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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Scott Weis Band - Raise Your Hands - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Raise Your Hands, by Scott Weis Band and it's a solid blues rocker. Opening with Motherless Child, Scott Weis on slide guitar and lead vocal really gets a great groove going. With a heavy kick drum and snare Roger Voss reinforces the beat and Robert Kopec on bass is joined by Cindy Mizelle on vocal creating a really strong opener. Blues rocker, Judgement Day, opens with a cool rimshot riff and Weiss powers a Gibbons style guitar riff giving this track plenty of fuel. Weis lays in a really  nice solo over a rowdy bass line by Kopec and Voss powers up the drums. Very cool. A strong cover of Cocker's arrangement of With A Little Help From My Friends really is a nice surprise. Weis' vocals are strong, with backing by Sarah Smith,  John Ginty adds real tension on keys and his Weis' guitar solo phrasing works nicely. Funky rocker, Bitch Please, has just a touch of Jagger in styling with it's rumbling bass and steady drum line. Weis gives the track a turn on the refrain and his guitar pushes outside the brackets just a little giving the track a bit more grit. Wrapping the release is Bring Me Home featuring Weis on banjo, Kopec on bass and Voss on kick drum. With an acoustic, country blues feel Weis carries the melody for a very solid closer to a really cool release. 

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Severn Records artist: Sam Butler - Raise Your Hands - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Raise Your Hands, from former Blind Boys of Alabama guitarist, Sam Butler, and it's exceptional! Opening with spiritual, blues rocker, Heaven's Wall, penned by Bruce Springsteen and it's off the hook. With it's driving guitar mantra, Butler's bluesy vocals and wild pedal steel work by Roosevelt Collier, this is a great opener. Rocker, The Lord has a driving beat compliments of Marco Giovino on drums. Butler shows his chops on this track with an almost Foghat feel! Johnny Cash's Lead Me Father has a great drum rhythm compliments of Giovino and this track is fat. With it's spiritual melody but rock like vamp, and soaring guitar soloing, this track is cool! Eric Clapton's Presence Of The Lord has a really nice redo. I think most everyone on the planet has heard this track and this is such a soulful makeover, with subtle but tasty guitar work and then meaty guitar frenzy, it is almost unrecognizable. Absolutely remarkable! Tom Waits' Gospel Train has a real theatrical feel and a dark overtone. Butler's vocals riding the bass line of Viktor Krauss and Butler's solitary guitar lead is solid. U2 track, Magnificent, is much more appealing to my ears than ever by U2. A solid rock beat and Collier's pedal steel searing the melody from the bottom carries Butler on lead vocal and guitar for what could be the radio track of the release. Very nice! Van Morrison's Full Force Gale, has an ethereal feel with a lot of open sound and a solid drum pattern. Butler gently lays his vocals on the slipstream as they ride along on a cloud of music. Masterful! Lee Ann Womack's All His Saints builds almost like a the soundtrack for a battle. Slowly gaining power as it goes with tom toms, reverb guitar, and Butlers powerful vocals. Nice Cave's God's Hotel is a stripped down rocker with Howlin' Wolf like gravelly vocals by Butler and well balanced rhythm and pedal steel backing. Curtis Mayfield's Wherever You Leadeth is as sweet as soul music gets. I personally think that Mayfield is one of the great masters and Butler does an excellent job on this classic. With his easy interpretation of Mayfield's sound and lush guitar work under the melody, this is one of my favorites tracks on the release. Swampy, Long Black Cadillac, has such a great feel with strong vocals, a rhythm part and great interweaving of bass, guitar, and pedal steel, this track is super. Wrapping the release is Eliza Gilkyson's Sanctuary, a solemn track featuring Butler's soulful vocals guiding nicely presented pedal steel work. Collier does an absolutely terrific job on this track adding to it's already powerful impact. Excellent!

