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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

City Hall Records artist: Bey Paule Band - Not Goin' Away - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Not Goin' Away, from Bey Paule Band and it's rich. Opening with Black Bottom, a soulful track featuring Frank Bey on lead vocal and Loralee Christensen, Lisa Leuschner and Larry Bastiste on backing vocals. Soft cradling horn work by Nancy Wright on sax, Mike Rinta on trombone and Tom Poole add a really nice additional dimension. High stepper, Kiss Me Like You Mean It, has a cool melody and nice organ work from Tony Lufrano. Anthony Paule's clever guitar riffs give the track extra sting against Paul Revelli's tight drums and running bass line from Paul Olguin. Slinky blues track, Right In Front Of You, has a great bottom and Lufrano lays down a really nice piano groove and Paule takes center stage for a clean precise guitar solo. Soul ballad, Next To My Heart, gives Bey a nice platform to show off his soulful vocal chops, with Lufrano and Paule both adding sweet soulful riffs. Very nice! Someone For You is a nice easy R&B track along the lines of the Impressions. Bey has great command of the sound nicely adorned by Lufrano's Hammond work and a wicked solo by Wright. This Party's Done is an eased back high stepper with Paule softening it even more with resonator slide work. Well written and nicely blended, this is a solid radio track. Nobody's Angel is a very solid soul track highlighting Bey on vocal, nicely cradled in the backing vocals of Christensen, Leuschner and Bastiste. Title track, Not Goin' Away, has a nice swing and features a super trombone solo by Rinta and nice horn work by Wright, Poole and Jack Sanford overall. One of my favorite tracks on the release, Ballad Of The Lover Man is a great high stepper with a smooth, Al Green feel. Olguin really lays down a nice bass riff on this track and Paule lets a clean streaking solo of his own go. Excellent! Noel's Haze, with it's walking bass line and trumpet emphasis sets a really nice groove. This instrumental track is one of the strongest tracks on the release and each of the artists is featured with an opportunity to lay it down. Really nice! Slowed down blues track, Don't Ask Me How I Feel, continues to raise the bar for the release and Bey is more than pulling his weight. Nicely blended horn backing gives the track nice dynamics and Paule has hot riffs right at his finger tips just waiting to burst. Wrapping the release is R&B track, If I Could Reach Out, and Bey is so much in his world here with his solid front vocal and Christensen, Leuschner and Bastiste holding up the harmony. A very nice conclusion to a solid new release!

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