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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blind Pig Artist: Damon Fowler - Sounds Of Home - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (January 21, 2014) Sounds Of Home, from Damon Fowler and it's really super. Opening with a swamp funky blues, Thought I Had It All, with fat but fleet slide riffs Fowler shows beef on the strings  and Chuck Riley reinforces the meat on bass. James McKnight is tight on drums and Fowler is off to a great start with a cool melody and strong vocals. Nice! Title track, Sounds Of Home, is a blues rocker with a fairly sterile vocal lead but a kick butt guitar riff in contrast. Interesting. Trouble has a R&B/jazz feel to it. Laid back and snappy, Fowler does it easy with short bursts of guitar riffs. Quite cool. Spark is a country rocker with a catchy melody. Authentic telecountry riffs float the track and Eagles like vocal harmonies make it a solid radio number. Old Fools, Bar Stools and Me just smells like an old dive bar... I mean I can smell the tube amp that Fowler is driving to tube distortion (Think Hot Blue and Righteous). This is certainly one of my favorite tracks on the release with just a bit of country laid into the blues. Super tasty slide work and trem effects make this ultra cool. Excellent! Fast stepper Where I Belong has the country train beat (McKnight is the Conductor) and Fowler is loose on lap steel is what sounds like an open tuning. Very cool. Grit My Teeth, another track with a country base and blues riffs shows just how closely related the two are. Strong slide work on this track is a real calling card and Fowler isn't holding back. A surprise appearance by Elvis Costello track (and one of my personal favorite ballads) Alison, is nicely executed. A very sumptuous slide solo near the end of the track adds a dimension that Costello hadn't making it more than a cover track. Johnny Winter track TV Mama gets a blues rock feel like Leslie West's Crossroader. I really like the feel of this track and and the back beat and solid bass line by Riley. Fowler again lays into the slide and delivers the goods. Do It For the Love has a real authentic country feel and "western" tuning on lap steel gives it a warm sound. With a contemporary country rock flavor (Tuesday's Gone) and sophisticated blending of the two this is a really nice track. Wrapping the release is I Shall Not Be Moved done rag style. Light guitar finger picking and percussion along with traditional style vocals make this a perfect track to close the :Sounds Of home". This is really an unusual release and one that will certainly get quite a bit of attention.

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