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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blue Cacao w/ Vissia Trovato - Brainstorm - New release Review

I just received the newest release, Brainstorm, from Blue Cacao with special guest Vissia Trovato. Opening with That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore, an uptempo light swinger, Vissia Trovato takes the lead on vocals and the setting is mostly Daniele Longo on Keys, Enzo Cafanga on bass and Dario Rezzola on drums. Dario Guidotti keeps a counter coming to the vocal and also takes a sweet sax solo. Another solo on guitar from Silvano Paulli isn't long but to the point. A light Latin influenced cover of McCartney/Lennon Can't Buy Me Love, is up next with Trovato and Guidotti sharing vocal leads. A strong pop jazz sound and electric key work from Longo are complimented by Guidotti on sax. A more explosive "electric" guitar solo by Paulli shows real contrast. All I Got Is You has a real moving R&B style with driving cowbell and rumbling bass. Again Longo plays really tasty piano lead solo and Guidotti shows real flare on sax behind Trovato's vocals. Care For You is a quiet ballad showing how delicate Trovato can manage her robust voice. A Stevie Wonder like harp solo by Guidotti is a cool accent. Very nice. My Baby Never Left Me is a light rocker with jazz touches. Cafagna plays some really nice bass lead under the melody of course by Trovato and Paulli rips a pretty nice guitar solo on this track as well. A remade version of Joplin's Mercedes Benz takes on a whole new face, sung by Trovato more in a gospel style. A cool walking bass line by Cafagna and warm harp riffs by Guidotti add significantly to this track. Longo again stretches on thie electric piano and his fingers can talk. On Fire has a really nice airey quality and possibly the coolest track on the release. This track seems to be written for Trovato and flute work by Guidotti is worked in perfectly. An uptempo key solo by Longo also adds another dimension. Mayall's Room To Move is given a bit more weight on the bottom but retains much of it's original spontaneity and harp lead. Guidotti actually has a similar voice to Mayall although with a different texture and style. Kansas Joe McCoy's Why Don't You Do Right has a really interesting take with a sultry vocal intro by Trovato. A funky beat with especially cooked drumming by Rezzola, a nice bass solo by Cafagna and a hot sax solo by Guidotti make this one of the more memorable tracks on the release. Route 66 has the driving road bass and drums chased by keys and sax. This has a much faster pace than the original and certainly a jazzier style. Cool arrangement. This is a cooker and everyone gets a chance to show what they've got. T-Bone Walker's Stormy Monday opening with flute? Yup, you got it, Guidotti knows how to make it sing and Trovato has just the right amount of power to deliver this blues classic. On to organ for this track, Longo shows that he understands the other side of the blues and lays it down here. Paulli adds a really smokey guitar solo on this track as well and I really dig his tone. Nice! The release is wrapped with Wild Wild Woman, more of a two stepper with a driving beat. This format gives Paulli a chace to run all over the fretboard and show some pyrotechnics. Although not a typical blues release, there are a lot of interesting things happening here and it's cool to get some different sounds with this kind of quality.

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