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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two Hot Clips - Alberto Colombo

Born in 1973 ,I start playing classic guitar at 10 ,but the real big love cames after 3 years of strumming with my first electric.From that time to now I play in a lot of band,singers,orchestra,and I playd so many different musical style that now it's impossible say what's my style:i love all music,and everyone should have three lifes to learn all about music on guitar..... I still love play guitar and try always to get better,and try to live music in a professional way ,workin a lot in clubs,teachin' guitar,and get collaboration as sessionman Actually I'm studying a lot on acoustic guitar,I love play fingerstyle guitar in different I hope one day we could meet each other and play toghether....for now....keep on play guys !!!!! If you like what I’m doing, Like ---Bman’s Blues Report--- Facebook Page! I’m looking for great talent and trying to grow the audience for your favorites band! - ”LIKE”

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Born Electric - Davide Pannozzo & Loud Stuff - New Release Review

I came across Davide Pannozzo about 6 months or so ago when I was looking for talent and I was blown away. I have been awaiting this cd which he told me at the time he was working on and it's killer. Now it's not straight blues, but it has a lot of blues and Davide is a very accomplished guitar player. If you like guitars, you should love this recording. In any case, here's my review of Born Electric, the new release by Davide Pannozzo & Loud Stuff.Davide Pannozzo - Guitar & Vocal, Claudio Romano - Drums
Lello Somma - Bass with Special Guest: Robben Ford, David Garfield, Carl Verheyen and Pippo Guarnera. Who Cares is a light jazzy track with guest appearance by Guarnera. It takes a while to get to it, but Davide plays some extremely tasty riffs at the bridge. It appears that this song will be the airplay song. Stone Marten Blues, again with Guarnera guesting, is a driving blues with a modern flair. Davide shows his chops with an extended solid solo which has some pretty cool jazz and blues riffs throughout. A very strong track. Woman's Love, featuring David Garfield, is constructed like a soul ballad. Pannozzo again stretches his wings with a very tasty guitar solo. You won't find these riffs on most of your run of the mill blues albums...believe me. Walkin' In LA is a hot fusion instrumental. It has a very unusual rhythm pattern and one of my favorites on the cd. This tune gives the band a real opportunity to improvise and away they go. Think Robben Ford or Larry Carlton. You Never Know Me Well is an airplay oriented track featuring Robben Ford. As you might expect with two world class guitar players on one track there are some very tasty solo's on this track. Each has his own distinct sound and style and it's relatively easy to discern their exchange. Goin' On is a quiet ballad with slide accompaniment. The Wind Cries Mary featuring Garfield, is given a very interesting twist with vocal harmonies and and an active bass line. The guitar solo has a little more funky take on it that you have probably ever thought of on this track but it is very cool. Always been partial to this song and Pannozzo has done a great job. The instrumental portion of this song is really interesting featuring each of the accomplished band members. Once again Pannozzo demonstrates that he's no slouch on guitar. Turning Point, featuring Carl Verheyen, takes more of a jazz approach. Again an instrumental with very strong bass and rhythm line. The guitar work on this track is a bit more experimental in nature and is sure to quench your thirst for quick tasty jazz runs as well as obtuse wailing soloing. I really like this track. Light My Way, again featuring Guarnera, has the r&b structure and actually puts me in mind of Johnny Guitar Watson quite a bit. The recording finishes out with Mr. Becks Brush With The Blues. Pannozzo doesn't just mimic Jeff's every note but makes it his own. This is a great modern blues jam and one I'm certain anyone who likes transitional blues will love. Pannozzo shows what he's got and he had a lot of great riffs up his sleeve. For a major artist like Davide to take on a guitar titan's tune and make it his own takes a lot of guts and Pannozzo really shines. This cd is a great listen and I'm certain that you will find it refreshing.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pledge Music - Born Electric New and fresh contemporary blues

Pledge Now

Born Electric

New and fresh contemporary blues records, with international special guests Robben Ford, Carl Verheyen & David Garfield

Hello, I’m Davide Pannozzo.

