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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Pete Choice Cuts - Holland's Best Kept Secret

Big Pete's informal introduction to the U.S. market materialized in March 2010 with his appearance on The Mannish Boys' 5th anniversary release "Shake For Me." Pete closed out the album in style paying tribute to his hero Lester Butler on the storming New Orleans romp "Way Down South," backed by Kid RamosWillie J. Campbell and Jimi Bott along with special guest pianist Andy Kaulkin, who previously recorded with Lester Butler on the classic album "Thirteen." Now Holland's best kept secret makes his official American solo album debut with an incredible all-star recording lineup featuring Kim WilsonPaul OscherAl BlakeJohnny DyerAlex Schultz, Kirk FletcherKid RamosRusty ZinnShawn PittmanJohn MarxMojo MarkRob Rio, Willie J. Campbell and Jimi Bott. “Choice Cuts” is guaranteed to be an instant classic not to be missed by anyone who considers themselves a true blues lover!

Big Pete w/Alex Schultz
“So Low Down”

Big Pete w/Alex Schultz
“Way Down South”

Big Pete w/ Matt Schofield
“Don’t Know What I’d Do”


11/09/11: Luzern, Switzerland – Lucerne Blues Festival
11/10/11: Luzern, Switzerland – Lucerne Blues Festival
11/11/11: Luzern, Switzerland – Lucerne Blues Festival
11/15/11: Basel, Switzerland – SUD Blues Now!
11/25/11: Amsterdam, Noord-Holl, Netherlands – Club Dauphine
01/15/12: Amstelveen, NL - The Shack (Bikes 'n Blues)
02/03/12: Liverpool, United Kingdom – Garston British Legion, Haig House
02/04/12: Shrewsbury, UK - Theatre Severn
02/08/12: Lille, FR - Seven Nights To Blues Festival
03/03/12: Leerdam, NL - Het Dak Bluesfestival
03/04/12: Mol, BE - De Gompelhof
03/18/12: Zuidwolde, NL - de Zuiderhof
04/13/12: St. Petersberg, FL - Tampa Bay Blues Festival
05/26-27/12: Simi Valley, CA – Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival
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