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Monday, July 15, 2013

New Release Available Now: Kara Grainger "Shiver & Sigh"


Retail: $17.99
Discounted Price: $12.99
+ s&h


Kara Grainger: vocals, lead & slide guitar
Hutch Hutchinson: bass
Mike Finnigan: keys
James Gadson: drums
Jimi Bott: drums
Kirk Fletcher: rhythm guitar
Josh Sklair: rhythm guitar
Mitch Grainger: harmonica
Lenny Castro: percussion
Paulie Cerra: saxophone & horn arrangements
Paul Litteral: trumpet
George Stanford: trombone


01. Little Pack Of Lies (4:27)
02. Shiver & Sigh (4:22)
03. Lost In You (4:10)
04. Shut Down (3:37)
05. I'm Not Ready (3:32)
06. No Way You Can Hurt Me Now (3:44)
07. Holding Out For Love (4:06)
08. C'mon In My Kitchen (3:51)
09. You're The One (3:25)
10. Breaking Up Somebody's Home (4:12)
11. Overdue For The Blues (3:52)

Phone: (818) 907-1613

KARA GRAINGER "SHIVER & SIGH" Australia native, now Los Angeles based, Kara Grainger first picked up the guitar at age 12. She started performing in the late '90s as lead vocalist and guitarist with the successful Sydney-based blues outfit, Papa Lips. With her brother, acclaimed harmonica player Mitch Grainger, Kara and Papa Lips enjoyed a quintessentially Australian experience. Fuelled by national ABC Radio play for their two albums, "Harmony" and "High Time Now," the band toured up and down the sun drenched beach towns of Australia's east coast in an old Tarago van. They blew away audiences, soaked up the outdoor lifestyle, and notched up experience at all the significant blues and folk festivals along the way. In 2006, Kara signed to Australia's Craving Records as a solo artist who encouraged her to go to the United States to record the album. In 2008 she moved to Los Angeles, but continued to split her time between LA and Australia. Her debut CD, 2008's "Grand and Green River" received first prize in the IAP awards in Austin, Texas and also was in the top 40 Americana charts for over 34 weeks. In 2011, she released "LA Blues".
Over the past several years, Kara Grainger has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and performed on the festival circuit in Europe, Australia and Asia. She has also opened the show for many great artists, such as Buddy Guy, Marc Cohn, Peter Frampton, and Heart. In October of 2012, Kara performed at the Rock n Roots Festival in Singapore where she opened the show for Robert Plant and his band. So what drives Kara Grainger? In short, she has an unflinching desire to express herself combined with a daily dedication to her craft. In person, she exudes depth, grace and authenticity. Of the songwriting process, Kara says, "While many of my songs are framed in tales of hardship and heartbreak, they're really representative of life's spiritual challenges, and for me, a quest for the ultimate truth. It's very healing when the right words come for a song, so much so that when I sing them, it's like something is finally resolved." Kara is a unique talent whose music uplifts and inspires audiences around the world.
With Grammy Award winning producer David Z at the helm, and recorded at the Hobby Shop Studios in Los Angeles, "Shiver & Sigh's" 11 tracks include 5 Kara Grainger originals, as well as soulful re-imaginings of Robert Johnson's "C'mon in My Kitchen" and Al Jackson Jr./Timothy Matthews "Breaking up Somebody's Home". Joining Kara in the studio are Kirk Fletcher and Josh Sklair (guitars), Mike Finnigan (keys), Hutch Hutchinson (bass), Jimi Bott and James Gadson (drums), Lenny Castro (percussion), Mitch Grainger (harmonica), Paulie Cerra (saxophone), Paul Litteral (trumpet) and George Stanford (trombone). The result is a recording that shows the richness and diversity of Kara's influences -- Soul/Contemporary Pop/Americana/Blues.

"The first time I saw Kara play live she HAD ME before the first song was through. Kara is a triple threat...Singer, guitar player and song writer." - Randy Chortkoff (Producer/Musician/C.E.O. Eclecto Groove Records/Delta Groove Music)
"Kara Grainger is the REAL DEAL!" - David Z (Producer/Engineer - Johnny Lang, Etta James, Prince, Buddy Guy)
"Classic songwriting skills, smooth sultry vocals, and the ability to whip up a storm with a fiery slide guitar. Very few can boast this set of trump cards, but it just happens to be the hand dealt to Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist Kara Grainger, who exhibits an effortlessly seductive and modern take on roots, blues and soul music." -
"As a vocalist, Grainger has a throaty register that distinctly recalls Bonnie Raitt" – Austin Music Source
"What an amazing talent she is. The Australian born singer/songwriter has been cranking out her soulful blend of blues and folk for several years and is just now starting to receive some long overdue acclaim here in the States... She plays with passion and grace...This is someone you're going to hear a lot about." - Vinylpile


Monday, June 17, 2013

Eclecto Groove Records artist: Kara Grainger - Shiver and Sigh - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (July 16, 2013), Shiver and Sigh from Kara Grainger and its a slick mix of blues grooves, R&B moves and pop country sounds. Opening with Little Pack Of Lies, Grainger shows her ability to craft a fine pop track with a steady beat, inviting vocals and subtle slide work. Title track, Shiver and Sigh sports rich vocal harmonies and definite pop hooks. Lost In You shows Kara's continued ability to create rich radio tracks with the contemporary soul/jazz sound. Bringing to mind contemporaries such as Bonnie Raitt, Cheryl Crow and Susan Tedeschi, Grainger demonstrates a solid feel for the music and a soothing voice. Relaxed slide guitar soloing on Shut Down continue to reinforce the ease at which Grainger maintains control of her sound. No Way That You Can Hurt Me now leans more toward pop country/rock and the sound of Hank Williams Jr. It's a fun little track with polished slide riffs behind the lead vocals. Keyboard ace Mike Finnigan adds sparkle to the track with his driving piano work. R&B style track Holding Out For Love gives Grainger the opportunity to really our on the steam with her lush vocals. C'Mon In My Kitchen (R Johnson) gets a solid R&B make over and it's actually one of my favorites on the album. With rich vocals, reinforcing slide work and a nice swaying groove, the track is just really nice. A real groove track is You're The One, a modern funky R&B style track maintaining a jazzy funk groove and smoking hot vocals on a really nice instrumental track. A throaty guitar solo on this track opens the door for Paulie Cerra and a cool sax riff. Delivering Breaking Up Somebody's Home like a disciple of Al Green and his famous strut, Grainger makes this often covered track her own and may even set a bar for future entries. The final track on the release, Wayne Perkins Overdue For The Blues is a quiet vocal ballad with acoustic guitar chords and lines. Very elegant. I'm really not much of a pop guy and really am not much of a basic female vocals guy, preferring a lot more edge, but this CD is a standout. It really warrants listening.  

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