I’m from Italy, but I’m moving in London in few weeks. What I’m trying to do is raise funding to finalize this album, my first solo album, produced by me and recorded in Italy in July 2011. Many international special guests have played on it: Robben Ford, David Garfield, Carl Verheyen & Pippo Guarnera.

The recording and mixing process is completely done. The recording and mixing process is completely done. Now I need funding to do some video clips for the singles and launch a campaign for radio air play. "

I’ve made available some special items and experiences for you – you will see a list on the right hand side of this page so just pick the item you want and it will be yours! I will also be donating a portion of funds raised to Emergency, a charity which offers free of charge and high quality heath care to war and poverty victims.

I hope you’ll come on this journey with me. It will be fun!

Thank you!

Vuoi ascoltare Born Electric e gli straordinari ospiti (Robben Ford, Carl Verheyen, David Garfield, Pippo Guarnera) in anteprima? Credi nella mia musica e vuoi diventarne parte attiva? Adesso puoi farlo attraverso l’iniziativa promossa dal sito!

Con Pledge Music potrai acquistare e scaricare il disco una settimana prima dell’uscita! Un’anteprima irresistibile per i fan più impazienti, per quelli che staranno ardendo dalla curiosità di conoscere nota per nota il solo di Robben, piuttosto che di Carl, David o Pippo. Prima ancora che il disco arrivi nei negozi, potrà già essere nel tuo portatile. Come fare? Semplice: basta cliccare qui a destra, e scegliere le opzioni acquistabili! Volete il cd autografato da me medesimo? Ebbene, magie di internet, potremo fare anche questo e molto altro, come organizzare concerti o lezioni private!

Sapete bene quanto difficile sia sostenere e promuovere un progetto: un disco è il risultato di anni d’intenso e appassionato lavoro, una porta spalancata sui propri pensieri e le proprie sperimentazioni. Per questo motivo, e poiché so quanto difficile sia remare contro eppure andare avanti, con Born Electric sostengo – e sosterrai anche tu con il tuo contributo – Emergency. Da anni, l’associazione umanitaria di Gino Strada offre cure mediche gratuite alle vittime di guerra e della povertà in Afghanistan, Cambogia, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Italia, e ovunque ce ne sia bisogno. Credo fortemente nell’opera fondamentale dei migliaia di medici e volontari che animano l’organizzazione, e attraverso questa iniziativa voglio sostenere concretamente, oltre che idealmente, i progetti di Emergency. Facciamolo insieme.


10% of funds

10% of all money raised will go to Emergency.

learn more


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Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Babe - Near The Jail Blues Band


THE NEAR THE JAIL grew in the shadow of the S. Teresa jail in Florence and are deeply connected with blues language. Through several musical experiences they came together again, 5 years later, to carry out their blues idea. The four performers are: Frederick Maguire (vocals) , Marco Enot (guitar) , Alessio Caselli (bass) , Vik Usai (drums). Their repertoire is vast: It varies from classic blues to rock/blues, winking at rock 'n' roll, several covers and their own pieces
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daddy Wants You to Come Back Home - Fast Frank & The Hot Shout Blues

Franco "Fast Frank" Cersosimo has mediterranean origins but was born and grew up in Torino (in the north of Italy).
He starts playing guitar at the age of seventeen.In the second half of the nineties,he becomes student by Dario Lombardo-one of the most known and appreciated national blues musicians-and he plays in local Blues bands as Hot Wires,Blues Syndicate.
In 2000, with the Fast Frank and the Hot Shout Blues, he uses some collaborations of musicians coming from the Jazz-blues environment of the Turinese area; in 2004 he is among the selected for the Obiettivo Bluesin' of the Pistoia Blues Festival, and in the same year he begins his collaboration with the Dario Lombardo Blues Gang, the harmonica player Andrea Scagliarini. In 2007 he is among the artists at the Poggio Murella Blues Festival, and again in 2007 he shares the stage with artists as Slep, Dario Lombardo, Massimo Altieri in " The Night Of The Blues Guitars" of the Gilgamesh Blues Festival.