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blind Boys of Alabama Guitarist Sam Butler Exults His Audience to "Raise Your Hands!" On First Solo CD, Due October 16 on Severn Records

Blind Boys of Alabama Guitarist Sam Butler Exults His Audience to Raise Your Hands! On First Solo CD, Due October 16 on Severn Records

Americana Compilation of Bluesy Spirituals Penned by Secular Artists Shines the Spotlight on His Many Talents

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Severn Records announces an October 16 release date for Raise Your Hands!, the first solo recording from Blind Boys of Alabama guitarist Sam Butler. Produced by Brian Brinkerhoff (Guitar Shorty, Jazz Soul 7), the even-dozen tracks on Raise Your Hands! showcase the splendid talents of Butler, whose guitar work has been a staple of The Blind Boys of Alabama for over 40 years.

Sam Butler’s solo debut puts his own spin on an Americana compilation of bluesy spirituals written by some of the most important and compelling artists and songwriters of the last fifty years of rock and roll (Bruce Springsteen, U2, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, etc.), with some righteous results. Butler’s resume also includes work with Keith Richards, Steely Dan’s Donald Fagan and gospel legend Clarence Fountain, and he can currently be seen in the critically-acclaimed play, The Gospel at Colonus. On Raise Your Hands, Butler is joined by an impressive list of stellar musicians, including Sacred Steel virtuoso Roosevelt Collier, drummer Marco Giovino (Robert Plant, Tom Jones) and bassist Viktor Kraus (Lyle Lovett, Bill Frisell).

“I wanted to make a bluesy and rootsy album of spiritual songs originally performed by traditionally secular artists,” says producer Brian Brinkerhoff about the recording sessions. “Having been familiar with Sam’s roots and gospel work with The Blind Boys of Alabama and Clarence Fountain, I approached him with the idea and we quickly enlisted an A-list team of players to join Sam on this musical adventure. Esteemed Sacred Steel player Roosevelt Collier was an obvious choice to bring his lap steel virtuosity; and when Nashville’s first call rhythm section of drummer Marco Giovino and bassist Viktor Kraus became available, a dynamic three-day musical worship service of sorts took place in Nashville, with the results being Raise Your Hands!” 
You can tell a lot by the company that one keeps.  Following this logic, it’s clear that Sam Butler is an incredibly important and dynamic artist. When legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and his producer Steve Jordan wanted to add some truth to Richard’s 1989 solo album, Talk Is Cheap, they called on Sam to “moan” on a track. Steely Dan main man Donald Fagan was so moved by Sam's soulful stirrings and guitar playing in the much-lauded play, The Gospel at Colonus, he has been a collaborator, friend and fan of Sam’s for more than 20 years. And of course, The Blind Boys of Alabama have enjoyed the support of Sam’s guitar playing for more than 40 years, a position that he apprenticed for by accompanying his father, influential guitarist Samuel Butler Sr., on the road with The Blind Boys of Mississippi, beginning at the age of four.

Raise Your Hands! is a 12-song celebration that runs the gamut of energy and emotions - from the rollicking up-tempo to the quiet and introspective - and Butler delivers the performances of a lifetime. Raise Your Hands! will certainly make you do just that … and move your body and shout out loud! From Sam Butler’s lips to God’s ears.

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Raise Your Hands! Track List

1.      Heaven’s Wall 3:55 (B. Springsteen)
2.      The Lord 2:41 (B. Gibb, M. Gibb)
3.      Lead Me Father 2:51 (J. Cash) 
4.      Presence of the Lord 4:21 (E. Clapton)
5.      Gospel Train 2:52 (T. Waits)
6.      Magnificent 3:34 (A. Clayton, B. Eno, D. Evans, P. Hewson, D. Lanois, L. Mullen)
7.      Full Force Gale 6:17 (V. Morrison) 
8.      All His Saints 3:50 (M. Smith)
9.      God’s Hotel 3:47 (N. Cave, P. Kelly)
10.  Wherever You Leadeth 4:14 (C. Mayfield) 
11.  Long Black Cadillac 4:30 (R. Halligan) 
12.  Sanctuary 4:23 (E. Gilkyson)