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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rank Outsider Records artist: the Black Tongued Bells - Every Tongue Has A Tale To Tell - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Every Tongue Has A Tale To Tell, by the Black Tongued Bells and it's a swampy, bluesy blast! Opening with Comin' Back For More, BTB establish a solid swampy beat with slide guitar and really likable grindy vocals. D. Miner has his way with the slide and actually puts me in mind of Little Feat at it's earliest, his vocals reminiscent of Jack Lynton of Savoy Brown (Jack The Toad) fame. Down In The Hood has a bit of comedic social commentary but it's all about the sound for me. Anthony Cook on bass and Ray Herron on drums lay it down solid and Miner just grinds away with those cool vocals. Guitars arent all over screaming on this track but interesting riffs abound on this release. Wyman Reese adds keys on this track as well adding still more texture to an already gritty track. Jukin' Joint is an upbeat rocker which breaks out of the deep grind and possibly getting a broader audience, but also losing some of the ragged charm found on the earthier tracks. This is a cool rocker and has a personality of its own, certainly to get the clubs dancing. With Chuck Berry style riffs and Mary Stuart adding some hot vocals this track holds it's own in a different way. She Ain't Got The Time gets back to the swampy sound and drone note harmonics on guitar. This track, with a little bit of Grateful Dead style arrangement has a cool groove and weaving instrumental parts. Door To Door Business continues in the story teller vein and also with the inventive musical style. BTB has a sound of their own and I really like it. Rattle Some Bones is an upbeat boogie style track. With walking bass lines and snappy drum lines, this track really sets a cool stage for Minor to play some cool rock riffs and paly down some great vocals. Kingbee Jam is another upbeat boogie rocker that automatically gets you moving. With it's familiar guitar hook, this track is another that is certain to have universal appeal. Willie Lost It All is another great track with a strong rhythm and guitar riffs leading the pack under the vocals. Really raw slide work on this track is a nice addition but it's definitely the vocal style and story telling that makes this stuff so hot! A different take on the classic Sixteen Tons is a cool addition with a slow sway and trilling piano. A standout track, Beautiful Bride, with it's walking bass line and fast pace, coupled with it's use of minor contrasts is really a cool track. Real stylish slide guitar on this track is also a super addition. I really like this release and particularly the raspy vocals of Miner and and the general swampy feel of the music, coupled by the story telling quality of the tracks. It may not be for everyone, but it will really hit home for people who love the raw bluesy sound and are not just looking for a carbon copy of everything else that they have heard. Very good job!  

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