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Friday, December 27, 2013

Update on Matthew Curry!

BLOOMINGTON — For most 18-year-olds, graduating from high school would ranks as the Big Life Experience of the Year.
For Bloomington’s Matthew Curry, being handed his diploma with Bloomington High School’s Class of 2013 last string was just one in a series.
The veteran blues prodigy is putting a capper on his amazing ’13 by headlining this year’s New Year’s Eve at the Castle party at 8 p.m. Tuesday, along with musical cronies the Turncoats and Kyle Yap.
It’s Curry’s second NYE in a row headlining at the Castle — still, he notes, his favorite musical space.
That’s saying something, since 2013 saw the singer-guitarist performing in major venues during his first national tour, opening for rock legends Foreigner in arena spaces and playing a flurry of summer blues fests, from the Chicago Blues Festival to the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival.
“I love the Castle,” he says. “It’s so historic and not so huge like, say, the Coliseum (U.S. Cellular) … you get to be more up-close-and-personal with the audience.”
Don’t get him wrong about the Coliseum.
His gig opening there in September for Foreigner and 38 Special “was a pretty huge deal and a huge honor … to play the Coliseum finally. It was really cool being on that big stage in my hometown.”
The Foreigner teaming extended to a string of opening dates elsewhere with the rock veterans (including Chicago and Nashville), a result of Curry having being signed with the same talent agency that handles Foreigner and other acts.
Among the latter is another rock legend whose heyday was forged long before Curry was even born: the Steve Miller Band.
In his next big career step, Curry will be opening for Miller & Co. in April along dates of their spring tour in Canada, starting in Winnipeg and ending in Vancouver.
As Curry heard it, “Foreigner’s people were happy with us and began raving to Steve’s people.” Such is the power of word of mouth.
Never mind that he comes from an era several times removed: “To me, these guys are huge inspirations who’ve made a huge mark in rock history and I’m hugely honored to being sharing a stage with them. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around that.”
Speaking of which:
As if the globe-trotting to Canada weren’t sufficient for one month, Curry will follow that gig with a trip Down Under for Australia’s all-star, five-day Byron Bay Bluesfest, the roster of which includes Gregg and Devon Allman (the latter at the Castle this week; see today’s cover story), Aaron Neville (kid brother Cyril is also at the Castle), the Dave Matthews Band, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Elvis Costello, the Doobie Brothers, Steve Earle, Dr. John, Boz Scaggs, Suzanne Vega, Booker T. Jones, Erykah Badu and dozens more.
“Mind-boggling” is Curry’s succinct assessment of that impending life experience.
Another big deal, one being unveiled at the New Year’s Eve show, is Curry’s new band, not to be confused with the former group’s handle, The Fury, which is being retired.
“I really loved playing with the old group, but they all have day jobs and kids and it just was not possible for them to out on the road and tour,” says Curry of keyboardist Erik Nelson, bass player Jeff Paxton and drummer Greg Neville (no relation to the other Nevilles afoot in today’s GO!).
Paxton is remaining with Team Curry in the role of band manager, while the other departing members will continue to collaborate on the songwriting front.
On stage with Matthew at the Castle will be drummer Tim Kramp (late of Backyard Tire Fire), keyboardist Mike Nellas and Peoria music scene vet Tim Brickner on bass.
Out in the lobby will be another big deal: the just-pressed vinyl edition of Curry’s sophomore album, “Electric Religion.”
“I really do think vinyl has the better sound … cleaner … crisper,” says Curry of the format whose passing from the mainstream predates his birth.
As for the year ahead, Curry, though still technically a teen, speaks with the careful cadences of someone who’s been around much longer.
“I do feel an interest in getting out of Bloomington and touring every part of the world,” he says of his future here. “But is also nice to always come back home to our nice little blues scene here, where I’m thankful for my family and all the great people I work with … it’s all very humbling.”

