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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bloodshot Records artist - Nothin' But Blood - Scott H Biram - New Release Review

I've just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Nothin' But Blood, by Scott H. Biram and it's really cool. Opening with Slow and Easy, Biram finger picks his way through a authentic western (cowboy) sounding track with not only clever dexterity but with an authoritative voice. Gotta Get To Heaven has a springy country feel with acoustic guitar and tambourine. Country riffs are inserted on electric guitar and Biram rattles off lyrics in a rhythmic pattern. Sounding like he's playing the track just for me and possibly a small intimate crowd gives the song a real personal feel. Alcohol Blues has a rockier feel with gruff vocals. You can just hear the the track getting ready to burst through the grind of the electric guitar and amp. A one man band, overdubbed electric guitar for soloing is necessary but cool. A nicely composed bar track this is a real ass kicker. Great sound. Never Comin' Home is a sweet ballad with traditional style country guitar playing. Biram had a very cool voice and it is nicely showcase along with his painterly lyrical writing on this track. Only Whiskey has a punky sound not unlike a blend of the Pixies and the White Stripes or a light version of the Dwarfs. I really like this track and regardless of the comparison, this track sounds extremely fresh. Jack Of Diamonds is the bluesiest track so far with slide guitar (resonator) and simple percussion with hill country style vocals. A good story teller, Biram could ride this train for quite some time, keeping his slide work efficient but vibrant. I especially like his explosive attack near the end of the track. Excellent! Nam Weed is an acoustic ballad showing an introspective view of life and loneliness (not unlike Neil Young from Gold Rush era). Backdoor Man, a rework of Willie Dixon's with a twist of Doors,track is very cool with almost "Wolf" like vocals. A simple, cool blues track with rudimentary guitar work is very effective. Church Point Girls is a rowdy punky blues track with a great driving guitar riff. With a lot of edge, and over driven guitar, I love this track. Settling back into an easy country style, Biram has the release at his fingertips, controlling a mack truck like a tonka toy. Supplementing his vocals and fluid guitar work with harp, this is another very cool track. Around The Bend opens with a very primitive sound like hill country. Leading to an electric barrage of great riffs and over driven metal sounding vocals, Biram wields a lot of power with just one instrument and his own voice. Going from the simplest of tiny acoustic sounds to the most over driven...Very cool. I'd like to see this in concert! Amazing Grace is done acapella with harp. Simple and straight forward. When I Die is a simple country ballad that could garner decent airplay if pushed. Done in a country/gospel style this is nicely done. Wrapping the release is classic blues track John The Revelator. Sung in matched vocals and in spiritual style and accompanied by slide and tambourine, the track has texture and grit. A very cool conclusion to a very cool release!

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