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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Catfish - Popa Chubby - New Release review - by Stilladog: Guest Writer

Talk about keepin’ it fresh?  Oh yeah. This album does it.  Popa Chubby (Theodore Horowitz) is a bad man with an axe in his hand! I’ve met the man and I believe this is the album he was always meant to do.
At first you will be impressed with solid blues and blues rock songs with a touch of nasty funk.  Tracks 1 & 2, Goin’ Downtown and Good Thing fall into this category.  Next comes an instrumental version of the Buddy Holly classic Bye Bye Love, the first of many tracks where Chubby pays homage to his influential heroes.
There are rockers Dirty Diesel (a touch of Stevie Ray?) and Motorhead Saved My Life and the slow gut-bucket Blues For Charlie . Then there’s Slow Down Sugar which throughout includes a muted trumpet paying homage to Miles Davis. Later this track breaks into a primitive rap reminiscent of Miles’ Doo-Bop album that received terrible reviews but which fused jazz and hiphop perfectly way back in the early 90s.  
A couple top notch originals, The Catfish and Put a Grown Man To Shame are not to be missed and the album concludes with the Robert Johnson cover Come On In My Kitchen which is terrific!
But the crowning jewel in this excellent album is track 5, Wes Is More, where Chubby channels Wes Montgomery!  It’s basically a jazz shuffle in which Popa Chubby displays more depth and diversity than anyone could imagine. Just wonderful!  

This is a GREAT album and has a little for everyone whether your tastes run to rock, blues/rock, funk, hip-hop, or straight jazz. The Chubby man offers it all up on this recording.  This album is EXTREMELY recommended by Stilladog. The more diverse your taste in music is the more you will like this album. 


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