At a Glance

What: New Year’s Eve at the Castle, with Matthew Curry, featuring The Turncoats and Kyle Yap
When: 8 p.m. Tuesday
Where: Castle Theatre, 209 E. Washington St., Bloomington
Tickets: $50 (includes food, 5 drink tickets)
Box office: 309-820-0352


In addition to Matthew Curry’s show at the Castle Theatre, a sampling of other events around the area poised to help us ring in ’14 includes:
-- New Year’s Eve Comedy: Featuring two shows with funny man J Chris Newberg, at 7:30 and 10 p.m. via Bloomington’s Laugh Comedy Club ($25 and $35).
-- Noon Year’s Eve: Annual family-friendly fete in the Children’s Discovery Museum in Normal, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with admission $8 ($2 for members).
-- Bellflower Country Opry New Year’s Eve Show: Featuring the house band, guests and a potluck dinner, 6 p.m., Bellflower Community Center, 202 Center St., Bellflower ($15).
-- Deck the Halls: Final performance of the Barn II Dinner Theatre’s holiday offering on the stage near Goodfield, with dinner and a show at special rate of $125 per couple.
-- Get Lit New Year’s Even Fun Run: Annual grand finale to the East Peoria Festival of Lights, featuring a con-competitive run/walk on a 2-mile paved course through the Winter Wonderland display, 11:50 p.m. ($14).
-- First Night Springfield: Last of the First Night fetes in Illinois, kicking off at 6:15 p.m. with ceremony and fireworks and continuing through midnight at assorted downtown locales ($5 to $15).

Monday, November 18, 2013

Electric Religion - Matthew Curry & the Fury - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Electric Religion, from Matthew Fury and the Fury and it is a solid balance between clever, well written radio blues/rock tracks and hot bothered blues guitar tracks. Opening with radio rocker, Love Me Right, Curry puts out a very strong effort with a clever hook and strong vocals and guitar accents. Set Me Free has a real "southern blues rock swagger" and smoking hot guitar riffs that Curry is known for. Six String Broken Heart is a well crafted ballad really showing how strong a voice Curry has at such a young age and super key work from Erik Nelson. Put One Over is a real driving Texas style blues rocker. Jeff Paxton on bass and Greg Neville on drums hold down the bottom and Nelson really rolls the 88's but it's Curry who steps up strong on this track throwing down some monster guitar riffs! Excellent! Hundred Dollar Friend has a really cool bass line and the lead riff is really tight. This is the best ZZ Top song that ZZ Top never wrote. Curry and the Furry is hitting on all cylinders on this track showing the maturity from his earlier outstanding freshman outing. This is a really smokin track and should really get some prime time airplay just on musical strength and guts! JMH is a boogie rocker with some of the best traits of Eric Gales, Jimi and early Robin Trower without sounding like any of them. Very nice. Genevieve has a lot of the characteristics of a classic blues rocker with solid drive and a scorching guitar interlude. Nice pinched harmonics... Bad Bad Day is a slow cooker with a really well executed intro by Curry over rick key work from Nelson. Curry has such an exceptional voice which is unusual for someone with such fire in his fingers. This is absolutely my favorite track on the release for obvious reasons. A must check out! Down The Line intro plays along a Jimi theme but with funkier melodic melody. This is another really strong track with super guitar work as ice cream on a steaming hot pie. The release is wrapped up with Louanna, a definite radio track. Curry seems to have the absolute ability to pull a simple catchy melody out of his hat almost at will and this is a classic. I really liked Curry's first album and I believe that this release shows much more maturity and patience with stronger material and hotter riffs. Excellent job!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catch our Pal Matthew Curry!! - Heavy Rotation: 5 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

Heavy Rotation: 5 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

Download Music From Omar Sosa, Lisa Moore, Poolside And More

California DJs Jeffrey Paradise and Filip Nikolic make care-free downtempo beats as Poolside.
Enlarge Courtesy of the artist

California DJs Jeffrey Paradise and Filip Nikolic make care-free downtempo beats as Poolside.

text size A A A
August 21, 2012

This month's installment of Heavy Rotation demonstrates the breadth of music played on public radio stations every day. Hip-hop, electronica, contemporary classical, Cuban jazz, blues rock — it's a truly eclectic mix.

WBGO's new digital channel The Jazz Bee features jazz musicians from every corner of the genre, and its selection of Cuban pianist Omar Sosa's smooth yet surprising "S'Inguldu" is a great example of its adventurous programming. Q2 — WQXR's contemporary classical music channel — picked the transfixing piano playing of Lisa Moore, who recently recorded Donnacha Dennehy's piece "Stainless Staining." KEXP is playing a passionate confessional by Seattle rapper Raz called "They'll Speak" — its closing lyrics "They'll speak if you don't" are certainly words to live by. KCRW's pick of Poolside's downtempo "Next To You" practically screams "From LA, with love." And WGLT in Illinois highlights a local favorite, a bluesy exercise from 17-year-old guitarist Matthew Curry called "If I Don't Got You."

