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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Am The Blues - Michael Packer - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, I Am The Blues, from Michael Packer and it looks at the blues from a number of different angles. This release is a mixture of dialogue and related tracks composing a musical book. Opening with a dialogue, Packer sets the stage for a New York, almost Lou Reed style approach at the blues. Uncle M is a simple country style blues with vocals and acoustic guitar. A sound of having been there along with the perfect vocal backing makes this a pretty cool track. Bad Time Jackson is more of a swing style electric track. Addition of percussion, violin and keys show a different side of Packer with a good sense of construction. I Can't Keep From Crying is one of my favorite tracks from the 70's. Packer does an updated version of this track extending the rhythm structure and giving it more of a street sound. I'm In Love has a funky night sound with a super bass line. The harp work on this track is really quite clean and the vocal harmonies are spot on. River Of Wine is an acoustic ballad again reinforcing Packer's overall competency as a songwriter. Possibly the best track on the release. Love Of A Woman is a rock style track with a pop style hook. Packer takes a few minutes to show his adept fret management skills and overall song smithing. Christmas On The Bowery is another really cool track with fluid sax lead work. This track has the ethereal qualities of some of Roland Kirks work and smoothness of B. Marsalis and that is quite an accomplishment. Doing Time At Rikers Island has a lot of the street sounds that I associate with Lou Reed and the NYC street scene. Interesting. This Train is performed in a very traditional country blues manner with acoustic guitar and vocal. Very Nice. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean has a humble blues feel with a easy rock touch. This is a nice interpretation of a classic blues track and a solid wrap for an interesting release.

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  1. I know I took this video without you knowing it even so I do think it came out good so happy to have met you Michael and Eddie <3 what a great night of exceptional talent

  2. I know you were not aware of me videoing you on this night even so I think I captured the talent you are all made of it was nice to meet you Michael and Eddie <3 this was one night I will remember always of all the exceptional talent in this beautiful establishment called Bobbiques where else do you ever walk into a place and see such talented historical moments like we had on this evening