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Monday, November 18, 2013

Electric Religion - Matthew Curry & the Fury - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Electric Religion, from Matthew Fury and the Fury and it is a solid balance between clever, well written radio blues/rock tracks and hot bothered blues guitar tracks. Opening with radio rocker, Love Me Right, Curry puts out a very strong effort with a clever hook and strong vocals and guitar accents. Set Me Free has a real "southern blues rock swagger" and smoking hot guitar riffs that Curry is known for. Six String Broken Heart is a well crafted ballad really showing how strong a voice Curry has at such a young age and super key work from Erik Nelson. Put One Over is a real driving Texas style blues rocker. Jeff Paxton on bass and Greg Neville on drums hold down the bottom and Nelson really rolls the 88's but it's Curry who steps up strong on this track throwing down some monster guitar riffs! Excellent! Hundred Dollar Friend has a really cool bass line and the lead riff is really tight. This is the best ZZ Top song that ZZ Top never wrote. Curry and the Furry is hitting on all cylinders on this track showing the maturity from his earlier outstanding freshman outing. This is a really smokin track and should really get some prime time airplay just on musical strength and guts! JMH is a boogie rocker with some of the best traits of Eric Gales, Jimi and early Robin Trower without sounding like any of them. Very nice. Genevieve has a lot of the characteristics of a classic blues rocker with solid drive and a scorching guitar interlude. Nice pinched harmonics... Bad Bad Day is a slow cooker with a really well executed intro by Curry over rick key work from Nelson. Curry has such an exceptional voice which is unusual for someone with such fire in his fingers. This is absolutely my favorite track on the release for obvious reasons. A must check out! Down The Line intro plays along a Jimi theme but with funkier melodic melody. This is another really strong track with super guitar work as ice cream on a steaming hot pie. The release is wrapped up with Louanna, a definite radio track. Curry seems to have the absolute ability to pull a simple catchy melody out of his hat almost at will and this is a classic. I really liked Curry's first album and I believe that this release shows much more maturity and patience with stronger material and hotter riffs. Excellent job!

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