In 2008 he opens the Turinese concerts of the Afro-american (Chicago, Illinois) singer Delores Scott and Mud Morganfield (again from Chicago, Illinois, the son of the Blues legend Muddy Waters), Amar Sundy(2009), the great John Primer(2010),Larry Garner(2011).

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Key to the Highway - The Delta Blues Alarm

"The Delta Blues Alarm" are a duo of young guitarists not yet very experienced! Friends since the early years of the Liceo Elijah Bertolazzi and Simon Marquis to cultivate their own way a passion for the music major even if between the two very different! In 2007 Elijah receives her first guitar, an old Ferrarotti, and begins to learn!
Simo instead already owned a guitar! So that toward the end of 2007, the two find themselves and begin to jam at home for fun! At the time Simo played the electric guitar and Elijah was the percussion with the chopsticks!
In the meantime Elijah had several fortune with instruments. His Aunt gave him a classical guitar and a little later also as a friend of his sister gave him an old electric bass ! In 2009 Simo gets an old classical guitar also and the two begin to try two guitars! trying to make the cover of the blues! In October 2010, the guitarist of The Austin, Mark j Panichella them up for a contest by the band 6 "Panic Contest" with the name of "The Delta Blues Alarm"! The two then prepare two songs Key to the Highway and I Can not Hold Out! They are playing with 5 other groups of adults complete with guitar, bass and drums, but if nothing else
! Since that time, they had a name, starting to make slightly more serious recordings. Now the two continue to play looking for depth of old blues incorporating elements of their culture!
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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Emanuele Fizzotti, now living in London, is one of Italy’s foremost blues/rock guitarists and also one of the most versatile.
Having turned professional in 1983, he spent a year (1988-89) studying guitar at the “Guitar Institute of Technology” in Los Angeles.
His teachers included Scott Henderson, Joe Diorio and Carl Schroeder (pianist with Frank Sinatra and musical director in Sarah Vaughan’s band).
In November 2010 with Psychedelic Sunrise he played in Milan at “La Salumeria della Musica”, one of the most prestigious clubs in Italy.
During the years world famous artists such as Norah Jones, Pat Metheny, Joss Stone, Keith Emerson, Branford Marsalis, Bill Frisell, Phil Woods, Kenny Barron, Brian Auger, Diane Schuur, Billy Cobham, Peter Green, Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani, Gianna Nannini, Laura Pausini and many others performed at the club.

After relocating to London in 2011, he’s been playing with his blues band, doing session work, teaching and recorded 20 instructional short videos for “Video Jug”.
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Shake Your Money Maker - MELODY MAKERS Blues Band with Silvio Sansone

EMANUELE FIZZOTTI vocals, guitars, dobro, 5 string banjo & mandolin

Emanuele Fizzotti (who studied guitar at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and has played with the Treves Blues Band and with Cristiano De Andrè) and Attilio Gili (who sang and played bass in Gli Hu!, one of the first Italian groups that dared to perform and record rock and r’n’b in Italy in the late ‘60s) form the band in the Spring of 2000.
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Enrico Crivellaro Band

