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Monday, October 3, 2016

Bejeb Music artist: Deb Ryder - Grit Grease & Tears - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Grit Grease & Tears from Deb Ryder and it's quite good. Opening with Ain't Gonna Be Easy, a smooth driving jazz track, Ryder steps up big time on lead vocals backed by Tony Braunagel on drums, Ric Ryder on bass and the great Mike Finnegan on Hammond. Johnny Lee Schell is wicked on guitar with some really hot riffs and the horn section, Joe Sublett on sax and Darrell Leonard on trumpet really top it off. Get A Little Steam Up is a cool high stepper with Ryder sharing lead vocals with Sugarray Rayford. This track has a great groove and Kirk Fletcher and Johnny Lee Schell sharing guitar lead. Very nice. Boogie rocker, Blink Of An Eye, features some real nice slide work by Schell and heavy drum riffs by Braunagel. Title track, Grit Grease & Tears is a lumbering soul rocker with especially warm harp work by Bob Corritore and a simple, solid drum work from Braunagel. R&B track, Sweet Mary Anne, is a solid radio track with warm backing vocals by Schell, Ryder, Leslie Smith and Finnigan. Sublett and Leonard give the track just the right touch of horns paired with Finnigan's keyboard to balance Ryder's vocal lead. Fletcher and Schell set a nice platform on blues number, Lord Knows I Do, with T-Bone Walker style and Finnigan's mastery nicely highlights Ryder's vocals. One of my favorite tracks on the release. With a bit of JG Watson like style, Panic Mode gets the funk on. Fletcher blasts a rel nice solo with Finnigan, Leonard and Sublett juicing it up and solid male backing vocals by Finnigan. Little Feat style sets the pace for Just Her Nature. Kenny Gradney's bass work and Braunagel's drum work really anchor this one. Albert Lee's shows real finesse on guitar and Ryder's vocals are super. Very nice. New Mechanic (Patrick's Blues) has a real hard boogie bass line courtesy Ric and Pieter Van Der Pluijm works it with Finnigan, Schell and Fletcher to set a great blues stage in this solid boogie. Prisoner of War is another hot boogie ... like a hot update of Hip Shake or ZZ Top's La Grange. Yes, this thing smokes with Van Der Pluijm on harp, Braunagel on drums, Ric on bass, Finnigan on keys and Schell on guitar. Excellent! Wrapping the release is easy paced Chicago style blues number, Right Side Of The Grass. With it's super walking bass line by Ric, tight drums by Braunagel, energetic organ work by Finnigan, and Deb's grinding vocals, with a dash of harp by Corritore and a few hot riffs by Schell and Fletcher, this track is a great closer for a really nice release.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Mannish Boys win the award for TRADITIONAL BLUES ALBUM OF THE YEAR


The Mannish Boys win the award for
at the 34th Annual BLUES MUSIC AWARDS in Memphis, TN.












From Randy Chortkoff
(CEO/PRODUCER of Delta Groove Music and band leader of THE MANNISH BOYS)
Hey There Music Lovers and Blues Fans,
I am very pleased and honored that The Mannish Boys were nominated and won the "Traditional Blues Album of the Year" for their 2012 release "Double Dynamite". The Mannish Boys have received 12 nominations over the past 7 years for "Band of the year" "Album of the year" and "Traditional Blues Album of the Year" but have never taken home an actual win. My feeling has always been that the nomination alone was something to be very proud of being that the nominating committee are basically our peers and represent not only blues fans but individuals that are proactive members of the Music/Blues community.
At the Awards last week during our performance the director stopped us after the first of our allotted three songs to say that they were interrupting our performance to give out an award. Little did I know that the award was for Best Traditional Blues Album and that it would be presented by one of Delta/Eclecto Groove's favorite recording artists, Ana Popovic. From where I was standing on stage I could barely hear what the award was for or who won. It was our drummer and bass player Jimi Bott and Willie J Campbell who yelled out to me "We won!" I was so shocked that when I received the award I didn't even have the presence of mind to say anything other than "thank you" and dedicate the win to Finis Tasby and Kid Ramos who are both going through challenging health issues. I also made some lame comment about how beautiful Ana looked! Jimi, Willie, Sugaray Rayford and Franck Goldwasser should have been at the podium taking that trophy alongside me. There were so many others to thank as well… So, I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to all of the musicians and individuals that contributed to the success of this fine double CD.
For those of you that may not be aware, "Double Dynamite" contains 26 songs and was recorded in it's entirety over the course of only 4 days! Besides the core band of Finis Tasby, Sugaray Rayford, Kirk Fletcher, Franck Goldwasser, Jimi Bott, Willie J Campbell and myself, there was 24 musicians making the total musical contribution a grand total of 31 musicians! I would like to thank The Mannish Boys, Mud Morganfield, Jackie Payne, James Harman, Mike Finnigan, Rod Piazza, Bob Corritore, Jason Ricci, Elvin Bishop, Kid Ramos, Junior Watson, Nathan James, Fred Kaplan, Rob Rio, Rich Wenzel, Bill Stuve, Bobby Tsukamoto, David "Woody" Woodford, Lee Thornburg, Mike Tempo, Cynthia Manley, Jessica Williams, Adrianna Marie, Clifton Curtis and Larry Dopson.
This album would not have been possible without my Co-Producer and right-hand man Jeffery Scott Fleenor (background vocal and hand claps!), David Z (mixing), Ryan Foster (Mastering) and especially Rich Wenzel for Engineering as well as providing his great recording studio "Ardent Audio Productions".
I would also like to thank Al Blake for his personal encouragement and his harmonica mentoring, Steve Savage for Elvin Bishop's technical assistance, Scott Dirks for liner notes, Grant Cihlar for photography, Joshua Temkin for photography, artwork and design, Melody Gonzalez for project coordination, Art Wade for Barbeque and the Delta Groove staff: Joshua Temkin, Steve Dixon, Tammie Barnum and Malcolm Wiseman.
Wow, I'm exhausted! Of course I would be remised if I didn't thank the nominating committee and the true Blues fans who voted for us.
The Mannish Boys are dedicated to keeping the essence of traditional Blues fresh and alive.
Randy Chortkoff
(CEO/PRODUCER of Delta Groove Music and band leader of THE MANNISH BOYS)