Heavy Rotation: 5 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

  • Omar Sosa

    Cuban composer and pianist Omar Sosa.
    Enlarge Massimo Mantovani

    Currently in rotation on: WBGO 88.3 FM in Newark, N.J.

    When Omar Sosa played an outdoor concert in Berchidda, Italy, trumpeter Paolo Fresu climbed a tree near the stage, horn in hand, so he could duet — heard, but unseen — with the Cuban pianist. Sosa liked the beautiful countermelodies wafting down through the leaves, and before long the pair were fast musical friends. Since Sosa and Fresu were also both fans of Brazilian cellist Jacques Morelenbaum, when Sosa met Morelenbaum at a club in Tokyo, he invited the cellist to join the musical conversation. As Sosa lives on the island of Menorca in Spain, Fresu in Sardinia and Morelenbaum in Rio de Janeiro, it's thanks to the Internet that they were able to create their remarkable new album Alma, emailing tracks like "S'Inguldu" back and forth across the oceans. Listen as they paint an imaginary landscape that exists above borders. — Tim Wilkins, WBGO's The Jazz Bee

    Download "S'Inguldu" (right-click and "Save Link As")

  • Lisa Moore and Donnacha Dennehy

    New York City pianist Lisa Moore.
    Courtesy of the artist

    Currently in rotation on: Q2 in New York City

    At Q2 Music, we're obsessed with Stainless Staining, the title track of former Bang on a Can pianist Lisa Moore's latest EP. Written for Moore by Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy, the piece is equal parts texture and propulsion. It pairs her solo piano performance with a soundtrack of recorded and manipulated samples taken from a piano re-tuned to produce exactly 100 pulsating overtones. Like standing in an endless hallway of grandfather clocks, the music alternately conjures feelings of anxiety and ecstatic hypnosis. It's an addictive and seamless blend of woman and tape that pendulums between bouts of active and passive listening and marks one of Moore's strongest, most inspired performances to date. — Hannis Brown, Q2 Music

    Download an excerpt from "Stainless Staining" (right-click and "Save Link As")

  • Raz

    KEXP is currently playing an epic track by Seattle rapper Raz called "They'll Speak."
    Enlarge Courtesy of the artist

    Currently in rotation on: KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle

    At the top of this track, Seattle MC Raz tells the world his government name, Solomon Simone — a name that references powerful, truthful titans of soul — so it's only right that "They'll Speak" is as strikingly naked as it is. In his gushing, stream-of-consciousness style, Raz articulates the sort of old-school pain that's too often lost behind the glamor and nihilism particular to contemporary street rap; no drug lord fantasy, no feeding-my-family rhetoric, just the realization that his addict aunt is going to get her fix somewhere, from somebody he might not know, so he might as well serve her. The short worth of life where he lives has rarely been expressed better: "I've had n***** that shoot n***** for me but wouldn't give me food when I was hungry." — Larry Mizell Jr., KEXP's "Street Sounds"

    Download "They'll Speak" (right-click and "Save Link As")

  • Poolside

    California duo Poolside.
    Courtesy of the artist

    Currently in rotation on: KCRW 89.9 FM in Santa Monica, Calif.

    If there's a breakout artist in 2012 that screams summer vibes, it has to be L.A.'s homegrown crew Poolside. The name says it all: the perfect soundtrack for chillin' out and catching some rays in gorgeous sunny southern Cali, or wherever you may be. Pacific Standard Time is one of those albums that grabs my attention from start to finish, from the heavy dance floor cuts to their stellar "daytime disco" rendition of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon." "Next To You" pays homage to a classic sound with a new and modern flavor that brings its own heat. Listening to Poolside, it's clear they're making music for pure enjoyment — and we enjoy it so much it's been one of the most played albums at the station for almost a month now. — Raul Campos, KCRW

    Download "Next To You" (right-click and "Save Link As")

  • Matthew Curry

    Illinois blues youngster Matthew Curry.
    BJ Carlson

    Currently in rotation on: WGLT and GLT Blues Radio in Normal, Ill.

    There are a lot of young gunslingers out there imitating Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Bonamassa, but few are writing and performing in their own voices. Matthew Curry, a 17-year-old guitarist, has a special "it" factor that's difficult to define but easy to recognize when seeing him in person. Curry has certainly listened to his share of blues greats, including Stevie Ray and Albert Collins, but with the release of his debut, If I Don't Got You, you can hear that this gifted teen is forging his own path. Central Illinois has known about this phenom for nearly a decade, but even so, it seems as if Curry grows by leaps and bounds every month. — Jon Norton, GLT Blues Radio

    Download "If I Don't Got You" (right-click and "Save Link As")

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012 dates are set! July 27 & 28, 2012 - 15th annual Prairie Dog Blues Fest

If you're thinking about a motel, you need to book now and tell them that you are coming in for the blues fest, just in case we are blocking a room that they are not telling you about. You can even camp right at the fest grounds! Complete area lodging and camping information is available on our website. We hope to see you at the Fest!