A former student of Ronnie Earl, Duke Robillard and Kenny Burrell, Enrico Crivellaro has developed a refined yet explosive guitar style which has led him to tour and record with an impressive number of major-league artists—among them James Harman, the late Lester Butler of the Red Devils, Janiva Magness, Finis Tasby, Bruce Katz, Jason Ricci, the Royal Crown Revue, and legendary harmonica player Lee Oskar of War's fame. His resume includes concerts and memorable guitar showdowns with the likes of Jeff Healey and Chris Cain.
Born in Padova, Italy, but later relocating to Los Angeles, and now literally living in a suitcase and taking his music all around the world, Enrico Crivellaro has been able to prove that passion and talent can transcend political and cultural borders. He is an established figure in the international Blues scene, and one of the most respected Blues guitarists of his generation.
His reputation is growing all over the world as he tours regularly from the Americas to Europe, to Australia, to Asia and even Polynesia, playing the most renowned clubs and festivals (among them: Livid Festival, Brisbane, Australia; 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney, Australia; Philips Dubai International Jazz Festival, Dubai, UAE; Belgium Rhythm’n’Blues Festival; Lucerne Blues Festival, Switzerland; Southside Shuffle, Toronto, Canada; Sacramento Heritage Festival, California; Tucson Blues Festival, Arizona; Moulin Blues Festival, Holland; Universal Blues Festival, Singapore; Manly Jazz Festival, Australia; and many, many more!) and having often shared the bill with the likes of John Lee Hooker, B.B.King, Mose Allison, and so forth.
Enrico’s musical taste and guitar licks have been refined during his studies with several Blues masters at the National Guitar Workshop, in Connecticut, and later at the University of California with jazz legend Kenny Burrell. But he has learned his trade “the old way”—by playing, literally, thousands of gigs everywhere, with some of the best artists in the contemporary Blues scene. Enrico’s strength lies in his extraordinary versatility in different musical genres, which has allowed him to build an extraordinary experience playing with bands and artists of all extractions—soul jazz, country, funk and even zydeco. Yet his playing is firmly rooted in the blues language and his passion for Earl Hooker, Pee Wee Crayton and Lowell Fulson is pleasantly noticeable.
Signed by the excellent Canadian-US label Electro-Fi Records, Enrico has debuted with a well-arranged CD, “Key To My Kingdom”. His affiliation with Electro-Fi has opened the way to new opportunities—in fact Enrico has co-produced Finis Tasby’s CD “What My Blues Are All About” and has appeared with label-mate Mel Brown and his band, which comprises Bob Stroger and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith of the Muddy Waters Band.
The latest CD, “Mojo Zone”, is a 2009 Electro-Fi release which features 70 minutes of genre expanding Blues guitar instrumentals, showcasing the incredible sonic range of one of the most gifted young guitarists working on the Blues scene today`Write on our Facebook Wall or post your Photos of great blues events! - Here

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New York City Blues - Robi Zonca

Born in the middle of the fifties (1955) Robi Zonca grew up listening to the Beatles, Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan. Then the Brithis Blues arrived in italian music stores with John Mayall, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Taylor and Robi falled in love with the Blues. After that discovering the black masters of the blues was a real big flash for Robi. Listening to Robi's music you can hear all of the influences that inspire his compositions and his guitar and bass playing and his singing. After several long years of sideman work with many band and musicians like Andy J. Forest, Ginger Baker, Ronnie Jones, Mia Martini, Treves Blues Band and many more RZ started his solo career publishing 5 albums in in the last 7 years. Talking about his last 2 albums:"REBEL!" was recorded during 2006 in NY with the devoted dedication, commitment, and outstanding contribution of many gifted musicians from both the U.S.A. and Italy, including world renowned musicians like the legendary drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, the Vivino Brothers and Big Luther Kent. His music is now well known in the USA where more than 250 radio stations air his music in high rotation. Most recently (march 2010), we have “SO GOOD” Robi’s current work. This CD is a crossover between blues, jazz and rock. Luther Kent is featured on the CD singing on one of the tracks….and you can listen to Fabrizio Bosso, number 1 trumpet player in Italy.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not Me (Since My Baby Walked Away) - Jonas Blues Band

Il nucleo della Jona's Blues Band nasce da due cugini Gianni Franchi (basso elettrico e voce) e Luca Casagrande (chitarra e voce) che ,agli inizi degli anni '80, dopo aver militato in alcune band che “mischiavano” blues ,punk e new wave , decidono di dedicarsi anima e cuore alla musica che di più li ispirava : il blues.

