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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Roadhouse Redemption Records artist: Georgie Bonds - Hit It Hard - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Hit It Hard, from Georgie Bonds and it's a mover! Opening with Pickin' Your Bones,the band is hitting it hard with Buddy Cleveland on harp, Andy Haley on drums, Walter Runge on organ and Neil Taylor on guitar, Bond is leading the way on lead vocal. Great opener. Funky, Let's Get Down, has a great groove with Runge on piano backing Bonds' lead vocal and Vanessa Collier and Dave Renz trading sax solos. Corey Paternoster and Haley jazz it up a bit with some jazzy rhythms as well. Sentenced To The Blues is a solid down the middle slow blues and has the best of Bonds' vocals. Runge's organ work creates tension in the track, Cleveland lays out a really nice harp solo and Taylor hits a stiff guitar solo of his own. Very nice! Shuffle track, Not Tired Of Living, has an almost Elvin Bishop strut. Bonds has a cool swing and Taylor's guitar work, coupled with Cleveland's harp highlights leads to a full group chorus by Cleveland, Collier, Gina Burnett and Mike Bardzik. Come Back Baby is a blues fused rocker with a great bass line from Prince. Bonds vocals are inspired and Cleveland trades harp riffs with Runge on piano for a cool track. Ballad, The Soul Of A Man, is a really nice composition with Bonds' solid vocal work trimmed by Cleveland on harp. The use of Wurlitzer by Runge on this track was a nice choice accenting the feel of the track. Taylor plays a nicely articulated solo of his own giving the track a blusier feel. Very nice. Butter Your Biscuit and a cool shuffle with Bonds' vocal just off the beat. I really like when someone does this well and Bonds hits it perfectly. Taylor steps up with some of his coolest riffs on the release and Cleveland lays it out flat, backed by Runge on keys making this one of my favorite tracks on the release. Deadly Poison has a cool back beat and nice bass lines by Prince. Again, Runge chooses Wurlitzer for the perfect effect and Bonds, working with Collier and Matecki get the vocals spot on. Lumbering blues, Paid Vacation, sets a nice pace and solid bass lines by Prince and the freewheelin' vocals by Bonds really opens the door. Harp work by Cleveland and guitar work by Taylor makes this a super track. R&B track, Blues Job, is quick paced and reinforced by the sax work of Renz and Collier. Taylor steps up with some nice fluid guitar riffs on this track and ultra sassy sax lines make this another of my favorites on the release. Wrapping the release is Another Year, a quiet ballad featuring soft blending of Taylor's guitar work, Bonds vocals and Cleveland's harp. This is a nice conclusion to a cool release.
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