You can order tickets online or over the phone toll-free at 1-888-567-1567 . The handling and processing cost is lower through our online shopping cart vs. by telephone. Tickets in advance are $25 for one day and $40 for both days. Advance pricing is good through July 14, 2012.
Venue and Directions:
The Festival is held on historic St. Feriole Island, right on the Mississippi River. Click here for detailed information on how to get to the Prairie Dog Blues Festival via automobile.
For additional information about accomodations or about the city of Prairie du Chien call 1-800-732-1673 or visit
Friday, July 27th, 2012
Gerome Durham & The All-Star Band
Gerome has paid his dues working Delta cotton, Carolina tobacco and factory work in Jackson and Milwaukee. In 1965, Gerome moved to Milwaukee. He later met Johnny Rawls who took him under his wing and launched his music career.
This ain’t no rock ‘n roll, blues-rock, or any such stuff. He’s all about “the blues”, the “whole blues” and nothin’ but “the blues”. If you like Delta-gone-north, urban-based, electric, soulful, charismatic vocal “real” blues, the you’re gonna love Gerome Durham.
Trampled Under Foot
Siblings Danielle, Kris and Nick Schnebelen grew up with the Blues. Their parents, Bob and Lisa, were active in the thriving Kansas City Blues scene, playing in local bands and competing in the Kansas City Blues Challenge. Bob and Lisa’s band didn’t make it to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis — but their kids did. When TUF arrived in Memphis for the 2008 IBC they were followed by huge, wildly enthusiastic throngs of hometown supporters, eager to cheer for their favorite musical family. And when TUF took First Place in the competition and Nick won the Albert King guitarist award, it was a sweet victory for the Schnebelen family and for Kansas City itself. TUF has been on a roll ever since, becoming one of the most sought after blues bands at clubs, festivals and cruises around the world. Trampled Under Foot’s brand new CD, Wrong Side of the Blues was produced by Tony Braunagel, and features guest appearances by Mike Finnigan and Kim Wilson.
Mato Naji, the guitarist, singer, and songwriter of Indigenous. formed the band with his two brothers and sister back in the late ‘90s. They released their much-talked about debut, Things We Do, in 1998. While the band’s growing electric blues was totally legit and truly exciting, the little family band from the Nakota Tribe of South Dakota never expected the incredible, widespread reception they got from the blues and rock communities. “It was really surprising,” says Mato, of the siblings’ success. “We never anticipated the band going national so soon.” But so it did, and over the course of five years, Indigenous rode a wave of promise and acceptance they never dreamed of.
Then, after two more studio albums and a live set, Indigenous unexpectedly broke up. Today, Mato, along with his brother Pte are forging a new path for Indigenous. The new Indigenous album, Chasing the Sun, finds Mato expressing himself as never before.
Although known for his fiery guitar play, Mato has spent the last few years focusing on his vocals which have elevated this album on all fronts. When not performing with Indigenous, Mato is out touring with the Jimmy Hendrix Experience.
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats
For more than 30 years and nine albums, Rick Estrin fronted the jumping, swinging Little Charlie & The Nightcats, featuring guitarist Little Charlie Baty. With Baty’s recent retirement from touring, Estrin – along with the Nightcats’ longtime rhythm section of J. Hansen and Lorenzo Farrell and a new member, fiery guitarist Kid Andersen – takes the lead on his own.
Rick Estrin ranks among the very best harp players, singers and songwriters in the blues world today. His work on the reeds is deep in the tradition of harmonica masters Sonny Boy Williamson II and Little Walter Jacobs, while at the same time pushing that tradition forward.
Estrin won the 1993 Blues Music Award for his composition “My Next Ex-Wife” and has written songs for a growing legion of famous fans. Three of his songs found their way onto Grammy-nominated albums.
Besides Estrin’s songwriting and musical skills, he is among the most entertaining and colorful showmen around. His quick wit and his signature look – coifed hair, pencil-thin mustache and sharp attire – add even more color to his performances. “People don’t go out to see people who look like themselves,” says Rick. “They want to see something special. I was schooled in this business to be a showman, and that’s what you get when you come to see me perform.”
Matthew Curry & The Fury
Under the Tent
Matthew Curry & The Fury deliver energized blues along with great show. Matthew, at 16 and already a veteran performer, is astonishing audiences with his lead guitar playing, original songs, and soulful voice. Matthew Curry is backed by The Fury, pro players including Greg Neville, (drums) and Jeff Paxton (bass). Horns and back-up singers add to their solid sound. Their debut CD, “If I Don’t Got You”, was released to rave reviews in October, 2011. Quickly receiving wide acclaim, Matthew Curry & The Fury were recently featured as an Emerging Artist on the House of Blues Radio Hour.
Saturday, July 28th, 2012
Alex Wilson Band
Alex picked up the guitar at five years old and never put it down and is running with one of the toughest bands on the scene today. A versatile musician, Alex effortlessly switches between genres. He plays everything from sweet Beale Street blues to West coast swing. From hard Texas grinders to stone cold Chicago grooves with a feeling that's said to be timeless. Alex's style and tasty originals matched with his undeniable stage presence and unmistakable guitar style will drive you to the dance floor. To say that Alex Wilson is one to look out for down the road is an understatement. Taking the Midwest by storm, this young musician is a force to be reckoned with.
Harper & Midwest Kind
English born, but raised in Perth, Australia, Harper is a fiery singer-songwriter who blurs the lines between blues, soul, rock and world music. By combining traditional and modern influences and borrowing from Western and Aboriginal music, Harper has created a highly original, take-on-the-roots genre which many have labeled “World Blues”. His innovative use of electronic enhancement and feedback, breaks the traditional boundaries of the harmonica, giving his music its distinctive harmonies and effects. The powerful guitar sounds and the unique drone of the didgeridoo create raw yet eerie sonic textures, somehow sounding primal and contemporary at the same time.
