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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Guitar Angels Records artist: Mary Jo Curry - Self Titled - New Release Review

I just received the newest self titled release from Mary Jo Curry and it should have broad audience appeal. Opening with Ooooo Weeee, an easy blues number featuring Curry on lead vocal over a basic blues riff. Dick Garretson on trumpet provides key accents and Michael Rapier and James Armstrong on guitar, Darryl Wright on bass, Andrew Blaze Thomas on bass, Brett Donovan on keys, Mike Gillette on sax and Larry Niehaus on trombone. A cool walking bass line by Lawrence Baluden sets the pace for Husband #2 and Rapier and Armstrong lay out cool guitar runs under the smooth vocals of Curry. Junior Wells' Little By Little is on of my favorite tracks on the release with clear vocals and a solid blues backing and tight key work from Donovan. Slow ballad, Wrapped Around My Heart, penned by Tom Hambridge really shows Curry at her best belting out a radio oriented track. Her vocals are powerful and rich, with cool guitar lead work. Very nice. Steppin' is a cool slow boogie with really nice slide work from Armstrong. A slinky track, this one simmers. Funk laden, Voodoo Woman, a Koko Taylor track, has a cool beat and Curry shows smooth transition from style to style. Another track with a funky bottom, When A Woman's Had Enough, really get's under your skin with it's bottom by Wright and Thomas. Shifting keys, Donovan takes a real nice organ solo leading to a power conclusion by Curry. Slow shuffle, Homewrecker, is a sassy number with a planted bass and snappy drum riffs. Armstrong steps up again with his slide guitar giving the track real traction. Wrapping the release is Smellin', a cool R&B style track, with a lot of spunk. Rapier plays his had at slide on this one backed by Donovan on organ and with seductive lyrics, this track is a perfect closer.

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