Incontrato il batterista Ranieri De Luca che già aveva avuto esperienze musicali professionali ma che cercava qualcuno con cui dare sfogo alla sua passione per il blues , il terzetto ancora senza nome inizia ad esibirsi in piccoli locali e feste nella Capitale. Alla ricerca di un armonicista con cui completare l'organico finalmente nel 1985 alla band si unisce Marco Corteggiani ed il gruppo così formato si esibisce ad Atina vicino Frosinone per la prima volta con il nome di Jona's Blues Band.

Con questa formazione per oltre 15 anni la Jona's Blues Band si esibisce in numerosi concerti nei festival e clubs della Capitale contraddistinguendosi per un sound molto personale e la composizione di brani originali.

La loro miscela musiacle viene definata da alcuni giornali come “spaghetti blues” e dal grande jazzista Tony Scott ( che ogni tanto si unisce a loro in jam session) come cosmic blues .

Alla formazione si aggiungono negli anni altri muscisti come il pianista Paolo Giustini, il cantante sassofonista Pino Bianchini, le cantanti Silvia Simoni e Loredana Nunzi ed numerosi altri.

Sul finire degli anni '80 la band conosce il cantante afroamericano Harold Bradley, mitico fondatore del Folkstudio, con cui formerà una partership di grande successo. Harold Bradley & Jona's Blues Band è per diversi anni la band di maggior successo della Capitale con esibizioni in tutti i clubs romani, in numerosi festivals italiani ed alcune apparizioni televisive.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Salvatore Amara & The Easy Blues Band

SALVATORE AMARA & THE EASY BLUES BAND is one of the most valuable Blues band born in Sardinia (the beautiful italian island in the Mediterranean sea), set up by Salvatore Amara between 1993 and 1994. From birth to now the band has suffered frequent changes to the line-up, allowing the rotation of many musicians. After many aftershocks, this is the new basic line-up formed by 5 musicians: Salvatore Amara (lead vocals, guitars and harp), Mauro Amara (keyboards, guitar and backing vocals), Paolo Demontis (harps and backing vocals), Paolo Flore (drums), Roberto Loi (bass and backing vocals), with the invaluable collaboration of Corrado Costa (keyboards) and Antonello Raccis (percussions), with great and involving live performances. The first goal was achieved with the victory in the regional competition at NARCAO BLUES Festival in 1995 (opening act for Andy J. Forest) and then the participation at the same Festival in 1996 (opening act for Ronnie Jones). Going in chronological order are reported participations at ROCCE ROSSE & BLUES Festival (Arbatax) in 1996, 1997 and 2007 (opening act for BB King, Jeff Haley, Peter Green and John Mayall). The first record in MC (1997) "WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE" was composed of original lyrics by Salvatore Amara and co-produced by his brother Mauro, who played on keyboards since the birth of the band. In the same year the band goes on a mini tour in Switzerland, participating as international guests at MUNCHWILEN BLUES Festival (Canton St. Gallen, Zurich), obtaining the consent of the critics. In 1999 the band won the 1st edition of the UNDERGROUND BLUES Festival in Quartu S.E. (opening act for Jack Evans & John Higgs and Herbie Goins). Every night the band is a triumph of Blues and a success. The press, TV, radio and all those fans of the genre have always actively participated in the live shows of the band, which sometimes lasted for up to 4 consecutive hours, in the historical locals of Cagliari. Between July and August 2011 the band recorded the CD “BACK TO THE BLUES” contains 11 original tracks composed by Salvatore Amara. The album has been recorded at GREEN STUDIO in Quartu S.E., by the sound engineer Ignazio Nessy Marcia, and it is available on internet, in particular on Amazon and i tunes stores. On december the Band play as supporter of Jono Manson at “METZCAL Music Club” in Cagliari (Sardinia). Write on our Facebook Wall or post your Photos of great blues events! Here

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Absolutely Live - Davide Pannozzo And Loud Stuff

I just listened to an EP by Davide Pannozzo called Absolutely Live. The cd is surprisingly fresh and bright with more of a Robbin Ford type of sound than anything else I can think to compare to but certainly not a R Ford clone by any means. A couple of cover tunes here but a very enjoyable recording to listen to. Certainly a player that we'll want to keep our eyes on for future work!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Wing - Davide Pannozzo

Davide was born in Formia 26 years ago and is currently considered by critics and audiences the rising star of international blues guitar.

