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Friday, April 4, 2014

Hobemian Records artist: Arthur Migliazza - Laying It Down - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Laying It Down, from Arthur Migliazza and it's quite entertaining. Opening with Overture, a swampy instrumental turning to New Orleans boogie this track is a great opener. Fats Domino's I'm Ready has all of the pep of the original featuring Migliazza on piano and vocal, Keith Lowe on bass, Kelly Van Camp on drums and Jeff Fielder on guitar. A real rocker with super boogie piano this track is hot. Hughie Piano Smith's Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu is up next. Andy Roth joins on drums and Bill Molloy on guitar but it's the solid vocals and springy piano work that makes this track work. Nice job! Albert Ammons' Boogie Woogie Stomp is one of my favorite piano boogies and Migliazza does an excellent job of rolling this classic track! Love You Mana has a real nice blues swagger with Jeff Fielder singing a duet with Migliazza. He also steps up with a really nice guitar solo complimented nicely by Grant Dermody on harp. Next up is Louis Primas Sing Sing Sing/Bumble Boogie which features cool drum riffs by Andy Roth complimenting the excellent key work of Migliazza. Bourbon Street Parade has classic Dixieland style and Migliazza rolls right into it. Keith Lowe is key on bass but nice additions by Suzy Thompson on fiddle and Jeff Fielder on banjo really add a nice touch. Thank You Blues is a down and dirty number and Migliazza really grinds it out on piano. Sean Divine lays down some really soulful harp riffs on this track. Meade Lux Lewis' Honky Tonk Train Blues is up next and it really strides. Eagle really does a nice job of keeping it tight and light on drums putting the spotlight squarely on the piano work of Migliazza. Suitcase Blues, made popular by Sippe Wallace is next up and Migliazza does it solo with vocal and piano as original. Very nice. WC Handy classic St. Louis Blues gets a classical intro but digs quickly into a boogie rhythm. Featuring Ed Friedland on bass and Eagle on drums. Breaking into full uptempo stride this is a very cool instrumental. Professor Calling Me has a really strong New Orleans taste and Migliazza hammers it. I particularly like the drum work of Roth on this track. Wrapping the release is another classic from Albert Ammons, The Boogie Rocks and it certainly does. A high precision piano boogie, this track is an excellent conclusion to a fine piano boogie release. If you love classic piano blues... you'll love this release.

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  1. Agree with what the author, Bmans Blues has written about Arthur Migliazzi.

  2. Arthur Migliazzi - discovered him last year, playing with the Jelly Rollers. He is talent times three.