With a home at a U.S. label and a growing appreciation for his music from American audiences, Harper made the permanent move to the U.S. His animated shows have been well received at blues world music and jazz band festivals around the world. He has toured with Canned Heat, Steppenwolf, George Thorogood and has been invited several times on stage to play harmonica with Journey. Harpers’ latest release hit number 10 on the Billboard Charts and the U.S. Roots Music Charts. “Stand Together” also reached #2 on the XM/Sirius Bluesville Charts.
Tweed Funk
Formed in late 2010, Tweed Funk has quickly gained recognition nationally with the release of their debut CD, “Bringin’ It”, which spent 18 weeks on the RMR Blues Internet Charts. The band brings an edge to the music of their forefathers by wrapping together blues, funk, and soul in show-band style. The band also represented Wisconsin’s Grafton Blues Association in the 2012 International Blues Challenge.
Shemekia Copeland
At a young age, Shemekia Copeland is already a force to be reckoned with in the blues. Born in Harlem, New York in 1979 and still in her 20s, she's opened for the Rolling Stones, headlined at the Chicago Blues Festival and numerous festivals around the world, scored critics’ choice awards on both sides of the Atlantic (The New York Times and The Times of London) and shared the stage with such luminaries as Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Taj Mahal and John Mayer.
At only 19, Shemekia released her debut recording, Turn the Heat Up!, and the critics raved. A year later, she appeared in the Motion Picture Three To Tango, while her song "I Always Get My Man," was featured in the film Broken Hearts Club. Copeland went on the produce three more albums and the awards and accolades piled up (Song of the Year, Blues Album of the Year, Contemporary Female Artist of the Year) and a GRAMMY nomination.
“I’ve had success in my career, and I’m happy with that” she says. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to continue to grow. In order for an artist to grow – and for a genre to grow – you have to do new things. I want to be innovative with the blues.”
The Steepwater Band
Although The Steepwater Band got their start as devotees of delta blues, they have since been expanding on their influences taking on everything from psychedelia to Americana, and of course, rock and roll music. Formed in Chicago in 1998, the band’s signature sound is at once a nod to earlier rock n’ blues combined with a raw and gutsy musical approach. Band members Jeff Massey (vocals & guitar), Tod Bowers (bass) and Joe Winters (drums) have a synergy that comes from years of playing together.
The band’s infectious energy is equally evident in their live performances, as critics and fans hail their shows as forceful and intoxicating. It is their humble devotion to music, and a commitment to achieving their musical goals without compromising the integrity of their musical vision that make The Steepwater Band such a refreshing find.
TSB has maintained a grueling schedule throughout the last 10 years, averaging about 125 shows per year. They have toured and shared the stage with acts such as Gov't Mule, Buddy Guy, Wilco, Taj Mahal, Marc Ford, ZZ Top, T-Model Ford, North Mississippi All Stars, Leon Russell, Drive-By Truckers, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Cheap Trick, Bad Company and Heart.
JJ Grey & Mofro
Growing up in the swamplands of northern Florida, down home roots, rock and soul artist JJ Grey became a realist early on. “You fall in love with a pig,” he says, “and then one day your granddad knocks it in the head and bleeds it for butchering. You tend to grow up with a certain amount of realism in your life.”
JJ Grey and his band Mofro exude rocking, funky, melodic, front porch realism in every song they play. Grey comes from a long tradition of Southern storytellers, and his songs oftentimes use the loss of his natural surroundings and the marginalization of the Southern culture he grew up in as a metaphor for universal truths. The band delivers his material with brilliant musicianship, resulting in music that is thought provoking rhythmically dynamic and mesmerizing.
Grey’s ear for detail inhabits his songs, whether it is a story passed down to him from his grandmother or the tribulations of a childhood friend. His voice delivers them with an unflinching strength that paints a vivid portrait of an exact time or place with words and music. Like his songs, his rich, soulful vocals are forceful and commanding, seemingly old beyond his years. And the music, from smoldering soul ballads to gospel-fried funk to straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll, brings it all home with danceable grooves and a melodic freshness that will stay with you long after their performance.
In 2001, a National Public Radio feature brought JJ’s music to more people than ever before. Doors at press, radio and venues opened across the country. JJ Grey & Mofro performed at Bonnaroo, opened for Widespread Panic, Ben Harper, Galactic, B.B. King and Jeff Beck. Word of their live show spread quickly, and bookings at festivals and concerts around the world increased, including jaw-dropping shows at The Austin City Limits Festival and The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
Terry Quiett Band
Under the Tent
“…one of the hottest power-trio outfits on the scene today. They successfully mix the blues of the Delta with the psychedelia of the Sixties…”
From 6th Street to Austin to Beale Street in Memphis, they’ve mesmerized audiences with their original and contemporary blues-soaked sound. They’ve also paid their share of dues traveling the Rocky Mountains of Denver, the blue grass of Kentucky, and every state in between, winning fans and expanding their core grassroots audience with each performance. Along the way the Terry Quiett Band has shared the stage with international guitar legends including Jonny Lang, Robert Cray, 38 Special, the Doobie Brothers, Edgar Winter, Kenny Wayne Shephard, Walter Trout, Robin Trower, Tab Benoit, Robert Randolph and Devon Allman as well as numerous talented regional artists.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update for Matthew Curry and the Fury

