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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Arkansas Street Records artist: Bill Phillippe - Parade - New release review

I just received the newest release, Parade, by Bill Phillippe and it's quite good. This is not your typical blues fact, not sure it's a typical release at all, but it's interesting. In a cool followup to 2014's Ghosts Phillippe set new roads in a sensuous and unconventional way.
Opening with Blues Come Calling, Phillippe, on vocal and guitar, creates an aural street feel joined by Ivor Holloway on clarinet, Swen Hendrickson on bass and Glenn Hartman on accordion. Nicely crafted and melodic, this track is soothing. Folk track, Proper Sorrow is so nicely arranged with Phillippe's vocals backed by a very strong acoustic bass work and weaving clarinet line it's quite enticing. 14th Street, with warm accordion work and clarinet lead gives the track a sense of old Paris. Sensitive writing, vocals and a very strong bass line give this track nice contrast with clarinet overtones. If I Should Lose My Mind is the most straight forward melody on the track but again with sophisticated accordion and clarinet support and great bass. Duke Ellington's Solitude / A Kinder Voice is very subdued with only critical accompaniment. Everything I Have Is Grey, a quiet ballad adheres to a haunting ballad style with really nice bass work and a super clarinet/accordion duet. Little Zion has a more jazzy yet folk approach. Hendrickson really plays a nice bass on this release and his style on this track is outstanding. Balanced with Phillippe's vocals and Holloway's clarinet work, this track is magic. With a 30's sound, Holloway opens Red Beret with clean clarinet work over that solid bass work. Phillippe uses his vocals and guitar work creating a perfect balance of music. Wrapping the release is Tom Waits' Take It With Me, a bluesy number with a nice clarinet intro. Phillippe's vocals are deeper and the track is bathed in accordion. A nicely written and performed release, check it out for a change of pace.

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