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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Blues Don't Say It All - Ron Beer - New Release review

I just received the newest release, The Blues Don't Say It All by Ron Beer and it explores a number of different musical styles. Opening with the title track, The Blues Don't Say It All, Beer creates a funky blues rock style and a tasty little guitar solo. If We Don't Talk is a bit more uptempo but stays in the funky rock blues stream. Opening with searing guitar riffs, Beer sets a nice path. Possibly the best track on the release. I Understand is a R&B style ballad backed bu simple but effective guitar riffs and horn backing. Close To The Fire is a swing blues track with heavy horns and a light pace. Bill Evans adds some real nice key work on this track. Give Me Shelter has a latin Rhythm and really sounds like it is from a Billy Joel release. Light jazz tune Puppets and Pantomime has very prominent vocals and horns. Sax dominated solo work on this track makes it a real strong contender for prime time airplay. Call Me A Doctor is done in a vaudeville/ New Orleans style again aimed directly at airplay. Clarinet and keyboard work on this track is quite good. Who's Fooling Who is a top rate pop song sounding like a Todd Rundgren composition. Again with a lot of horns and sax solo, it could garner a bit of airplay. Farm Kids, again with a pop tune and predominant sax work it could easily see airplay. Play House gets back to a more rockin' blues style. Featuring a solid guitar brifge, this track has a bit more beef but still finds itself on the pop track. Overall, this is a pop oriented release with a number of catchy tunes and solid vocal and instrumentation throughout.  

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