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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Robert Zott - Baroque Blues Vol. 1 - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Baroque Blues Vol. 1, from Robert Zott and it is quite adventurous to say the least. I first need to say that I don't often get works that are literally pieces of art to be experienced and less resemble conventional music, but I do welcome new experiences. There are parts of this release that have familiar themes and passages and others that defy my description. Opening with I'm Just Me, the most musical track on the release, finds Zott singing through a nautical singing tube along with minimal acoustical guitar, electronics and Morse code. This track sounds like it could be from my favorite David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) era and I must say, I really like it. Next up is an interpretation of Willie Dixon's Red Rooster. Now this is a really loose interpretation with electric guitar and basic bass and percussion for atmosphere with dog barks and rooster crows, supplemented by random thoughts. Interesting at the least! Timepiece is a melodic instrumental with finely picked electric guitar over rhythm with minor soundscape additions. It is almost like a transition song between movements of a play. If I Could Rule The World is a spoken work piece. The more that you listen to it the more interesting it becomes. It is posed as a comparative to Alan Lomax's documentaries of toasting in Juke Joints as shown in The Land Where The Blues Began. Title track, Baroque Blues, is a peculiar pop melody sung partially in falsetto. Sung through a nautilus seashell used as a loudspeaker it has it's own sound. Eased by background vocals, acoustic guitar and miscellaneous tones and sounds (some possibly reversed) it is a composition to be experienced... not danced to :). Walk In The Park is an eccentric track with unmetered waves of sound presented as the carrier for the music. Twinkling tones from a 12 movement music box constructed from a black box flight recorder chimes the tones familiar from commercial travel. Zott has succeeded in stretching my listening to a different orbit for at least a short time. This recording is ultra clean and clear having been direct recorded in a bathroom with a single microphone and using pro tools.

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