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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Arthur James - Me, Myself & I - New Release Review

I just received the newest release; Me, Myself & I from Arthur James and it's solid. Opening with 292 Nashua St., an easy flowing country style blues, James shows his command of rural country style blues picking techniques. Very nice. Blues, Blues, Blues digs into a basic 1-4-5 style and accompanies himself on guitar. His voice is well suited for acoustic blues and his technique is fluid. This is a cool track with some slick but traditionally rooted riffs. What You Tryin' To Do has a classic Piedmont styling and James' own vocal flair makes this a very an interesting variation on the common theme. Long Black Road has a real nice guitar vamp and a few JLH style riffs and again James' vocals blend nicely for original blues styling. Ooh Yeah! has a blues rock feel and a bit more modern feel. It still has a older root but with more modern execution techniques. Boogie track Things Ain't No Better has a solid rudimentary styling and James' vocals are as strong as on any track and with it's break out guitar solo, it may be my favorite for the release. Got Me A Woman is a rambling blues track with a fleet 1-4-5 without much adornment. Drownin' On Dry Land has a much more contemporary sound with traces to the root of blues. Forgotten Youth is a very modern take on blues with a strong ballad feel but slide acoustic guitar addition giving a more rural feel. Traditional song, Kumbaya, is almost unrecognizable with it's rework. An interesting guitar twist and a less sing song melody makes for a pleasant break. Waiter There's A Bomb In My Soup has a very contemporary feel. Interesting Richie Havens like composition. Wrapping the release,  Life, has a more esoteric feel with nice soloing techniques as well as harmonics.

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