Matthew and The Fury played this weekend at Mississippi Valley (there was a front page article in the Quad City Times, photo with him in the crowd on his new wireless tearing it up on Voodoo Chile) and then at Blues Brews and BBQ's in Champaign, (and sat in with Ronnie Baker Brooks). The band has also been nominated for 3 awards: Best Debut CD, Sean Costello Rising Star, and Best Blues Song.
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Monday, April 30, 2012

2nd place Winner Matthew Curry releases new video


Tommy Castro, Bonnie Hayes
Belvedere Tiburon, CA, USA

Matthew Curry - Matthew Curry and The Fury
Normal, IL, USA

Leeann Atherton
Austin, TX, USA

Here's the top 3. Matthew and the Fury are opening for Kenny Wayne Shepherd on May 8.
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Matthew Curry Update - International Songwriting Competition 2012

Our friend Matthew Curry is still going strong having been named as a finalist International Songwriting competion in the Blues Category with Blinded By the Darkness and then in the Teen Category, If I Don't Got You.If you haven't had the chance to check out Matthew, now would be a great time.


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Matthew & The Fury Update

Matthew Curry & The Fury are headed to Springfield IL for the Illinois Central Blues Club jam with the MoJo Cats on Feb. 25. There's a nice little buzz going about that - Matthew is starting to play out of the local scene more. He's looking to work the St. Louis, Chicago and Indy scene and looking to make some contacts. Who's got some contacts... the booking agents are not into taking a 16yr old seriously. Jeff Beck went through this too... I'm resolute that they'll get it, and they'll be glad they did - especially whoever is first!

The title track of his first CD "If I Don't Got You" will be on the Indie Music Reviewers Festival compilation CD. He's also getting considerable airplay around the US, but also in Australia, the UK and Spain on shows like Salty Dog's Blues Radio, and Terry Knott's "RoadRash Blues" show, also syndicated in the US on KCOR. happy to see that these are some of my largest markets (Sans Germany).

