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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blind Pig Records artist: Jimmy Thackery - Extra Jimmies - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Extra Jimmies, from Jimmy Thackery and it great! Made up of tracks from previous releases, Empty Arms Motel, Wild Night Out! and Switching Gears, this release is super. Opening with Write If You Find Love, a bluesy rock number, Thackery leads on vocal and guitar joined by Michael Patrick on bass and Al Gamble on B3. BB King's cool shuffle track, You Upset Me Baby, is up next and Thackery is immediately in the groove. Drummer Mark Stutso takes the lead on vocal and Thackery gives this track a good spanking on guitar and Wayne Burdette joins on bass. Recorded live, a whole different dynamic occurs with a bit more time to jam. Very cool! Fast instrumental shuffle, Rude Mood is a terrific opportunity for Thackery to spread his wings and smoke show what he's got and he's not holding back. Excellent! On New Orleans influenced, I Got To Be Strong, Patrick, Gamble and Stutso carry the rhythm and Thackery spices it up with red hot riffs. I particularly like Thackery's loose vocal style on this track giving it a party feel. Wildchild Butler's Lickin' Gravy is flat out smokin' with Thackery taking it down and dirty. His vocal grit juxtaposed against his rip snorting guitar solo's make this my favorite track on the release! Take Me With You When You Go is sopping with gumbo joined by Chubby Carrier on accordion. Love To Ride has a simple two step rhythm and clever bluesy riffs and soft backing vocals. Trouble Man is a straightforward blues rocker featuring some scorching fretwork and a catchy melody. I Wouldn't Change A Thing is a bluesy ballad featuring nice vocal harmonies with Reba Russell, solid B3 work from Gamble and saturated guitar work from Thackery. Very nice! Lowell Fulsom's Honey Hush is up next set up with a simple rock and roll rhythm. Thackery's fat guitar attack really sets this track apart not only stylistically but sonically. Cool! Flyin' Low is a good name for this track with it's low key style but it is flying. Grinding guitar riffs at the bottom of the fretboard make this track different. Empty Arms Motel has a rockin' R&B feel. Nicely articulated double stopped picking and wild bends give this track that something special. Wrapping the release is Monkey, a serious rock n roller. Gamble holds down the bottom with Patrick as Thackery lays down some of the hottest RnR riffs on record since Alvin Lee. Excellent conclusion to a super release.

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