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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Delta Groove Music artist: Andy T- Nick Nixon Band - Drink Drank Drunk - New release Review

I just received the highly anticipated Andy T - Nick Nixon Band release, Drink Drank Drunk and it's a scorcher! Opening with Midnight Hour, Nick Nixon shows why he is highly regarded as a top vocalist. A Texas swing blues, this track features hot guitar riffs by Andy T and Ron Jones on sax. Don't Touch Me Baby, a classic R&B style blues again spotlights Nixon on vocals with really sweet filler leads by Andy T. Andy holds back on the chance to just blow out every note in the neck and perfectly tweaks out an incredibly soulful solo. The title track, Drink Drank Drunk, has a really nice groove and features Jones again on sax. Andy plays a really tasty solo on this track  showing his flair for dynamics rather than constant filler. Have You Seen My Monkey opens with Christian Dozzler on accordion giving it a definite Louisiana flare. This is a comical track painting graphic imagery but again featuring hot riffs from Andy T on guitar and excellent vocals from Nixon. This is bound to be a crowd favorite. Dos Danos opens with Jones playing a sax melody and setting the mood for guest guitarist Anson Funderburgh to lay down a hot instrumental track with John Garza (bass), Dozzler (piano), John Street (organ) and Danny Cochran (drums). No End To The Blues opens with a hot riff from Andy playing in what I'd term as BB King style with Nixon sharing the mike with Markey. Andy plays some of the tastiest riffs on the recording on this track with Steve Mackey (bass), Kevin McKendree (piano),Larry van Loon (organ) and Jim Klingler (drums). On Hi Heel Sneakers, Funderburgh joins the crew again with some hot riffs of his own but really only in a complimentary manner to Nixon's voice. Another favorite from the recording, Life Is Too Short, finds Nixon really singing from the heart and Andy playing some of that guitar that makes you nod your head on the off beat because it just catches you in "that spot"! You Look So Good adds Brian "Hash Brown" Calway on harp and again joined by Funderburgh the band cranks out a real sweet Texas blues number. Wrapping up the recording is Ray Charles' I've Got A Woman. Not many people could pull off a Ray Charles track without it sounding stale but Nixon sounds great and the addition of Dozzler on accordion gives the song a party feel. It's a little early in the year to start to talk much of "Bman's Best of Yea"r list, but this will definitely be a candidate!

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