Growing up in the rhythm of Jimi Hendrix , thanks to the shared passion of the parents for the Blues, he began studying classical guitar at the age of six years, showing an early age his natural inclination for music.

At the age of 14 years supports the first tests in the conservatory: he graduated in music theory, and theory and in September the same year he took the classical guitar for lower (fifth year) at the Conservatory of Avellino 'D. Cimarosa' under the guidance of Maestro Giuseppe Possemato, which will be his first great leader in the vast world of music, classical and electric.

Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters, as well as Scott Henderson, Mike Stern, Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley: a new multi-faceted sound that presents a tribute to old blues of the past with deep roots and a black eye the new music world that the millennium, just beginning, is now proposing.

Inevitable human and artistic growth that has taken him on stages of the major blues festivals in Italy: from Pistoia Blues Festival at Liri Blues Festival via the Vicenza Blues Festival and the Torrita Blues Festival .

His talent has been recognized by major characters, like Magic Slim and Big Time Sarah, and all lovers of good music, which underscore not only his technical ability, the result of study and dedication to the music, but also the genius, the natural unconsciousness to amaze and excite.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Blues Italian Style - Family Style Band

A real family band coming from a small town near Milano (Italy) called Arluno, Family Style were formed in 1994 by guitarist MARCO LIMIDO, to play the best Chicago Blues, steamy shuffles, topped by awesome harp and dynamic licks, & lots of swing (Blues Review)!

Together with younger brother FRANCO LIMIDO (Recorded with Robert Palmer) on vocals and harmonica, firts cousin DAVIDE BIANCHI on bass and the fascinating STEFANIA "Funky Mama" AVENALI on drums, Family Style launched themselves to the world's blues circuit, and have never looked back, they are simply the best!

Family Style have made many friends during their European tours in recent years. They are great guys, of course, but the secret of their success is phenomenal live playing.

Their gigs are technical master classes and, just as importantly, joyous celebrations of a music they so clearly love the natural blues (Nottingham Post).

Whether performing distinctive and thoughtfully original material or sensitively interpreting the work of others, Family Style's shows have been hailed as joyous celebrations played with outright swagger and confidence.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Robert Nighthawk Stomp - Danny De Stefani - Frankie King -The Bluespots

Frank "Frankie King" Sjöström - Guitar & Vocals Kjell "Thunder" Axelsson - Bass Björn "Dr. Gung - Kroppy" Ekblom - Drums Yeah! Apart from playing original "King-stuff" we also do covers from bands and artists like: ZZ-Top, Johnny Winter, Albert King, Taj Mahal, The Fab. T-Birds, John Mayall a.o. After an extended vacation we got back together again in Januari of 2008, and here we are, the third incarnation of the Band!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preachin' the blues - Ariberto Osio

Nice job By Ariberto Osio

I play my ringing National Triolian in standard tuning, key of C, with the help of my feet stomping a footdrum board crafted here in Italy by Herrmann Guitars
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Blues di Merda - Bud Spencer Blues Explosion

Italy's got the blues!

I Bud Spencer Blues Explosion si formano a Roma nel gennaio 2007 e dopo due mesi esce il loro primo EP autoprodotto Happy. La gavetta inizia dai locali della capitale e si espande subito al resto d'Italia grazie anche a un ottimo seguito sul web attraverso i canali di myspace e you tube.

