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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Key to the Highway - The Delta Blues Alarm

"The Delta Blues Alarm" are a duo of young guitarists not yet very experienced! Friends since the early years of the Liceo Elijah Bertolazzi and Simon Marquis to cultivate their own way a passion for the music major even if between the two very different! In 2007 Elijah receives her first guitar, an old Ferrarotti, and begins to learn!
Simo instead already owned a guitar! So that toward the end of 2007, the two find themselves and begin to jam at home for fun! At the time Simo played the electric guitar and Elijah was the percussion with the chopsticks!
In the meantime Elijah had several fortune with instruments. His Aunt gave him a classical guitar and a little later also as a friend of his sister gave him an old electric bass ! In 2009 Simo gets an old classical guitar also and the two begin to try two guitars! trying to make the cover of the blues! In October 2010, the guitarist of The Austin, Mark j Panichella them up for a contest by the band 6 "Panic Contest" with the name of "The Delta Blues Alarm"! The two then prepare two songs Key to the Highway and I Can not Hold Out! They are playing with 5 other groups of adults complete with guitar, bass and drums, but if nothing else
! Since that time, they had a name, starting to make slightly more serious recordings. Now the two continue to play looking for depth of old blues incorporating elements of their culture!
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