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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Eller Soul Records artist: Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones - Complicated Mess - New release review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Complicated Mess, from Doug Deming and the Jewel Tones and it's really strong. Opening with title track, Complicated Mess, guitar man and vocalist, Doug Deming sets the table for a blues feast. His vocals are solid as always and using machine gun and trem bend, his riffs are hot! Joining are Andrew Gohman on bass and Marty Dodson on drums. Super opener. Kim Wilson's harp work adds great depth and Demings riffs are rich and jazzy on Sweet Poison, a cool bluesy ballad. Sam Theard's classic, You Rascal You, has great wings with Little Charlie Baty on guitar, joining Deming with clever lyrics and an extremely active rhythm section. Excellent! Shuffle, Need My Baby has a great lope and Madison Slim's harp work is strong giving the track a nice edge. My favorite track on the release is slow blues, Deep Blue Sea, with soulful vocal by Deming and smoldering guitar riffs, playing against Bon Welsh's piano workout. Excellent! Bright jazzy instrumental, Captain's Quarters is bass driven by Gohman and Little Charlie and Deming really give it a strong workout. Very nice! Shuffle track, Cookin' At The Kitchen has a great feel with Welsh on piano, Slim on Harp, and tight trums work by Dodson. Wrapping the release is horn soaked instrumental Rat Killin', with Tino Barker on lush bari sax, Sax Gordon on tenor sax, Gohman getting loose on bass and some terrific flight finger work by Deming. Excellent closer for a really strong release. 

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Doug Deming's album Complicated Mess out 10/19

Doug Deming Brings His Complicated Mess To Fans

On October 19, 2018

“a stone killer... devastating in every way” - Tom Hyslop

"Deming is a ferocious guitarist, fiery but clean, with a crisp, clear tone reminiscent of Charlie Christian's style." - BLUES MUSIC MAGAZINE

EllerSoul Records is proud to release the new album from guitarist Doug Deming called Complicated Mess, out on October 19, 2018. Along with his road band and some great guests, this album is Deming’s most courageous effort to date, combining traditional blues, jazz, swing, soul and R&B. Delivered in style with ten original Deming tunes along with three familiar covers of Fats Domino, Sam Theard, and the late great Lazy Lester. Complicated Mess is sure to set music fans on fire.

“EllerSoul Records is excited to be working with Doug on his new recording. It is something we've talked about for some time, and the timing finally worked out for us. Doug is just the type of musician/person that EllerSoul is proud to work with. Doug is a deep blues performer, he knows and understands the language. Both vocally and on that 'killer' blues guitar,” says Ronnie Owens, EllerSoul Records.

Captured at Bigtone Records in Hayward, CA, this analog recording achieves the tone and warm, authentic atmosphere ideal for Deming’s style. With a host of top-shelf special guests, this record is “a stone killer... devastating in every way.”- Tom Hyslop

" is a cat that is bedrock solid in the blues with inventive guitar licks, clever songwriting, and upbeat, dance-inducing music. As a guitar player, he nails every category: taste, tone, restraint, timing, and phrasing."  - BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE

Doug Deming is an American blues and roots guitarist/vocalist, born and raised in the Detroit area, currently residing on the Gulf coast of Florida. Doug is the 2013 recipient of the Blues Blast Music Awards’ Sean Costello Rising Star Award. Drawing influence from greats like T-Bone Walker, Charlie Christian and Robert Jr. Lockwood, Doug’s traditional taste and style are evident in his original music, with three recordings of primarily original tunes to his credit. Throughout his 20+ year career Doug has enjoyed touring and recording with many top blues artists, including Kim Wilson, Gary Primich, Lazy Lester, Alberta Adams, AC Reed and Johnny “Yard Dog” Jones to name a few; as well as with his own band featuring various artists such as Greg “Fingers” Taylor, Terry Hanck, Steve Guyger, and Dennis Gruenling. Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones play traditional blues, West Coast and Texas swing, and early 50s roots rock. This is real deal rocking’ rhythm & blues! 

“I first heard and met Doug several years ago, and we have since become good friends. We're definitely on the same page musically as our taste in music are pretty much identical. It ain't retro, it ain't old school, it's 'The School.'”- Ronnie K. Owens, EllerSoul Records.

Thoughts On Songs from Doug:

“COMPLICATED MESS” is a stripped down 60’s Chicago blues - inspired tune featuring just the trio. I intended to produce a primarily guitar-focused record. This tune set the pace for that ideal and ended up being the title track.

With “DEEP BLUE SEA” I was trying to recreate some of the magic of Buddy Guy’s Vanguard recordings from the 1960’s, and particularly the interplay between Buddy Guy and Otis Spann.

When writing “SWEET POISON,” I was looking to capture the swamp blues feel of the Excello Recordings out of Baton Rouge, LA in the 50s and 60s. This song was written specifically for chromatic harmonica, which Kim Wilson just nails here.

