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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blind Pig Records artist: Deanna Bogart - Just A Wish Away - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Just A Wish Away from Deanna Bogart and it's quite good. I'll start off by saying this is not a traditional blues release by any means. What it is more is a pure artist finding her own voice and expressing it in many different ways. Opening with If It's Going To Be Like This, Bogart is on piano and vocals joined by Derwin "Big D" Perkins and Cris Jacobs on finger pickin guitar, Charlie Wooton on bass, Terrance Houston on drums and especially featuring Marty Rifkin on pedal steel on this country flavored track. On funky R&B style track, Fine By Me Good Bayou, Bogart shows her vocal style and of course her sax work joined by Mark Mullins, Craig Klein and Greg Hicks. If You Have Crying Eyes, a vocal duet with Cris Jacobs has a gospel ballad arrangement with country hints for a real nice sound. Back and Forth Kid, a vocal and piano track has the maturity of Carol King and presents Bogart in a very straight forward light. Collarbone is a horn infused jazz style instrumental with a cool Latin rhythm. There are some really nice efforts efforts on this track and especially nice George Benson like guitar wizardry accompanied by Houston on drums. Bramhall/Vaughn penned Tightrope gets a New Orleans funk feel with a lot of keys and drums (George Horn) and rhythm guitar. Bogart takes some of her nicest piano solo's on this track laying it wide open. On ballad What Is Love Supposed To Do, Bogart again cranks out a serious ballad with a twist of country, highlighted by her solid vocals and balanced by Rifkin on pedal steel. Maybe I Won't is a light jazzy track with solid vocals and warm sax work. Rafael Pereira adds some crisp percussion work giving this track a cool feel. Conversing With Lincoln is a fast paced calypso style track with nice sax work and nicely blended vocals. Wooten's smokin' bass work drives the track with support by Houston drums. Big D pops in for some hot guitar riffs giving this track a sophisticated spin. On Sly Stone's Hot Fun In The Summertime, Bogart gives the classic hit a lighter spin with Alvin Ford Jr. on drums. The horn work on this track is full and Scott Ambush playing bass is complimented by Joshua Fairman on synth bass. Bogart takes a full throated sax solo on melody on this one and Wooten does some real hot under the track bass riffs on bass. Surprisingly, the final track, classic Bye Bye Blackbird, done in New Orleans style is my favorite on the release. Opening with full sax melody and leaving space for light, crisp guitar work from Jacobs, Bogart really plays it up on this one. Alvin Ford Jr. is back on drums and his work helps to accentuate the march style. A very cool conclusion to a different style of release.

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