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Monday, March 16, 2015

Blues Condition - Moon Over Main Street - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Moon Over Main Street, from Blues Condition and they have put together quite an enjoyable release. Opening with Done Somebody Wrong, an old Elmore James track made popular by the Allmans but with more of an early british sound, this track sounds fresh. One of my favorite tracks on the release, Don't She Look Good, is a old NRBQ track and has that great snappy rock feel. Excellent! Tampa Red track, It Hurts Me Too, gets a bit of a R&B blues flavor and I think that it really takes on a new feel. Most every serious blues band has covered this track but I think that this particular arrangement is just different. Lucky Star, written by Larry Benade, lead singer and guitar player, backed by Bruce Thomas on vocal and bass and Kenny Gott on drums has a rockin' country feel. Robert Johnson's If I Had Posession Over Judgement Day gets a Muddy Waters, Rollin' and Tumblin' feel and Benade rides the slide nicely. Willie Dixon track, Howlin' For My Baby gets a cool rockin' twist with a simple guitar riff. Very Cool! John Lee Hooker's Dimples gets a bit more sophistication than originally by Hooker with chorded rhythm lines. I like this take on the track giving it a real guitar workout. Stepping into a jazz type mode without playing out the full chords gives it a nice touch. Chuck Berry's Oh What A Thrill seems a natural for this band with it's simple 3 piece attack and raw feel. The guitar soloing has a more controlled Keith style than all out Chuck flair. Another cool track. Eddie Boyd's Five Long Years takes BC into it's first slower blues venture on this release and they make good use of the time. Benade has a voice that is well suited for a track like this and he shows his blues chops without getting out too far. Nice job. Fairport Convention's One More Chance gets a redo that has the flavor of SRV or Chris Duarte. I like their spunk laying this track out flat. Nice! Brian Adler's Any Ordinary Man maintains a stable rock beat for a simple radio style track. Made Up My Mind, a track by one of my favorite old British blues bands, Savoy Brown, gets a great cover with a solid rhythm section and traditional guitar riffs. Ballad, How Do I Know, has a nice bluesy feel and solid guitar work. Nothing flashy but very solid. Older R&B track made popular by the Stones, Harlem Shuffle doesn't venture far from the path cut by Keith and Mick but it is very professionally done and enjoyable. The release is wrapped by a rockin' version of Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham's Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On. A slice between Chuck Berry and ZZ Top, this is a great finisher.

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  1. These guys really rock the house! Great sound fidelity!