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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blues Rocker Bobby Messano Release Climbs Charts


Bobby Messano Release
Scores Huge on the Charts

Love & Money Climbs both Roots Music Report and Billboard

Bobby Messano's latest release is getting hotter and hotter as the artist continues his relentless nationwide coast to coast tour.  "Nothing beats the thrill of putting your heart into your music and then performing in front of thousands of blues fans, absolutely nothing", shared the veteran blues rocker. "The live reaction we are feeling to the songs on Love & Money is just incredible. It really is true, if you open up by going deep within people relate.  We're working our way up and down the east coast and then out to the West coast and the crowds have been phenomenal all along the way.  It's their reaction to "Love & Money" that's keeping us excited as we move city by city, state by state. The write ups we're getting in magazines like Blues Blast, Mississippi Blues Club, and Making a Scene Magazine plus the number of radio stations that are cranking out repeat plays is really fanning the flames.  Man, this one great summer!"

Breaking News - Bobby Messano's Love & Money just nominated for Blues Blast Magazine's Rock Blues Album of the year....


Bobby Messano's "Love & Money"
enters the Top 50 as reported by
Roots Music Report
"Love & Money" zooms to #7 on Billboard's Blues Album chart

Below: Blues fans take a seat down front to see the legendary blues
rocker perform at Wisconsin's Summerfest event


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