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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Red Rudy Too Tunes artists: Eight O'Five Jive - Too Many Men - New release review

I just received the newest release, Too Many Men, from Eight O'Five Jive and it has a life of it's own. Opening with Big Maybelle's I've Got A Feeling, a fifties style jump track with a reggae beat. Have Mercy Baby has a light springy feel with lead vocals by Lee Shropshire, backing vocals by Duane Spencer, Andy Scheinman, Bill Bois and Patrick Mosser. Mosser also plays a pretty spiffy sax solo on this track. On the slinky, Baby I'm Doin' It, Shropshire lays down some of the nicest lead vocals on the track and backing vocals are tight as well. Misery Loves Company opens with a nice sax riff and a smooth jump beat. Mosser takes center stage with a cool sax solo and Spencer's rhythm is tight. J Liggins' jump track, Drunk is definitely one of the hottest tracks on the release with another cool solo from Mosser as well as a nice one from Scheinman as well. Smooth jazz track, You Was Right Baby, has a real nice guitar solo from Scheinman and a tight melodic line from Mosser as well. Feed Them Monkeys is a fun track with call and response vocals. Mosser kicks up a fat sax solo and gets this track hopping. Big Jay McNeely's hot track, Insect Ball has real spunk and Mosser takes full opportunity to sax out. Nice! Easy going, Kissing In The Dark, gives Scheinman a nice chance to stretch a little on guitar. Fast paced, Young Enough To Be My Son, has a great gait and Scheinman shows her cool vocal skills. Scheinman and Mosser trade solos making this another of the coolest tracks on the release. Very nice! Title track, Too Many Men, has a real sweet guitar solo with double stop bends and Mosser blows out a sweet melodic line of his own. Very cool. Latin influenced, Market Place, breaks back and forth to swing. When this band is in full tilt, it's in full tilt. The rock a billy guitar riffs by Scheinman a sharp and Mosser's riffs are fat. Nice closer for this release.

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