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Monday, June 15, 2015

Noted Bluesman Signs with Connor Ray Music

Bluesman Bob Lanza Signs with Connor Ray Music

The Bob Lanza Band expands beyond the horizon

If you know Bob Lanza, (shown in the white suit above) then you know one of the coolest, together bluesmen in the business.  A home grown New Jersey boy that shares the stage with the likes of folks like James Cotton, Tom Holland, Trudy Lynn, and Darrel Nulisch just to name a few.  This cat gets it done. Bob recently signed with Connor Ray Music (Houston, Texas) and was in Rock Romano's Red Shack recording studio and met with Paul Heath, CEO, of Radio X Belgium.  Paul had this to say, "I'm often impressed by the talented people who I meet and interview on my travels,  and then,  there I was one day chatting with Bob... A most humble man,  great sense of humor,  and totally focused on nothing but the music.  It just oozed out of him - natural all-round talent at it's best."

When I asked Bob what's the difference to an artist between being self released or with a label Bob had this to say,  "I made the move to Connor Ray after realizing that the business side of the blues was hampering my creative time.  You simply cannot do everything in this business, you need others.  It's much better to be an artist only. I find I perform better with less worries and I enjoy being free of that stuff.  I feel like I did when I first started laying down the blues.  I didn't get into this to get caught up in the business side. I got into this because there's nothing like the blues and a blues audience.  I enjoy creating it, delivering it, and when an audience gets in the groove with you man nothing compares to that feeling brother, nothing.  It was time to make a move and Connor Ray brings a lot to the table." 

Connor Ray Music CEO John Abbey shared this, "New Jersey has always turned out marvelous musicians, Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springstein come to mind immediately and there are many others as well.  Bob Lanza and Steve Krase had shared the stage on more than occasion and each had noted the other guy's performance abilities.  That started it.  As they got to know each other each realized the other had something of value and that formed an alliance between them.  Today, we have surrounded Bob with a complete team of business people: press, bookings, studio, distribution, and more.  Bob is right - now he can do what he wants to do, create, record, and play his music.  We are really excited to have Bob on board."

From left: Paul Heath, Rock Romano, Bob Lanza

The Bob Lanza Band keeping it real performing at the Alzheimer's Benefit at Arbour Terrace Assist Living

Gentleman Bob Lanza laying it down
at Smokin' Jazz & Blues Fest @ Mountain Creek
From right: James Cotton, Darrel Nulisch, Bob Lanza

Bob with recording star Trudy Lynn
Jimmy Pritchard on bass

Shown: Blues vocalist Nicole Hart
with Bob Lanza
"John, I want to say something about Steve Krase.  Through participating with me on the road Steve and I became great friends.  The camaraderie developed because Steve wants to push the blues to more and more people just like I do. People can feel Steve's energy on stage and our performances together were received with high praise.  But it's not only that, it's the continual collaboration after the gigs.  As I say the man wants to push the blues big time and that's exciting."
Bob Lanza

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