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Friday, March 13, 2015

Moon Voyage Records artist: Chris Daniels & The Kings featuring Freddi Gowdy - Funky To The Bone - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Funky To The Bone, from Chris Daniels & The Kings featuring Freddi Gowdy and it's a funky R&B jam party! Opening with title track, Funky To The Bone, is a full on horn blow out featuring Jim Waddell on sax and Darryl Abrahamson on trumpet. Colin "Bones" Jones throws down a funky guitar riff and Chris Daniels, Fred Gowdy and Randy Amen lead the party on vocal backed by Hazel Miller, Coco Brown and Carl Carwell. R&B track, Something You Got is nicely blended melody with a bluesy saunter. A cool trumpet solo punching up the soulful vocal lead and crisp guitar riffs makes this a perfect radio track. Don't let Your Mouth Write No Checks takes a street saying and makes it into a funky R&B song. Billy Payne adds some funky keyboard along with that shaft guitar work for another radio bound track. A full boat horn section including Darren Kramer (trombone), Bob Rebholz (tenor), and Carlos Chavez (bari) along with Billy Payne on B3 gives Joy a lively spring. It brings to mind the sound created by Elvin Bishop with Mickey Thomas during his magical years. Very nice! Cool Breeze has a really nice horn intro breaking into a polished "hip-hop" vocal line by Chris Kimmel. Smooth jazz vocals and dynamic horns round out the track. Dance Dance has a cool sound with a little nod to Sly. A bit funkier and TOP style horns and a slick guitar solo give it a definite edge. Very nice! What A Day has a warm club sound with orchestral style horn backing. The lead vocals are solid and the backing vocals are warm and tight. Horn work , especially trumpet work by Abrahamson tops this track. Nobody Knows has a "Santana like" Latin feel with Christian Teele adding super percussion. Exceptional vocal lead and horn backing on this track, paired with Spanish styled electric guitar soloing makes it my favorite track on the release. Excellent! Survivors is a simple ballad with clean, clear piano intro by Payne. A definite radio track with a simple melody and backing horns and a light funky percussion base delivers it. A really sweet sax solo gives this track an extra boot toward the end. Wrapping the release is Birthday Suit a sassy blues track with a walking bass line from Kevin Lege. Payne on keys and the ensemble on horns really gets this track swinging for a tight ending on a very enjoyable release!

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