Finalisti all’Heineken Jammin Contest 2007, si esibiscono sul grande palco dell’Heineken Jammin Festival di Mestre, vincendo il primo premio come miglior band che prevede la partecipazione all’Open’er festival in Polonia.Il 2008 inizia con le registrazioni del primo disco prodotto dalla Yorpikus Sound, Bud Spencer Blues Explosion prima distribuito on line e poi distribuito da Audioglobe nei negozi a partire dal luglio 2009. Rispetto a quella per il Web, questa versione dell’album contiene anche le due tracce live del Concerto del Primo Maggio.

L'attività live si fa sempre più intensa con un tour nell'inverno 2008 di oltre 40 date in tutta Italia fino ad arrivare al Primo Maggio 2009 che vede l'esibizione dei BSBE sul palco di piazza San Giovanni per lo storico "Concertone", grazie al concorso "Primo Maggio tutto l'anno", in occasione del quale si aggiudicano anche il premio S.I.A.E, "in virtù della grande energia sprigionata sul palco unita all’originalità e freschezza della proposta artistica".

Appena scesi dal palco del Primo Maggio i BSBE decollano verso gli Stati Uniti per il primo tour oltreoceano con date a New York e Seattle, raccontato giorno per giorno con parole e immagini dalle pagine del "diario americano" pubblicato sul sito di Repubblica XL.

Al ritorno in Italia i BSBE vengono intervistati dai maggiori magazine musicali e sono ospiti di alcuni dei più importanti programmi radiofonici tra cui B-Side (Radio Dee-jay), Stereonotte (Radio Rai Uno) e Patchanka (Popolare Network) che incuriositi dalla carica live del duo, decidono di fare uno strappo alla regola e trasformare le interviste di rito in veri e propri mini concerti radiofonici.

Contemporaneamente esce il primo videoclip ufficiale del pezzo "Hey Boy Hey Girl" cover reinterpretata in chiave chitarra e batteria del celebre brano dei Chemical Brothers. Il video entra nelle programmazioni dei più importanti network televisivi, arrivando ai primi post della chart di MTV- Brand New.

Dall’ottobre 2009 i BSBE sono impegnati in un tour che li ha visti esibirsi sui palchi dei club più importanti. Nel corso di questi concerti, accolti con grande entusiasmo dal pubblico, il duo propone diversi brani tratti dal loro primo album, alcuni brani nuovi, mentre l’apertura e la chiusura delle esibizioni sono scandite da classici quali “Crossroads” (dal repertorio del leggendario bluesman Robert Johnson) e “Voodo Chile (Slight Reurn), celebre brano di Jimi Hendrix. Il 23 gennaio 2010 i BSBE si esibiscono come “headliner” in una delle serate della rassegna Generazione X al fianco di Alessio Bertallot e del bassista Saturnino.

” Se dovessimo definire la nostra musica”, hanno dichiarato recentemente, “potremmo dire che l’eccitazione e l’attitudine del grunge si mischia col blues più viscerale. Il risultato è un suono decisamente anni Settanta”. E’ poi la volta di un nuovo singolo, “Mi sento come se”, e del relativo video, girato durante l’entusiasmante concerto che si è svolto lo scorso 7 novembre al Circolo degli artisti di Roma. Il video è stato presentato in esclusiva dal sito di Repubblica XL, per poi entrare nella programmazione di Dee Jay Television, e in quelle di altre emittenti televisive.

Il primo maggio del 2010 i BSBE tornano sul palco del Concertone in Piazza San Giovanni a Roma e questa volta fanno parte del cast ufficiale della manifestazione. Anche questa partecipazione viene accolta con entusiasmo dal pubblico e dalla critica. L’estate 2010 è segnata da un numero impressionante di concerti e dalla partecipazione a festival e rassegne di primo piano, come il Miami e Italia Wave. Nel 2010, in vista del loro nuovo album, registrano in studio a Milano la cover degli LCD Sound System "Daft Punk is playing in my house", che vede la collaborazione alla voce del cantante e dj italiano Alessio Bertallot e al basso di Saturnino Celani, compositore e storico bassista di Jovanotti.