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Friday, July 26, 2013

VizzTone Label Group artist: Little G Weevil - Moving - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Moving, from Little G Weevil and it's quite good! G grew up in Hungary, seaming an odd place to learn the "real" blues but after moving to Alabama, Memphis and London now permanently calling Atlanta his home, G understands what the real blues is all about. Opening with Shook It and Broke It, G sets the table in rural style on an acoustic guitar with alternating thumb rhythm and a super blues voice. On My Way To Memphis is a bit uptempo and having the "call" of Mali music or John Lee Hooker. This is a really well written and performed track. Mean and Dirty is a bit more casual and laid back with Maurice Nazzaro on harp and Goodhue on drums. Boogie Through My Troubles has a really strong rural blues sound where the resonator almost sounds like a banjo and percussion is a foot stomp. Very cool! Let Someone Else Do All The Work has a real cool slide part on it (as a rhythm backing) adding real dynamics to G's certain blues vocals. Deep Bow is another heavily African influenced track. I really love this primitive music and this is a very nice American style interpretation of early primitive blues. Advice is very close to mountain or bluegrass rooted music. Again with almost a banjo sound and foot stomp percussion, G translates American blues into true folk music. On the title track, Moving, a more polished and filled out band appears with Nazzaro on harp and Dustin Sergant on bass. On No Man In My Bed, G leads the way with an unconventional slide (resonator) guitar riff but keeping a high energy tempo throughout. Another track with definite mountain roots is Fastest Man, with it's very simple instrumentation. G carries this track based on the pace of the track, his own guitar rhythm and his strong vocals. Highly unusual in today's electronic world. Traditional track let's Talk It Over, is very powerful with only G's strong vocals and a very simple guitar accompaniment. Excellent! Wrapping up this excellent release is an uptempo boogie, Swing In The Middle, again in the style of early JL Hooker in composition. There is hardly a higher compliment I can place on a musician than to say their original compositions resemble Hooker as I believe him to be one of the absolute best. This track with swift harp additions and super pace make this one of many standout tracks on this wealthy release. If you love the "real" blues then this is a release that you must check out.  

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Although not a track from the new release, a good example of the purity and simplicity of G's work.

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  1. Little G is truly an artist who, in addition to perfecting his amazing musical talents, has the endearing ability to engage each person in his audience and make them feel as is the show is just for them. The house is packed for his performances now.....but when I caught shows that had not so many seats filled, he was still playing with every ounce of being and making us walk away filled with the true spirit of the blues. Buy his new release and catch up on the previous ones also. If you haven't caught him in person.....track him down! You'll be glad you felt the blues with Little G Weevil.