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Friday, June 10, 2016

Earwig Music Company artist: Andy Cohen - Road Be Kind - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the newest release, Road Be Kind, from Andy Cohen and it's quite interesting. Opening with Five and Ten Cent Blues, Andy Cohen shows when he get his impeccable reputation as a blues man and finger picker. Rich acoustic guitar tones and fluid picking makes this a great opener. Seldom Seen Slim is a cool country ballad written by Luke Baldwin. Short and sweet, a cool pictoral ballad. Sonny Terry's Spread The News Around is another terrific display of Cohen's finger work. Title track, Road Be Kind, is a solid ballad by Scott Alarik. A nice balance between vocal and guitar accompaniment. John D Loudermilk's instrumental, Windy and Warm is playful and rich. Cohen's guitar work is well structured and nicely executed. More Wood is one of my favorite tracks on the release with a happy little melody and deep acoustic guitar feel. Steve Fromholtz's High Country Caravan is a solemn ballad with Cohen laying it all out there vocally. Weems Doyle's Mysterious Mose is a wild ride '30's track with all of the playfulness of the original. Catch Cohen tickling the fretboard as he makes all of the sound effects of this crazy track. Cool! Fort Sumner Dance has a blend of jig and bluegrass with some real nice acoustic riffs. The Goodnight-Loving Trail by Utah Phillips is an easy paced country waltz with a pictorial melody of the rugged road. Brownie McGhee's Seaboard Train is a hot country blues with snappy riffs. Talkin' Hard Luck is a David Bromberg/Bob Dylan like rant that was played by Chris Bouchillion and Peg Leg Sam among others with a super acoustic guitar run carrying it. Blarney Pilgrim/Jig McCoy is a really interesting acoustic number in the manner of Irish folk tunes. Really well executed and with beautiful guitar tones ... excellent! Bill Ellis' John Ate The Locust and the Honey is a nicely crafted folk hymn with tight guitar riffs. The release is wrapped by classic rock ballad Blackbird. Very much an experience in acoustic guitar exploration, a fitting conclusion to a very crafty release.
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