some real nice dynamics compliments of Eric Spaulding on sax, Jack Sanford on bari and Manny Angel on trumpet. Santana again takes center stage on guitar laying down some really gritty lead riffs backed by Rusty Zinn. Ginsberg is back on B3 and Mike Phillips lays down some real nice bass lines. Hi steppin R&B track, Love Sickness, penned by Bonny Rice features Bob Welsh on lead guitar Lorenzo Farrell on B3, Phillips on bass, and D'Mar on drums but it's the groove that pumps this track. Gill and Jones', up tempo jump boogie track, You May Not Know, features solid vocals by Santana and again he gets a fine opportunity to hit the harp. Welsh on piano and warm vocal backing by Lisa Leu Andersen add a solid middle as Paule hits it hard on lead guitar solo. Rick Estrin track, No Double Talk, has a 60's rock feel with wild guitar effects from Kid Andersen and keys by Welsh. Chuck Willis' super nice slow blues number, Can't You See, features Santana on some of his strongest vocals and Paule steps up on lead guitar. Farrell's B3 work compliments Paule's extremely tasty guitar riffs with B3 warmth, Welsh pulls out some strong piano lines, Phillips riding on bass and June Core keeps the drums low and tight. Phillips really drives rocker, Take Me Back,on bass and Santana shows his guitar flash once again with cool retro guitar riffs. Very cool! Funky Greaseland, is a cool instrumental with Santana, Paule, Mighty Mike Schermer and Welsh each taking turns at lead guitar. Santana even takes an interesting Moog interlude on this one. Phillips plays a pretty plucky bass line and Core holds down the bottom on drums. Very nice! One of my favorite tracks on the release, You Smell Like Cookies, a straight up Chicago style shuffle. Jammin the harp balanced against Welsh on piano and featuring Paule on lead guitar, this track is really sweet! What's Wrong? has some really interesting components over a basic blues rocker including some cool keyboard tones from Farrell and and surf machine gun guitar from Andersen. Wrapping the release is another Dave Bartholomew R&B track, Go On Fool. A country style guitar riff by Andersen and a hot sax solo by Ramos gives it flair and Spaulding, Sanford and Angel on horns and LL Andersen on percussion and shouts give it a bit of a New Orleans finish. Cool closer to a very enjoyable release.

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