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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cleopatra Records artist: Eric Gales - A Night On The Sunset Street - New Release Review - CD/DVD

I just received the newest release (July 8, 2016), A Night On The Sunset Strip, from Eric Gales, and it's really strong. Opening with Make It There, Gales and crew are FUNKY! Backed by Cesar Oviedo on bass who's emphasis is additive and percussive and Nicholas Hayes, who's drumming is crisp and direct this band is tight and spontaneous. Gales, of course, has the mic, playing a green/gold metallic Strat and his soloing is absolutely fluid. This man can throw down 50 note runs barely moving is gingers. Great opener. On modified boogie track, The Change In Me, Oviedo sets a solid boogie bass line but this track has some changes in mind. With effective use of rim shots and snappy jazz turns by Hayes and classy chords by Gales, this track is adventurous. Gales slowly builds dynamics using light bursts of fire but ultimately exploding into full out speed riffs, but not without returning to the jazzy chords and light touch to close. An interview with Gales is interjected between tracks and his honest and informative dialogue adds nicely to the film. Gales wife, Ladonna Gales and cousin, Tyrone Thomas Jr. join the band onstage with rich vocal work on jazz influenced rocker, Block The Sun. Gales vocals on this track really take it in an interesting direction with soulful, bluesy phrasing and the blend is really interesting. His guitar playing is inspired, fast and intense. Very nice. Heavily R&B influenced The Open Road, keeps the playing light and free with nicely blended vocals and a stern kick drum. Using synthetic processing at times, Gales shows his precise, expressive guitar riffs in a most understated manner. This man is have fun and not just blasting it in your face. Nicely done. Boogaloo style instrumental, Sea Of Bad Blood, takes some really interesting jazz turns with Gales playing a lot of rhythm guitar and adding lush jazz chords. Gales leaves the stage giving Oviedo and Hayes free rein to play a nicely progressive jam. Gales returns to the stage for a really lush wrap. Very nice. Instrumental, Swamp erupts a as a rockin jam with everybody at full overdrive. Hard driving and aggressive, this track rocks. Rejoining Gales are Ladonna and Tyrone as well as well as Dylan Wiggins on keys for modern neo soul track, 1019. With it's funky bottom and super key work, Gales and troupe really are visiting Johnny Guitar Watson territory. I really like this track with it's funky interplay between the bottom and Gales vocal and his blues rock guitar work. Excellent! Digging up country roots but with heavy blues and rock influence, Good For Sumthin' openings with a very traditional vamp. Developing this track with funky overtones and heavy bottom, this track has a great groove. Wrapping the release is Jagger/Richards track, Miss You. Raphael Saadiq joins on bass for this final number giving it just a bit more soul and jazz than the original. Gales takes pride in showing off some real nice chords abefore breaking into a real expressive speed blues solo. Strong conclusion to a super concert.

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