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Monday, June 10, 2013

Rhonda Sue Records artist: David Egan Self Titled release - New Release Review

I just received the new self titled release from David Egan and it's quite entertaining. Opening with That's A Big Ol' Hurt, Egan conjures the silky smooth sound of Basin Street and a refined orchestration. This is a really cool track along the lines of I Got News For You. Egan really delivers vocally and on piano. Funky track Call Your Children Home, benefits from Lil Buck Senegal adding some hot guitar riffs. Outta Mississippi is a hard charger with driving piano and moving to Dickie Landry playing some outrageous sax later in the track. Dance To The Blues With Me has a R&B style with nice instrumental texture. Bruce MacDonald adds nice guitar work on this track and background vocals by Roddie Romero and Caleb Romero add considerable warmth. One Foot In The Bayou is a straight up boogie with a cool swing. Egan's piano work on this track is hot and Joe McMahan slips in some nice guitar riffs as well. Not to be ignored are solid contributions by Mike Sipos on drums and Ron Eoff on Bass. The Outside has a really nice sway to it with a vocal delivery that is just right. Egan again takes control of the track on piano and his sense of taste for filler is super. Funky Dreams is a real N.O. style funky blues track with instrumental added like paint on a canvas. Lush guitar work by Buddy Flett adds to the mix here with multiple key parts and snappy drumming. Sad Sad Satisfaction is one of my favorite tracks on the release. Can't really tell you why, and that is a good thing. I think it means it's well written and performed. This laid back track just lays in the groove with a complex interweaving of melodies and smolders. The release ends with R&B style ballad, Every Tear. This is a song that reminds me quite a bit of Amazing Grace. It has a sweet melody and one that could easily find mass appeal. This is a particularly strong release that may not appeal to everyone, but I will say, give it a chance. you may find you really really like it!

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Releases From David Egan, Kirsten Thien, Too Slim and the Taildraggers, and RB Stone

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Blind Raccoon

"This cat looks like a cross between Dave Van Ronk and R. Crumb. He sings, plays and writes like
Mose Allison in his prime and it feels unintentional, like it was something in the water as opposed
to a mannered copy. He’s got loads of high tone songwriting credits but has chosen to pound
the ivories in Shreveport roadhouses, not even bothering to kick it out in Nawlins.
One of those heaviest-cats-you-never-heard-of kind of cats, this disc is a non-stop, no fat, great time. Easily as Americana as The Band, this set might color outside the lines but it isn’t outsider music. Killer stuff from start to finish, it’s time for this legend to take root." Midwest Record


"A snapshot. A moment in time. A work in progress.
Alchemy. Intended, not planned.
Imperfections I can live with and learn from.
Circumstances that brought me here. Love that carried me through.
Friendship fostered by music. Music fostered by friendship.
A room full of willing souls.
These are the elements that make up this record. A snapshot." Kirsten Thien


"If it is possible to be a natural- born guitarist, Langford fits the description."
Vintage Guitar


"RB Stone lives in his own kick-ass roadhouse, where the songs rock you from side to side
and the words bite back at you. This is the true originality of a renegade spirit."
Michael Kinsman

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