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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Provogue artist: Jeff Healey - Heal My Soul - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Heal My Soul, by Jeff Healey and it's pretty cool. These are tracks that were recorded between 1996 and 1998. Opening with Daze Of The Night, Healey takes a solid rock stance with a catchy melody and ripping guitar work. Joe Rockman provides a nice bottom and Dean Glover does an excellent job on drums (love the cow bell). Moodswing continues in the blues rock vein with a heavy feel and slaying guitar riffs. Tom Stephen sits in on drums on this track with a lot of back slap and tension. Healey's guitar phrasing is terrific and his vocals solid as always. Healey shifts gears with pop track, Baby Blue, which has all of the components of an absolute top 40 track. Super melody, vocal blending and easy guitar rhythm with laid back lead work is the ticket here... think Bread or Badfinger. Very nice! I Misunderstood is another track with a nice melody but with tom tom heavy drums by Dean Glover and searing guitar soloing by Healey, this track has some heat in the oven. Please is a stiff rocker with Rockman and Stephen on the bottom and Healey ripping Hendrix like hot distorted riffs over a funky rock beat and a blend of Eddie Money pop. Love In Her Eyes is a safe rocker with nice vocal blending and a hot shot of dueling guitars. Temptation is a real cool track with an almost southern rock swagger and hot guitar riffs. Healey really does rip it on this track with a lot less control than expected. Very nice! Kiss The Ground is a really nice composition and one straight to the radio. Mood changes and excellent blending of vocals and instrumentation make this a top contender for cross radio play. Acoustic track, All The Saints, finds Healey at his vocal best, backed only by electronic keys and acoustic guitar. A simple melody with country and folk influences, this is a strong track. Put The Shoe On The Other Foot kicks out the jam with a bit of funk. Glover and Rockman are joined by Phillip Sayce on rhythm guitar and giving Healey the space to sing and play lead guitar. Nicely strung together guitar solos with a lot of feel by Healey makes this one of the most potent tracks on the release and one that is bound to be a fan favorite. Under A Stone is a straight up rocker with particularly cool drumming by Glover and with Cristie Healey on backing vocals. Healey lets the guitar rip here as well and his riffs are hot. Wrapping the release is It's The Last Time, a solid pop rocker with well fitted guitar riffs and a nice melody. This is a cool release and one that not just die hard Healey fans will enjoy!

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