Matthew's also working on some new songs and they're charting horn parts . On April 7 they're back at the Castle Theatre. Great to hear from Matthew!
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Matt Curry Update - Free Download

You all remember Matt Curry and the Fury. I wrote about him a while back, reviewed his new self produced cd and then caught an interview with him. Well, Matt is really rolling!
His debut CD, "If I Don't Got You" is in the second round of the
IBC Best Self-Produced CD; and one of the tracks "High Water Everywhere",
was featured on the House of Blues Radio Hour. He's also just recently been booked for the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, which is pretty huge. He's working on some new songs and crafting some really fine lyrics for someone who hasn't had life knock him around too much yet. (He gets his drivers license in a month). He also received an extremely strong review for his new cd in Blues Review November/December issue!

He also had the following review in Dutch Magazine Rootstime! (Excuse my translation)
We have over the years, many CDs of promising young blues-artists but we were never so much floored as by this debut release of Matthew Curry. Loyal readers of this heading know that we need a couple of times listen to a disk for us to look at how the cover doesn't always tell us the story itself.
Our first thoughts were of ‘ fine ’ to ‘ clear from the heart ” and also our surprise when we later noted that the musician in question only 15 years old! First we thought it was that the artist has photographed his son and put him on the cover!
We were in wrong, clear direction by his very pleasant and adult voice and his guitar playing super talent. Our admiration was subsequently even greater when we noticed that seven of the nine numbers were written by him! The title track ‘ If I Don ’t Got You ” is the more open to all and is a rock number with soul sound, complete with jackets and all. But what follows is still impressive. In particular beautiful ‘ New York Blues. Matthew ’, for the first time as calling card.
Tremendous solo ’ s and – it be repeated, are extremely beautiful vocals. The instrumental ’s a ‘ Storm-brewing ” is a wonderful example of the inventiveness of the young man. This is not only technically perfect but there is more. There is so great a beautiful constructing this number that you cannot see someone so young from his way of getting you moving. Some guitar licks do sound a little like Marshall Tucker but so what?
Occasionally, there was a little flirt with the border of blues rock but that's natural and will always be and blues predominates in this beautiful partnership between the lines of Erik Nelson and Curry's guitar playing.
As he ‘ Hear the Highway ” credible happening to them as he sings how he sees its future and his blues music wants to bring to the man who still has many things to do.
What is peaceful to monitor the brilliant ‘ Blinded By the Darkness ”, a more than seven minutes winner in one single piece of work and a wonderful moment hearing example of how good a slow blues can be when improvised. The deft covers are just as surprising as impressive.
For instance Curry on his slide in Charlie Patten's "High Water Everywhere ” is quite spectacular.
We can say enough to praise above expectations for this album. On youtube circulate sufficient videos of Matthew Curry as a kid on a large stage. He has delivered an adult disk which many experienced musicians would like to see signs.
It is not a risky statement of us if we say that this young man will be very great. Hopefully he rapidly comes to tour outside of the US because we do not doubt that he is in the near future on the largest stages in the world. " Matthew Curry ”, Remember the name!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Release : If I Don't Got You - Matthew Curry and the Fury - Review

Last week I interviewed Matthew Curry of Matthew Cury and the Fury. Matthew is a very talented performer with a sound well beyond his 16 years. I don't want to overplay Matthews age because I believe that his talent is strong for a performer at any age. I am very impressed with this cd actually feeling that it may be one of the best new recordings that I have listened to in the past year. Matthew has strong writing capabilities (writing 7 of the 9 tracks on this new release), a unique singing voice, and great guitar tone on top of excellent playing skills. Often there are a few strong tracks and a few fillers on even the best artists recordings. I truely feel that this is a great cd and am recommending it to all of my friends! I don't know if you get the idea that I really like this cd but if I haven't given you that impression... I REALLY LIKE THIS CD!!.

The rest is up to you. If you don't listen to my advice and buy this now, don't wonder why you can't get seats to see him 2 years from now!

You can get Matthews new cd here:

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Matthew Curry

I was lucky to catch up with Matthew Curry, band leader of "Matthew Curry and the Fury". I am really liking what I'm hearing from this kid and his band. They are extremely tight, his guitar tone is really rich, his playing is fluid and original and his vocals just feel right.

Bman: I was checking out your sound and you really have it going! How long have you been playing?

