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Showing posts with label The Pleasure's All Mine. Show all posts

Friday, February 5, 2021

The Last Music Company artist: Jimmie Vaughan - The Pleasure's All Mine - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, The Pleasure's All Mine, from Jimmie Vaughn and it's a super blues cd. Opening disc one with title track, The Pleasure's All Mine, Jimmie Vaughan lays right in the slot with this low slung blues track. His guitar work is stylistic and tasty, his vocals are solid and fat sax by Kas Kasenoff work really caps it nicely with George Rains on drums, Ronnie James on bass, Billy Pitman on rhythm guitar and Greg Picollo on tenor sax. Terrific instrumental, Comin' & Goin' really hits the spot with tight drums rhythms by Rains and a melodic guitar lead. Excellent! Up beat shuffle, How Can You Be So Mean, will get you bopping in your seat. Vaughan has one of those voices that works really nicely with swing beat music and his guitar style has just the right sting. Really nice. Cool boogie track, Roll, Roll, Roll has a strong bottom and Vaughan's vocal paired with his loose, but slick style makes for an unbeatable pair. Another great jump track, (She's Got the) Blues For Sale, pairs the hot sax work of Picollo and Kasenoff with carefree vocals and really tasty guitar work by Vaughan.

Opening disc 2 with two stepper, I Ain't Never, Vaughan sets a simple guitar palate but teamed with his smooth vocals and Doug James on sax makes for a great opener.  Slower blues, Teardrop Blues, gives Vaughan a super opportunity to dig in on guitar and he takes the opportunity to work it nicely. Paired with a sax underwork by Picollo and James, this is a really nice track. R&B track, What Makes You So Tough really works nicely into Vaughn's repertoire with more emphasis on vocal but still turning to some stinging riffs to accent the way.  Jazzy instrumental, Greenbacks, is a really nice departure from the blues with a great swing and fluid guitar runs. Super bari sax soloing by Doug James and a tight bottom by Rains makes this one of my favorites on the release. Cried Like A Baby has particularly soulful vocals by Vaughn and excellent guitar punctuation which really is Vaughn's trademark. Very cool! Wrapping the set is Shake A Hand, featuring Lou Ann Barton on lead vocal over solid horn backing by James and Picollo and a final fat sax solo by James makes this a strong closer to a great set. 

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