“HOLD ON” is a stylistic departure from the norm for me. Here I’m delving into the R&B genre much deeper than I have before. 

Doug Deming is comfortable in his musical clothes…  As impressive as his leads are, he always seems conscious of shining the best light on the whole picture.”       – VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE

Monday, August 1, 2016

Vizztone Label Group artist: Dennis Gruenling - Ready Or Not - New Release review

I just had the opportunity to review the newest release, Ready of Not, from Dennis Gruenling and it's a barn burner. Opening with hig energy blues rocker, Knockin' My Knees, Gruenling joins forces with Doug Demingon guitar, Andrew Gohman on bass and Michael Bran on drums for a blend of blues, rock n' roll and New Orleans jazz for a great opener. Bram's strait snare work along with Dave Keyes on liano really stand out on this track. On Missing Person, Slim Harpo's influence is strong with a super boogie reinforced by rim shots and Gruenling's harp work is hot. Another track with a New Orleans feel, Ready Or Not to me gets that classic R&B sound and Deming steps out with a real nice guitar solo. Simmer Down has a classic rock tom tom riff that sets the pace and Gruenling's harp work has a great vocal like quality. Very nice! Little Sugar is a pure rock n' roller with early roots. Deming takes center stage on this one with country flavored rock riffs. A solid rocker, one of the best tracks on the release. Swinging blues rocker, If You Wanna Rock, has a great groove and Gruenling delivers on vocal and his harp work really hits the target with backing vocals by Dave Gross and Michael Bram. Gruenling really lays out some great blues harp on Ready To Burn with basic blues rhythm under his vocals. Very nice! Instrumental, Rockin' With The Rev is a really hot track (can you hear me Stilladog) with Gruenling really cooking it. This is a great track and the band is hot and tight! Another rocker, Open The Door, this time with a Chuck Berry flavor, gets down and gritty with solid riffs from Deming and Keyes as well as a nice solo from Gruenling. Sizzling blues/jazz number, Think Twice, is smoking hot with Gruenling riffing out on harp followed by vocal lead. Deming plays a really nice stylized solo of his own followed by an extended solo by Gruenling. Excellent! Give Me Back My Heart has a real retro blues feel with Gruenling on lead vocal and with male backing vocals, hand clap percussion and stylized guitar soloing, topped off by Gruenling. Wrapping the release is Count Chromatic of course featuring Gruenling up front of chromatic harp but with really nice guitar riffs by Deming. This is a great track and a great closer.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grammy Award ballots


The first-round Grammy Awards Ballots are out!
First-round ballots have gone out to members of the Recording Academy, to determine who the final GRAMMY Award nominees will be.  This year VizzTone is proud to have thirteen artists represented on the official entry list! 

Our congratulations to:








If you're a member of the Recording Academy, please consider voting for these great artists!
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

VizzTone Records artist: Doug Deming & the Jewel Tones - What's it Gonna Take - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, What's it Gonna Take, from Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones. Doug is joined by Dennis Gruenling on harmonica, Andrew Gohman on bass and Devin Neel on drums and vocals. The release opens with the title track, What's It Gonna Take, a simple early rock blues track with tasty harp and guitar riffs. Think Hard has the lope of a classic Chicago blues track with a harp chaser. One Good Reason again revisits the early days of blues rock or rockabilly. Neel and Deming sing a little harmony and Greunling plays some nice harp. Deming plays some classic guitar riffs keeping the bop going. Poison Ivy moves the heavy rhythm guitar to the upbeat and creates the signature decade sound. Greunling plays what sounds like a chromatic harp and swings it quite well. An Eye For An Eye really slows the tempo and digs in to Muddy Waters territory for a solid city blues track. Greunling echoes Demings voice on harp and Deming keeps the rhythm guitar quiet under the harp solo lead. I Want You To Be My Baby, a classic jump blues track, is performed with spirit and enthusiasm. This track really gives Greunling the opportunity to blow the doors off and he follows through with some really sweet harp work. Deming follows his lead with some period correct guitar riffs and right back to the meat of this track which is the enthusiastic delivery of the vocals. No Big Thrill has a strong Texas rhythm and a really cool feel to it. Deming drilling the rhythm guitar and Greunling complimenting his vocals throughout sets a cool stage for this track. Stay Away has a particular 60's sound to it. I hear what sounds like organ but none is credited. This is overlayed with simple drum rhythm and vocal. There is a cool guitar solo through a processor on this track. Lucky Charm gets back to the Chicago swing sound and a classic blues attack with vocal and harp. Both Deming and Greunling take time to play some cool riffs on this track. A Pretty Girl again visits the early rock blues style with a swing component, warm guitar chords and vocal harmonies. Deming plays a particularly stylistic guitar solo on this track and Greunling shares the space with him on some fine harp work. Bella's Boogie, the final track, is done in pure jump style and the guys pull out the stops for a fine blues rockin' instrumental.

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