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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Connie Hawkins and the Blues Wreckers - Wired Up and Fired Up - New Release Review

I just received the new release, Wired Up and Fired Up by Connie Hawkins and the Blues Wreckers. Opening with Narrow Road a driving rock track Evin Moore lays down a heavy bass track and Steve "Little Butterfield" Clarkson adds some cool harp work. On Mad At You Baby, Mark Broaderson takes command on Hammond and Steve Hawkins shows his guitar prowess. Bad Intentions is a sultry track with a funky guitar track over a smooth bass line. Steve Hawkins and Clarkson trade smokin riffs on this track making it one of the highlights of the release. Blues In My Life is possibly the best vocal track on the release and features some well placed drum work by Sean Sharp and showcases some really growlin' guitar work by Hawkins. On Mardi Gras like Short Loving Man Sharp creates that street cadence giving the track a real party feel. Instead of horns there's no disappointment when Hawkins steps up with razor like guitar riffs for punctuation. On Percy Mayfield's Not Trustworthy, Little Butterfield plays some real nice Chicago style riffs on harp and Hawkins steps up with a slam back with his guitar. There's no lacking of blues riff on these tracks. On funk track Don't Mess The Water; Moore, Sharp and Hawkins lay out the rhythm while Broderson dresses the table for some nice harmonic vocals. Hawkins steps up again with some real tasty guitar riffs on this track kicking you to the curb. On Some Things Have Got To Change, a swing blues track, S Hawkins opens the charge and Connie Hawkins sings some of the best vocals on the release. This track is most likely to reap the benefits of airplay with it's catchy hook and flaming Texas style guitar riffs. Closing the release is Smokey Robinson's Who's Loving You, a bluesy soul ballad. Connie's vocals are well featured on this track and yeah, Steve does punch up the end with well placed guitar riffs complimenting Sharp's excellent drum accents. Not a standard blues release but one that should catch it's share of listeners with a bend toward radio play.

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