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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brian Cober - Austin Wired - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Austin Wired (February 11, 2014)from Brian Cober and it is quite different. From uptempo country to blues and Latin, this is a cool release. Opening with country style rocker, What Will Come, Cober leads his trio of mates into a rabel rousing rukus of sliding fun. Robert Johnson's Preachin' The Blues is given the hard driving beat with train like percussion provided by Tom Lewis. Cober isn't shy to show he knows his way around the slide and this is a super track with plenty of action. I'm A Bluesman Baby has an unusual rhythm pattern and a catchy melody making it a good possible for radio play. Clever use of slide against a subdued rhythm is the key to this track. Woulda Coulda Shoulda has a springy pop sound but evolves into a slow blues like interlude with Big Ben Richardson on bass and Cober on slide doing some innovative stuff. Cool. Nuestro Viento is a spanish style track with a haunting melody. With only simple backing and rimshots, Cober paves a hot path on guitar and really does a nice job. Possibly my favorite track on the release. I Got A Thing has a loose country feel. I want to clarify this comment with, it really reminds me of some of the Frank Black and the Catholics work and if you don't know this band, it is a must. (Black is the leader of the Pixies as well). Find My Way, a solid radio style track has a strong melody and tight composition. Cober really keeps the slide work up and his style is really quite cool. Delivery Man is a blues rock track with certain blues lyrical innuendo. Cober continues to reinforce that he lets his guitar do the most of his talking and it does know how to sing. This is a cool release with some really smokin riffs.

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 Although this track is not from the new release, it does show Cober's work as well as his unconventional slide style:


  1. Thanks Bman! Here is a better vid of the doulble slide ;