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Friday, August 16, 2013

Delta Groove Music artist: Sugaray Rayford - Dangerous - New release review

I just received a copy of the newest release (September 17, 2013), Dangerous, by Sugaray Rayford and it's quite impressive. Rayford, well know as the featured voice of the Mannish Boys, has cut loose with his own release and he is backed by a huge list of talent. Opening with Country Boy and a strong smell of Chicago, Rayford's robust voice paves the way and Sugar Ray Norcia has the harp screaming. Anthony Geraci adds really nice key work on a solid bass by Willie J Campbell (bass) and Jimi Bott on drums. Stuck For A Buck has a bit of the James Brown shuffle going with Gino Matteo rippin fine guitar lead and Fred Kaplan warms the track with organ play. Rayford of course nicely handles lead vocals and a solid horn section made up of Ron Dziubla and Mark Pender cooks the track. On I'm Dangerous, Rayford and Norcia really grind deep in the blues. Norcia plays outstanding harmonica solos on this track making it one of my favorites on the release. Norcia shares the lead vocals on Two Times Sugar and Monster Mike Welch drops in for a really hot guitar solo. This is cool swingin blues that could make solid airplay. Another of my favorites is Pee Wee Crayton's When It Rains It Pours. Super soulful vocals by Rayford are nicely complimented by the strong guitar work of Frank Goldwasser and piano by Fred Kaplan. Super smokn track! Rayford's vocals on Charles Brown's Depression Blues have a beautiful lope and Kid Anderson takes the guitar solo to the edge... really sweet. This is another of the top highlights on the track. Bill Stuve adds a nice solid bottom on acoustic bass and Pender and Dziubla really round out the track. Goin' Back To Texas is a slow paced blues featuring some real nice slide wirk from Goldwasser, nice harp work from Kim Wilson and some of the richest vocals from Rayford on the release. I Might Do Somethin' Crazy has a real nice Willie Dixon style to it. Rayford's vocals really play into this track nicely and Kid Anderson again steps up with some spectacular guitar riffs. Excellent! Again on In The Dark, a swingin blues track, Rayford sings up a storm and really opens the doors for Anderson who kicks the guitar solo in the nuts. (Strong horns too!) Need A Little More Time takes an acoustic attack with strong vocals from Rayford backed by minimal percussion by Bott, and meaty work on National Steel Guitar by Goldwasser and harp by Chortkoff. Big Pete is featured on harp on Keep Her At Home, a quick paced boogie. The release is concluded with Son House's Preaching Blues. Goldwasser handles the slidework like a deer going through open pasture and with only like percussion, Rayford show surefooted command as his own band leader. Really super release!

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This track is not from the release but is a good example of the music presented.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Pete Choice Cuts - Holland's Best Kept Secret

Big Pete's informal introduction to the U.S. market materialized in March 2010 with his appearance on The Mannish Boys' 5th anniversary release "Shake For Me." Pete closed out the album in style paying tribute to his hero Lester Butler on the storming New Orleans romp "Way Down South," backed by Kid RamosWillie J. Campbell and Jimi Bott along with special guest pianist Andy Kaulkin, who previously recorded with Lester Butler on the classic album "Thirteen." Now Holland's best kept secret makes his official American solo album debut with an incredible all-star recording lineup featuring Kim WilsonPaul OscherAl BlakeJohnny DyerAlex Schultz, Kirk FletcherKid RamosRusty ZinnShawn PittmanJohn MarxMojo MarkRob Rio, Willie J. Campbell and Jimi Bott. “Choice Cuts” is guaranteed to be an instant classic not to be missed by anyone who considers themselves a true blues lover!

Big Pete w/Alex Schultz
“So Low Down”

Big Pete w/Alex Schultz
“Way Down South”

Big Pete w/ Matt Schofield
“Don’t Know What I’d Do”


11/09/11: Luzern, Switzerland – Lucerne Blues Festival
11/10/11: Luzern, Switzerland – Lucerne Blues Festival
11/11/11: Luzern, Switzerland – Lucerne Blues Festival
11/15/11: Basel, Switzerland – SUD Blues Now!
11/25/11: Amsterdam, Noord-Holl, Netherlands – Club Dauphine
01/15/12: Amstelveen, NL - The Shack (Bikes 'n Blues)
02/03/12: Liverpool, United Kingdom – Garston British Legion, Haig House
02/04/12: Shrewsbury, UK - Theatre Severn
02/08/12: Lille, FR - Seven Nights To Blues Festival
03/03/12: Leerdam, NL - Het Dak Bluesfestival
03/04/12: Mol, BE - De Gompelhof
03/18/12: Zuidwolde, NL - de Zuiderhof
04/13/12: St. Petersberg, FL - Tampa Bay Blues Festival
05/26-27/12: Simi Valley, CA – Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival
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Friday, June 3, 2011

You're The One - Big Pete - Monster - Mike Welch

This info from Bob Corritore...thanks Bob!

Delta Groove to release album by youthful Dutch harmonica player Big Pete! Not to be confused with veteran blues shouter Big Pete Pearson, this Big Pete stands 6' 2", has reddish-blond hair and rosy cheeks and is in his early 30s (Big Pete's last name is actually Van der Pluijm). His dynamic performances last weeked at the Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival showed the harmonica influences of William Clarke, Al Blake, and Lester Butler, and a sweet, full-toned natural voice. Delta Groove chief Randy Chortkoff reports: "I'm now in the middle of this massive Big Pete recording. We have a huge list of special guests on it. Jimi Bott and Willie J. Campbell, Alex Schultz, Kirk Fletcher, Kid Ramos, Shawn Pittman, Kim Wilson, Johnny Dyer, Rob Rio, Al Blake, Paul Oscher, Rusty Zinn, Mojo Mark, etc., etc... I must be totally CRAZY. An album on Big Pete who nobody knows and is from another country! But Pete is sOOOOOO good and I can't help myself!" We look forward to the resulting album.