Matthew:I got my first guitar (a little Walmart one) when I was 4. I took some lessons when I was a little older, but mostly I'm self-taught.

Bman: Yeah. It sounds like you were born with that thing in your hands. It's just great when you find a natural talent and also someone who is original. Do you come from a musical family... I mean... you have a very mature sound for such a young guy!

Matthew: I got the guitar bug from my dad. He played guitar, listened to lots of music like Stevie Ray and Eric Clapton.

Bman: Well, a big thanks to dad one for having the thought to buy you a guitar and second for liking cool music! I'm a bit of a guitar player myself and I love your guitar sound/tone. Tell me about your rig.

Matthew: As far as guitars I mainly use a Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blackie Fender Stratocaster and for amps I mainly use a 1971 Fender Bandmaster Reverb head through a 4x12 cab but for the bigger shows I use the Fender Bandmaster and a Peavey Classic 30 head rigged through 2 different cabs.

Bman: I really like the Clapton Blackie Custom Shop Strat. It really has a nice feel and the boost switch has a great scoop. It definitely has it's own sound. I'm also a real Fender "tube" fan myself (but then almost every circuit out there came from the old Fenders). I have a few guitars with humbuckers but the single coil guitars through the old Fender amps just sound so creamy! My preference is for the Super through 10's but that's just me. I have an old Hiwatt when I really want to juice. Who have been your primary guitar influences? What are you listening to?

Matthew: My favorites are Bryan Lee, Albert Collins, and Joe Bonamassa. I like to listen to lots of different things to keep expanding. I like experimenting with different sounds and techniques.

Bman: I know what you're saying. They're all great performers. If you have checked out the blog much I listen to everything from the Skip James to King Crimson but of course my main deal is the blues. There's a lot of good stuff out there! I find the more exposure you have to different sounds the more your sound becomes your own. You're obviously doing a great job. I also think that you have a great voice. Is there someone in particular that you first emulated or is this just what came out?

Matthew: The Keyboard player from my old band taught me how to sing at first and from there I kind of found my own voice.

Bman: That's great. I know that a lot of great singers started out copying someone and ended up with their own voice but a lot of people just have it in them. I mean like, who did Aretha Franklin listen to? Joe Bonamassa has really worked on his voice over the past few years. It's a lot more polished than it was when I first started to follow him. I don't know that he needed to, but I'm sure it will help his career because the bigger you get the more critical people seem to get.

I know that you just released a cd. How is that being received?

Matthew: We are getting some awesome press and airtime from the CD. Our fans especially love the title track. We just got great reviews in Blues Blast and the Indie Music Reviewer.

Bman: I'm really happy to hear that. You have a really great start and the right spark may ignite you. Are you writing your own songs or are they collaborations?

Matthew: Mostly they're my own. Sometimes I work with the band to find the right groove or add certain lines. I like taking ideas and expanding them as far as they will go. I love the blues and like to take the progressions just a little further.

Bman: Spoken like a true blues man. I'm real excited about what I hear and look forward to hearing more from you soon! Please keep me informed with gigs and studio work.

Great job and thanks for your time.
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Matthew Curry and the Fury

This is a medley but i think you can see that these guys can cook and this kid can not only play but sing!

Matthew Curry and The Fury deliver energized blues and blues rock along with great show. Matthew, at 16 and already a veteran performer, is astonishing audiences with his blazing guitar playing, original songs, and soulful voice. After a busy season of summer festivals, Matt and The Fury returned to the Castle Theatre on October 1 for their long-awaited CD Release Party. Audience favs like “Walk Out That Door” and“If I Don’t Got You” were on tap, and then the enthusiastic crowd was treated to the new Matthew Curry originals on the CD. Blues legend Bryan Lee says, “Hurry to hear Matthew Curry, he is the real deal! He plays from his heart, soul and mind.” Matthew has jammed with blues greats Coco Montoya, Tommy Castro, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Bernard Allison, and Bryan Lee. Ronnie Baker Brooks says, “Matthew is an awesome talent! He has a natural feel as if he was born with a guitar in his hand.” Often referred to as a cross between Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton, Matthew Curry is a triple-charged musician in his own right and amping up the blues scene. Matthew and The Fury competed in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, and came back to Bloomington and got busy on the CD project. They were also one of five international finalists in Ampeg’s “Straight-Up Tone” competition. All the prep has paid off - "If I Don't Got You" has been sponsored by the Crossroads Blues Society in the Best Self-Produced CD competition for the IBC.