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Monday, November 9, 2015

Brown Cow Productions artists: The Jimmys - Hot Dish - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Hot Dish from The Jimmys and hot it is! Opening with Lose That Woman, is a Latin influenced number with a swing. Featuring Jimmy Voegeli on keys and lead vocal, this track is hot out of the gate. With John Wartenweiler on bass, Perry Weber on guitar and Mauro Magellan on drums this unit is tight. Mike Bowman on trumpet, Darren Sterud on trumpet, trombone and backing vocal and Pete Ross on sax each add slick riffs of their own even venturing into surf territory with backing vocals from Al Falaschi, Alison Margaret and Faith Ulwelling making this a great opener! I really like You Say You Will which has attitude. With Roy Head style guitar riffs from Weber and Voegeli's rolling piano riffs, pushed over the top by the horn section (The Amateur Horn Stars) this track rocks. R&B style Freight Train has a blend of Wilson Pickett, Al Green and Booket T. You're kidding me ...right? No. This track is super. Solid horn lead and Weber throwing down fluid guitar riffs gives this track a real nice balance. Big swing, I Wonder, gets into big band blues style with excellent vocal and guitar phrasing. The horn section is so tight they almost sound like one fat, powerful instrument. One thing that I feel is lacking in contemporary is trombone soloing. Sterud takes care of that with a stand up blow out with the trumpets pushing him along. Excellent! Funk Schway is really smooth with a great rich horn melody. Weber takes a short guitar of his own and Magellan spices up the bottom. Ross gets his chance at the mic rolling in a real sexy sax solo followed by Voegeli on Hammond. Dig it! Texas style blues track, What Gives has a real nice lope led by Weber. The Amateur Horns fill the place with sound and Voegeli, Falaschi, Margaret and Ulwelling blend vocals nicely and again Sterud gets that fat bone back in front of the mic. These guys have a great formula for balance and know when to kick it. Excellent! Jacqui Juice leads off with a real nice Ronnie Earl style guitar intro and Voegeli comes in on Hammond. Continuing to build with orchestral precision, the horns hit the track and then recede giving the floor to Weber. Ross really swings it on sax getting it squealing more than a couple of times before handing over the floor to Voegeli on Hammond. Reuniting on lead the band takes it home. Very nice! What Chur Doin' has a solid R&B feel with James Brown structured horn work and Weber putting up a stinging guitar solo. Sterud is hitting the trombone again and it sounds great! Sit still... I dare you! Wrecking Ball is a blues based rocker with SRV like guitar riffs over a a solid bottom. Saddest Man highlight Voegeli on lead piano with T-Bone Walker like warmth from Weber. With Voegeli on lead vocal the band falls back giving the solo floor to Weber and Voegeli. Digging into a little dixieland on What My Baby Wants the band gets a real swing going with Ross on clarinet, Sterud on trumpet and trombone, Bowman on trumpet, Wartenweiler on bass, Magellan on drums and Weber on guitar. Great sound. Rockin' boogie, She's Wild, gives Voegeli on piano and Ross on sax the floor in front of a punchy brass section. Tight! Wrapping the release is Freight Train Reprise. Smooth, soulful vocals and warm organ carry the track with nice lead guitar work and crowning brass adding dynamics and a little revival. Excellent completion to a really special release!

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