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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bloodshot Records artist: Bobby Bare Jr.'s YOUNG CRIMINALS' STARVATION LEAGUE - Undefeated - New release Review

I just received the newest release (4/15/14), Undefeated, from Bobby Bare, Jr.'s Young Criminals' Starvation League and it's interesting and quite diverse. Opening with an catchy track, North Of Alabama By Mornin', Bare and his troop of musicians show that they mean business with grinding beat and gripping guitar riffs. If She Cared is a straight up pop track featuring bare on lead vocals blended nicely with Carey Kotsionis on backing vocals. Matt Rowland on keys takes a easy pace in a sort of Paul Hornsby fashion. The Big Time is another track with a light poppy sound with Richie Kirkpatrick and David Vandervelde on guitars/bass. Don't Wanna Know has a really melodic sound with a hit of a Pink Floyd melody. A very nicely blended vocal with Kotsionis and some cool guitar effects makes this one of the releases most memorable. The Elegant Imposter has a really unusual rhythm pattern and a cool melodic interlude. Title track, Undefeated, has a really interesting sonic backing with simple guitar, drums and bass. Backing vocals from Kotsionis along with Bare and Jordan Caress make this track an immediate track for airplay. Loosely ripped guitar solo in this track is the star of the release instrumentally. Excellent! My Baby Took My Baby Away is a quirky little ditty with a touch of the Beatles and a touch of Harry Nilsson (and possibly Tiny Tim). Blame Everybody (But Yourself) has some real soundtrack like characteristics and a poppy overtone but with a bit of David Bowie bite. Interesting. As Forever Became Never Again is another track with a strong melodic line, in this case really reminiscent of an Apple band with caliope feel. Don't Stand At The Stove wraps the release with a more rocking feel and floating guitar riffs. Overall this is a curious release with a lot of strong songwriting and interesting instrumental work. Check it out.

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